Henry Cavill as young Robert Baratheon

Sam Claflin as young Ned Stark

Astrid Berges-frisbey as Lyanna Stark

Skandar Keynes as Benjen Stark

Bradley James as Rhaegar Targaryen

Colin Morgan as Howland Reed [x]

Image by Morgan Howland

La Garçonne, Day 2, Café Conversations Edition: One of the true pleasures of Paris Fashion Week is getting to meet those you otherwise wouldn’t, people who play an important role in making it all come together. At Café de Flore, we met with Cynthia Cook Smith, Market Editor of Vogue, for a quick chat.

  Name? Cynthia Cook Smith  Occupation? Market Editor at Vogue with a focus on the CFDA Fashion Fund Designers   Currently, which song on heavy rotation?  “Let me Go” by HAIM. I also love “Night Call” by London Grammar, which was the song from this season’s Marchesa fashion show … the perfect tune for those rare low key, moodier moments.  Who is your personal style hero? I don’t have one personal style hero… I am constantly inspired by our editors at the Vogue offices.  Camilla Nickerson, for example, always surprises and reignites my love for the fantastical, far-out side of fashion.  Which PFW collection are you looking forward to most and why? I am excited to see the Americans in Paris designers at the showroom this weekend.  As relatively newer designers in the industry, the AIP designers are always full of the most insatiable energy and excitement, it’s contagious!   Most surprising aspect of being in Paris for work?  The abrupt changes in weather. Yesterday, it was pouring rain one moment and then, suddenly and dramatically, the sun makes a late afternoon appearance,  setting the Tuileries aglow and highlighting all the magnificent monuments.  Where you go for your favorite quick bite in Paris? Bread and Roses cafe; a quick quiche and a glass of rosé in an adorable setting? C'est parfait!  How would you compare/contrast NYFW v. PFW? The backdrop of PFW is much more dramatic …the cityscape is so beautiful and romantic…every second—no matter how mundane—definitely feels more magical. I constantly pinch myself.  Personal philosophy when choosing fragrance for yourself? I only wear Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle. I love tuberose …it reminds me of our garden growing up in Pasadena, which was overgrown with wild tuberose. I think it is important to chose one scent and stick with it so it becomes a trademark. I always know who has just walked down the hallways at Vogue by the scent.