My mom just called me because Deep Purple was playing on the TV, and while I knew the band and their songs, I’ve never seen the faces of the bandmembers.

And I was like, lowkey laughing because I was thinking about Morel from hxh and how he loved rock so much that he named one of his technique Deep Purple

And then I paid attention to the bandmembers, and

That explains a few things

I’m working on a group picture of the survivors, to celebrate the DbD anniversary AND my 500 followers on Tumblr. Never thought I would reach this number.

On top you see the first sketch I did. After a friend pointed out that the character heights were wrong, I had to start over again, because it made me so upset..
While changing the heights I also changed some characters poses and now I’m satisfied. uvu

Next step is the coloring~

I don’t think I’ll ever get over just how fantastically written the Chimera Ant Arc of Hunter x Hunter is.

It’s just so fucking good. The entire story arc is about a war between humans and monsters, but the twist? As the Monsters develop and slowly become more Human, the Humans begin acting more like Monsters. The journey of the protagonists and the antagonists run parallel in matching themes as they learn about their enemy.  Until by the end, you really don’t know who to root for. The reasons for fighting become blurred until it’s gotten to the point where they don’t even want to fight each other, the war ends before the battles do, but the battles are now separate from the war, personal, and it’s hard to decide who is in the right by the end.

The entire show is fantastically written, but this story arc is just leagues above anything else.