Seven Deadly Sins: Lust

Here’s the prologue


You find yourself backed into a wall, the chill biting the exposed skin where your tunic has ridden up. The contrast of sensations - Kylo’s burning body in front of you, pressing ever closer and tighter, and the metallic cold of the wall behind you - only serves to make your desire flare hotter. Kylo reaches down to grip your thighs, pulling you up to wrap your legs around his waist. With the significant height difference taken care of, you can see his face straight on - he’s even more gorgeous up close. He seems to sense that you’re examining him, and looks you straight in the eye wordlessly. Your mind and heart race, chest heaving. Kylo looks you over then; your flushed cheeks, parted lips, and half-lidded eyes. He is a predator, and you are all too happy to be his prey. A very masculine sound rumbles from his chest as he captures your lips.

Kylo’s mouth is dominating on yours, pressing rough, harsh kisses. His tongue snakes out, prodding for entrance. You quickly open my lips in aquiesence, reveling in the feeling of him exploring your mouth and stroking your tongue with his. He nips at your bottom lip, causing you to yelp in surprise and pull away. When you put your fingertips to your lips to check for blood, his gloved hand snatches your hand away, placing it on his broad chest and kissing you with even more fervor. You’ll be bruised tomorrow, you realize, but you don’t care. Kylo’s tongue darts out again, soothing your bitten lower lip. A soft moan bubbles out of your chest. Kylo’s hands tangle in the back of your hair, tugging your head back. You wrap your arms around his shoulders as his teeth graze your neck. The sting is divine.

You mewl. He’s doing sinful things with his tongue, tracing the hollow of your throat, your collarbone, and up the other side. Your hips buck again, and Kylo responds in turn. His pelvis grinds into yours, friction sending you sky-high. “Ah, s-sir!” you pant against his mouth.

“Kylo,” he says back, lips moving on yours. “Call me Kylo.” He rolls his hips again, coaxing his name out of your mouth in a strangled moan. His mouth lands on yours again, kissing you until your lungs burn. You recoil, gasping for air.

Kylo’s inky hair is mussed and his face flushed. To anyone else, he would have looked like he normally does after a fit of rage. The smirk playing on his kiss-swollen lips is the only thing that tells a different story. “Y/N,” he says quietly as he surveys your body. His eyes flick back and forth between your mouth, your neck, your eyes, and your chest. Looking back over his shoulder to the smoldering remains of the control panel he destroyed, his smirk grows into a devious smile. Legs still locked around his waist, he carries you over and very nearly throws you down onto the elevated surface. Flat on your back, you feel utterly vulnerable to him. You wet your lips with your tongue as he slowly removes his leather gloves, mind reeling with the possibilities of what’s in store for you next. Kylo chuckles darkly, obviously reading your thoughts. “Sit up,” he commands. You scramble to get upright, and he pulls you to the edge of the console. His palms come to rest on your waist, sliding softly up your ribs and along the curve of your breasts. Instinctually, you arch toward him, all but presenting yourself to him. You want him to touch you. You want to know what his hands feel like without the ever-present leather gloves.

In this moment, Kylo’s ability to read you comes in handy. He deftly removes your tunic and undershirt, leaving you in just your trousers, boots, and underwear. You sigh in pleasure as he gently squeezes your breasts. Your nipples show through the thin fabric of your bra, and it isn’t long before Kylo is experimentally flicking and rolling them between his fingers. Undoing the front clasp, your breasts bounce free. You look Kylo’s way, biting your lip. He has the predatory expression again, and makes eye contact with you all the way as he leans down to envelop one of the pink peaks in his mouth. You moan at the scrape of his teeth against your skin. Behind the curtain of unruly hair, you can make out the devilish glint in Kylo’s brown eyes. Rubbing your thighs together, you whimper. Kylo is laving over one breast now, with one hand pinching the other. In a moment of weakness, your hand drifts between your legs.

You’ve barely applied pressure when Kylo’s large fingers wrap around your wrists, wrenching them up above your head. You wriggle against him, effectively pinned. You stutter out Kylo’s name before he covers your mouth with his. You can feel how hard he is against you as he speaks lowly into your ear.

“I’m going to take you, Y/N.” His free hand slowly creeps down your body.
“I will have what I want…” His hand dips under your waistband to cup your sex.
“…and I will have it my way.” You both hiss as he slides two fingers inside you. You are slick to the touch, yet tight as a vice.

“Yes, anything,” you moan. The way Kylo’s fingers are working you makes your mind hazy, your thoughts nearly incoherent. “Kylo, fuck, please.” He pumps his fingers harder, curling them, twisting them. Writhing under his touch, your moans and whimpers grow louder. Suddenly the sensations stop. Nearly crying out at the loss, you look up to see Kylo lining himself up with your entrance.

“Look at me,” he growls. You do as he says, locking your gazes. Kylo swiftly sheaths himself inside you in a fluid motion. You shudder. Holding you still, he withdraws and thrusts again. And again. And again. The feeling of him is indescribable. His cock stretches you deliciously, filling you up. The rough material of his tunic scratches against your body every time he surges into you, but also manages to muffle the wet slap of skin where you’re joined. Kylo groans above you, fingers digging into your hips.

You flounder on the console, not knowing where to place your hands. You settle for winding them in your hair. Kylo’s eyes narrow and he growls, pounding into you harder. “You have no idea how tempting you are, do you? How do you feel this good, Y/N?” All at once, you’ve been heaved up and against the wall once more. In this position, you sink onto him harder and deeper, reaching places you didn’t realize existed. Kylo’s cock hits your sweet spot, sending you careening into delirium.

“Right there, please don’t stop,” you sob, clinging to his biceps. You swear that this is going to kill you, the feeling is just too much. The pleasure winds you tighter and tighter, like a coiled spring. Kylo’s plump lips are suddenly against yours again, fanning the fire inside you to a roaring blaze. Your kisses are frenzied, teeth clattering, but it just feels *too good* to you care. Kylo Ren is inside you and all over you and you’re calling out his name as if there’s no one around that could hear.    

“Y/N, touch yourself,” he says hoarsely, his hands still holding your torso in place. His eyes bore into you as you wet two fingers inside your mouth. You reach between your bodies to circle the sensitive nub between your legs. The electric pleasure is immediate. Kylo groans, placing his forehead on your shoulder as your walls clamp even tighter around him. It’s as if you can feel every ridge of him, every pulsation. Even the friction of your nipples against his chest is pushing you over the edge.  

“Kylo, Kylo, Kylo!” you cry out. The feeling of his hips snapping against you, taking you hard and fast, is unreal. Your fingers matching tempo, you begin to unravel. You force your eyes open and watch Kylo’s face as he reaches his crest, thrusts becoming animalistic and uneven. “Y/N, fuck!” he shouts. He bites savagely into your neck, the levee breaking. A scream rips out of you as lights burst in your vision. Kylo thrusts sloppily a few more times, milking his orgasm while you quiver in the aftershocks of your own.

He manages to carry you back over to the console where you lie bonelessly. As he cleans himself up and gets dressed once more, you can’t help but notice that he looks…relaxed? Once he’s done, helmet and all, he tosses you your garments. You quickly throw them on, feeling a little flustered about the entire situation. You compose yourself, walking about a step behind Kylo when he pauses at the door. He looks over his shoulder at you.

“We’ll be in contact,” he says quietly and curtly. Walking down the corridor to resume his duties, he leaves you in a state of shock…and delight.