CS AU Week: Baby, I’m a Monster Too (Demons AU)

It happens to him when he’s been alive for nigh on three hundred years. He’s lost his love and the only semblance of family he had ever had, since his father had left him aboard that ship all those years ago. 

So, when Pan offers him a way off his island in exchange for his humanity, he hands it over gladly. 

It had only ever brought him pain anyway. 

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So which one of you was it?

Which one of you incompetent monkeys just woke up…and grabbed your own shit, and just…SLAPPED IT right on the fucking screen of your computer and sat there gazing at it for like, five hours before you had a light bulb go off in your head that…

           “OH MY GOSH! If our users can’t cut posts, they’ll love the
            web site even MORE!!! THIS IS GENIUS! GRAPHIC DESIGN
            IS MY FUCKING PASSION!!!”

If you guys can’t even run a website properly, I doubt you could even do something as simple as make a fucking sandwich. 

Hire some professionals if this is so hard for you. Thanks.

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You Could Be the King, but Watch the Queen Conquer:

Son Ye Jin as Asha Greyjoy; Lucy Liu as Cersei Lannister; Oona Chaplin as Jeyne Westerling; Estella Daniels as Daenerys Targaryen; Jessica Parker Kennedy as Magaery Tyrell; Aiysha Hart as Arianne Martell