If Heaven and Hell Decide by capgal
a StuckyBigBang2016 fic

Artists: @milollita and @maichan808

Rating: Gen
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes
Word Count: 40k
Additional Tags: Angels AU, Heaven and Hell AU, Literal Guardian Angel Bucky Barnes


Steve grins at him, bright and wide despite the split lip that must be stinging terribly. Buchanan—Bucky grins back, and it feels like something clicks into place. Something swell in the constricted chest of his temporary human body and quivers in his spine as warmth tingles through his limbs like the aftershocks of Grace.
Absolutely nothing good can come of this.
Or: Bucky is Steve’s literal Guardian Angelat least, until Steve gets himself killed and Bucky makes him an angel to save him. But just because you’re in Heaven doesn’t mean war is over, and the price of turning his friend into an angel might turn out to be a little more than some lost Grace.

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I would have spent more time on the graphic but I wanted it out there….. so before I get into the bias list lemme gush a lil.

I made Erlissa without a semblance of an idea of what to do. I played Inquisition, loved it, but wondered about the different directions and interactions it could be taken in with a specific character. That character was Erlissa 1.0. When I made the blog, I had literally one defining trait I knew I wanted to explore: her banishment. That was it. In the span of a little over a month, she grew and shaped into a character I adore writing for because of how complex she is and can be. Her interactions with other muses keep me on my toes, because she’s a hodgepodge of humor, angst, and weird family issues.

Okay, wow, a giant paragraph about Erlissa. What’s new, honestly?? Time for the bias list m’dudes!!

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Some old Le Fantabulous Game v0.9 glitch videos!

Hey everyone,

While streaming a few weeks ago I noticed that there were 2 glitch videos that I recorded during the development of Le Fantabulous Game, but forgot to actually publish on the channel after v0.9′s release.  I didn’t post them immediately because they concerned spoilers – specifically, the Shamrock King and SHAM5K.  I’d recommend being cautious with your volume, as I don’t know exactly how well-mixed the audio for these is (and the first one is just very loud on its own).

This first glitch occurred extremely early in the SHAM5K’s development – essentially, the missiles would ricochet way too powerfully on any impact, and never exploded, meaning that they would build up over time.  It resulted in a shitstorm of beeping and doppler effects that just got louder and louder until it was unbearable.  Fun!

The second video is a much more graphical glitch, and not quite as loud.  This glitch happened when I was giving the Shamrock King his buttslam attack – I forgot to set the buttslam collider to be a trigger, and also accidentally made it WAY too wide.  As a result, he would essentially stand on top of this collider which was permanently attached to him, meaning he’d constantly rise up.   The spinning is a result of him trying to move towards Capboy but never being close enough to actually stop moving and do a normal attack.

So yeah!  Considering TFG’s development birthday was yesterday, I figured I’d also do something to give a little shoutout to its predecessor.  Plus, I’ve been meaning to release this stuff for a while regardless, so it seems like the perfect time to actually do it.

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CS The Snow Queen AU:

When The Snow Queen breaks her cursed mirror, splinters of it get into Killian’s heart and eyes. Because of it he becomes distant, cruel, and doesn’t seem to care about Emma anymore. She won’t give up on him though and after a confrontation with the Snow Queen, Emma kisses him and melts his heart thus breaking the curse.