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Naruto Gaiden

Yes it was released today. But that doesn’t mean it will be up today. People are working extremely hard to translate the manga for you. I’ve been hearing the chapter will either be out tomorrow or Thursday.

I wouldn’t keep saying “where is chapter 2!”

You have waited over a week. You can wait either 1 or 2 more days. Yes it’s literally the most tormenting thing ever, but the manga doesn’t revolve around you.

Please be respectful and please when the raws come out don’t demand people to translate it. A reliable person to use is Organic Dinosaur reditt.

She usually gets her hands on RAW’s and will be able to translate it.

Ed Westwick

Apollo Magazine Spring 2015 Download scans of the interview and pictures here

When did you start your career?

At 17. I’d been lucky to be hired for a role in the movie Breaking and Entering by Anthony Minghella. It was an incredible, formative, unbelievable experience. I’d already had theatrical experience with local companies before. There wasn’t a specific time when I told myself “I have to be an actor”, it’s been an evolution, a journey that became obvious. I like to tell myself that my future will bring me more than an acting career. There are so many wonderful things to explore

What represents the art of acting for you?

I don’t really know. It’s something I keep exploring. It includes so many things that it’s tough to define. I like to watch other actors work. Recently, I really appreciated the performances of the actors in Birdman.

What do you owe to your character [Chuck Bass] and to the success of Gossip Girl?

Gossip Girl was a gift. I already said that in the past. A wonderful and precious experience in many ways. I don’t think I owe everything to the series, but I’m definitely grateful to all the brilliant people who participated to it’s success.

TV series can be a good start in a career, but they can also associate an actor with a specific role. What’s your secret to free you from such a well- known character?

I think television offers great things right now. It seems to have no limits. I was part of Gossip Girl for six years, it’s a short period in a life time. It’s amazing that people still remember the series, I hope they will forever. But I’m not worried about what’s coming next. I don’t think I’m type-cast. I am interested in various projects. I ask myself if I like the project. In a way, that’s what brings me where I am today.

You’ve been directed by Clint Eastwood, it’s a once in a lifetime experience. How did you feel about being part of such an important casting?

It’s one of my best memories. Answering the call.. magic! He’s such an icon and an amazing man. It was a blessing being on his set everyday.

With which director would you like to collaborate?

There are so many! I prefer to not mention anyone so I don’t offend someone! I’m open to everything.

Is there a role you dream of?

James Bond ! Obviously (smiles)

Where do you find creative energy? A play, a book, an author or a hobby? What inspires you?

Nothing in particular. The places I discover inspire me a lot. I’m always inspired by England. But I can’t explain why.

Is there something you’d like to change in your life right now?

There are always things you can change and improve, but I’m actually quite satisfied with my life right now. I like to keep an appetite for life and for new things. The little things I’d like to change, I keep them to myself!

If you had to describe Ed Westwick to a stranger, what would you say ?

I hate this question ! (laughs)…. That you’d have a really great time with me!

What are the most important things in life for you?

My family, my friends and red wine. Good red wine…

You were the face of an advertising campaign. Is fashion a passion for you?

I find it interesting and cool to look at the trends developing and changing. I liked working with the designers of these brands and shooting videos. It was a different experience.

What advice would you give to a young guy who wants this career?

If you really want it, go for it ! There’s nothing worse than regrets.

How do you spend your time when you are not filming?

It really depends on if I am close to my family and friends and what kind of things I have to do. If I’ve got nothing to do, I’m just relaxing. I clear my head. Sometimes it’s good to relieve stress.

What is missing in your wardrobe?

Leather jackets

Your motto?

Keep going. Think positive. Everyday offers new opportunities…

Huge thank you to Sophie and AllEdWestwick for translating the interview from French :)

Another huge thank you to Maria for the Ed-it lol

My GGinDC Experience

I got home yesterday from my trip to DC to participate in the GGinDC meetup. Before I start talking about the bomb threat I’d like to say a few things publicly to the people that I didn’t have the chance to talk to at the meetup, partly because things were cut short, and also because I was nervous.

To Christina Hoff Sommers and Cathy Young: thank you for renewing my faith in modern feminism as a movement that values equality and reasoned discourse. As someone whose childhood hero was Jane Goodall and has sympathized with feminism for many years, the recent shift of feminist discourse has been awful to witness. I wish you both the best in your continued work, and at the very least hope that in the future people will be more courteous in their disagreements with you than they have been recently.

To Milo Yiannopoulos: ours is the age of ‘gotcha’ journalism and The Internet Never Forgets. Now more than ever being able to admit you were wrong about something in the past requires more conviction and strength of will than it ever did before. As we’ve seen, it’s all too easy when presented with evidence that your preconceptions were wrong to burrow deeper and deeper in order to avoid acknowledging fault. I applaud you for not doing this in your dealings with gamers and I hope the community and hobby will continue to entertain and enrich your life for many years to come, just as they’ve done for myself and many others who proudly call themselves gamers.

Now let’s talk about the bomb threat!

Here’s what I experienced.

Around midnight, as some people were already getting ready to leave, we were all told to leave the building. The staff claimed that it was a “routine fire drill”.

At midnight.

With >200 people in attendance.

Didn’t buy it for a second but it managed to get everyone outside without any injuries, and let me tell you, getting over 200 drunk people (two of which were handicapped) to move single-file down a flight of stairs without injuries is quite a feat. The staff of Local 16 truly did handle the situation about as well as anyone could have hoped.

Once we emerged outside and saw the police, and were told to move away from the building, pretty much everyone knew what was going on. It was at this point that I started laughing hysterically for many minutes, because it was all so perfect.

I had known beforehand that Arthur Chu had been trying to get the meeting shut down. The people I had met up with for dinner had already been joking about his cryptic ‘It Ends Tonight’ ranting long before we had even set foot in Local 16 at 9:30. After the police had been called on the Honey Badgers and others meeting peacefully in a park in the aftermath of the Calgary Expo, it was abundantly clear that every Gamergate meetup that telegraphed its location in advance, regardless of size or purpose, was going to experience similar skullduggery.

At this point we still don’t know who sent in that bomb threat, and I’ll be interested to see the outcome of the investigation, but for the moment let us consider Arthur Chu’s involvement in these affairs irrespective of the perpetrator’s identity. I don’t think he made the threat. Most people that I talked to that night didn’t think it was him either.

But if we are to go by the same logic that people who have criticized Gamergate or consider themselves to be ‘against Gamergate’ have ascribed to with comics like this, then it hardly matters! Because Arthur shares the same goal with the person who sent in the bomb threat in order to shut down a group of people exercising their constitutionally-protected rights as citizens to peacefully assemble (in a bar which, coincidentally, was ~2.2 miles away from the actual document that guaranteed us this right), then obviously Arthur Chu is just as bad as the person who sent in the threat! Maybe now they’ll understand why that line of thinking makes absolutely no sense.

Of course this whole situation could have been prevented if Arthur hadn’t been such a completely unreasonable individual and had avoided doing all of the following:

1. Encouraging people to tweet at the bar in order to shut the meeting down

2. When that failed, encouraging people to call the bar to shut the meeting down

3. Composing a series of vaguely threatening, disjointed tweets about the meeting

4. Caring at all about what a bunch of GoofyGoobers were doing at a bar in the first place if it didn’t directly involve someone being hurt

This would be the part where I’d link to two beautiful articles from Star Slate Codex about the importance of not being a complete prick to people and what happens when you make being a prick a main aspect of your activism but the thought occurs to me that both of those articles actually use Arthur Chu as the case study as to why being a prick isn’t helpful, and he didn’t seem to get the point then either. Suffice to say that if you do actually care about the welfare of people, engaging in tactics that will surely result in escalation and increase the probability of people getting hurt should be the last thing you would ever want to do.

What I will definitely say is that Gamergate has been going on for eight months now, and if all the people who are critical of Gamergate or ‘against Gamergate’ or whatever you want to call it can think of to do is call bars in an attempt to shut the meetings down or call in bomb threats, I can tell you that they are failing spectacularly in their goal of defusing (pun absolutely intended) this situation. You know why?

Because three things happened after people were evacuated from that bar.

The people who were already planning on turning in for the night did just that.

Others hopped to a nearby bar and kept partying.

And some, myself included, waiting for the all-clear to be sounded, went right back in to Local 16, and kept on drinking.

In the immediate aftermath of GGinDC I have seen meetups being planned for NYC, Boston, and San Francisco (among many others). The threats at GGinDC have only fanned the flames. While others might have let these threats dictate their lives, it would appear that the people of Gamergate would refuse to let that happen. Why? Because despite what some people would have you believe, the people who make up Gamergate are not sockpuppets, or puppets of any kind. They’ll never let the people who want them destroyed pull their strings.

I can think of few other people I’d share a drink with than them, and I look forward to whatever meetups the future holds!

I haven’t posted anything in a while, or posted frequently in weeks. It’s due to a few reasons. I still check Tumblr frequently, but far less often than I used to. For me it’s lost the charm it used to have. 

I want to mix things up a bit and post more content (and more diverse content), but all I’m doing is Divination, dailies, and gradually working towards the Outfit of Omens. Nothing else. It’s kinda sad really, not having much to share.

I also made this blog with the intention of following blogs/people who post like 90% Runescape content, and at the moment, my dash is like 2% Runescape and 98% random gifs, vines and text posts, so I think I’m going to go on a bit of an unfollow spree. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with posting what you like, but I want to see different things. It’s not you, it’s me. We can still be friends.

Yeah. I’ll try and post more cool things.

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shirley i'm crying, how sad that dean & cas barely interact anymore not only for the destiel, but jensen&misha barely work together anymore & there was just 1 episode 10x20 in which they have more than 1 scene together & we got all that fantastic stuff of the sunset pics & the cat in the closet re-enactment. Imagine how much of jensen & misha goodness we'd had if they had share more screen time in more episodes. i'm so upset

We could’ve had it all. :(  *hugs you* 

Don’t be sad though friend. Remember that things could be worse. For example we could be in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Without toothbrushes. That for sure would’ve been worse. 

cgroveeeeee asked:

Hey ! I'm just not hopping on this valdaya fandom ! I have been stalking the tag for a long time now and I love your blog ! still trying to figure this whole tumblr thing out but I just wanted to introduce my self and start interacting with the fandom more guys I love u guys !

Awwwwww hey boo!!! And don’t worry you’ll get the hang of Tumblr, when I first joined I was like “uhhhh yeah I’m not going to be able work this” but it’s super easy.

But anyway welcome to the fam and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy all of the sloppiness that Val and Z throw our way!! Xoxoxo

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after 2012 everything just got lazy like they stopped doing interviews and didn't promo anything for shit and it sucks that just as they were reaching like unbelievable heights they stopped trying and their whole team stopped trying the past two years or so they've just been content to rely on the original fans they had to do all the work and not even bother trying to gain more fans out of the typical you know? and i really wish they'd /tried/ bc they honestly had/have so much potential

yeah again with the whole humbling issue, i think they need to take a step back and reconsider a few things before making the mistake of continuing otra the way they started

So the hiatus thing didn’t work out because I’ve only been gone for three days and I realized that I literally have nothing better to do with my life outside of RP. Since I had so much free time, it drove me that much more insane so I’m back. Ready to mingle, not ready to dingle. Sorry for all the ooc posts and lack of follow backs in the past few days.

kid-koko asked:

I am a college student. I am on meds for my ADHD, but I feel that there are more things that can be done to help me because medicine isnt a fix all. I've been on meds for 10 years, when I was diagnosed. Nothing besides meds have been talked about.

You’re right, there are lots of other things you can do. Sadly, other options aren’t often discussed in medical circles.

Here is our list of treatment options. ADHD coaching in particular could be really helpful for you as it focuses on teaching the skills you need and helping you get your life to work with your ADHD.


✨ today is a new day ✨

I feel like a new person today, which is great really. I need to make more goals so I can look forward to things soooo here’s a list :)

• Attend all classes, stop missing class.

• Daily review.

• Finally tell my boss I don’t want to work full weekends. This is seriously exhausting and I’m tired all. the. time. I think having 0 days off is why I choose to skip school, I just need some time to unwind.

• Do yoga 5 times a week, with at least one YouTube/real class. I’ve been doing yoga more and more and I feel so good. I’m falling in love again.

• Start weight lifting and running again.

• Eat more and better. I’ve been incredibly lazy lately haha

• LOVE more. Everyone, everything.


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catnip, i just wanted to say that the past few days have been the worst for my mental health and i don't want to do anything but i have to study for my final exams and i don't know what to do ? i don't want to go back home

Exams are important, try your best to study at least a little bit for them. Try to study for them as if you were studying for somebody else, I heard that helps to remember things more! I don’t know exactly how you’re feeling so I’m just gonna list a bunch of strategies that work for me and hopefully you can use them!

Taking a bath or a shower helps to feel more refreshed and on top of things. If you need to eat but you’re finding it difficult, carrots and cucumbers are healthy and are some of the only things I can eat when I’m feeling gross. Drink cold water. Study for fifteen minutes then take a fifteen minute break and keep up that pattern. Light some scented candles (or just regular candles if you don’t like candles that smell) or burn some essential oils. Do some house cleaning or tidying up, it’s dull work but it helps get you get into the mood of getting tasks done. Reward yourself when you get work done, either by watching an episode of your favourite TV show or eating a yummy snack or even just painting your nails or listening to some fun totally-not-studying music. You don’t have to do a lot, but if you don’t manage to squeeze in at least a few minutes of work then you’ll feel like you wasted the whole day and that’s not a nice feeling :(

coach-takeda asked:

Do you think that Aomine and Kuroko could have been more than friends?

Could have been? Yes I think they very much could have been. Should have been? No, I don’t believe either of them were in a place where they could have made that work. They had to many things stacked against them that they had to grow through, I think if they had gotten together they would have broken up badly and it would have scared both of them much more than everything else they went through during middle school. 

I don’t believe Aomine really saw and appreciated Kuroko for what he was (as evidenced by how he was after his loss to Seirin and Kuroko and some statements made at the end of the manga). I also don’t think Kuroko truly understood what Aomine was going through and how to “be there” for him when he started to break.  They were young kids going through things that normal people don’t experience.

Then they went to different high schools. Kuroko met Kagami who (except for a VERY short amount of time) always trusted him and never doubted him. Aomine needed something to come into his life and make him feel again. Many would argue that it’s Kuroko who does this for him, but it’s not quite the whole picture. It’s Kuroko and Kagami who do that for him, the two of them together that get Aomine back on the right track.

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You should write some Helena/Paul stuff. Will you please write some Helena/Paul stuff?

“I keep my promises,” Helena sighs, watching Paul crawl his scared little way along the ground like a bug. She idly makes more machine gun noises with her mouth, watching him say silly things like please and Helena stop and other words that have never really worked.

“Should have come in the box when you had a chance,” she says sadly, before blowing him a kiss and pulling the trigger.

Send me characters and a situation and I will write you a three-sentence fic!

first meetings and slow realizations : heart eyes and heart stickers (3/8)

A/N: for killgravity :))

“we’re both baristas and sometimes I have trouble reaching for things and I show up at work one day to find a personalized stool with hearts and my name on it I hATE YOU but also thanks”

Clarke loved nothing more than serving good coffee. It was artistry in its own right. Rather, she liked drawing pictures in the coffee foam. The customers ate it up, and she increased the flow of customers during her shift. Clarke was pretty sure that was the only reason she hadn’t been fired yet.

She was a bit of a klutz. It wasn’t her fault though, not really. She couldn’t help that she was short and had a hard time reaching some of the supplies that were beyond her reach. She’d managed to knock things down enough that it had drawn the attention of her coworker, Bellamy.

Bellamy was the complete opposite of Clarke. He may not have had any artistic skill, but he supplied the people centric atmosphere that Clarke lacked. They made a great team whenever they worked shifts together, but Bellamy made sure he took advantage of every chance he had to tease Clarke about her height inferiority.

One day, Clarke had enough. She was tired of not being able to reach things, so she perilously tried to climb the shelf, only to be startled by Bellamy’s amused snickers behind her. She turned her head to shoot him a glare and consequently lost her grip. Clarke landed on her back. Bellamy stepped into her line of sight, a wicked grin on his face.

“Need some help, princess?”

“No,” Clarke huffed and pulled herself up.

He crossed his arms as if pleased with the situation. “Suit yourself.”

“The nerve of that guy,” Clarke muttered under her breath.

Fortunately, Clarke finished the rest of their shift without either falling or knocking anything else over.

When Clarke came into the work next day, she headed straight for the back. She was going to do her best to get supplies down before Bellamy showed up, just in case an incident would happen again. But when Clarke opened the door, she found a black stool with little heart stickers all over it. When she drew closer, she realized it also had her name on it.

Clarke scowled. Bellamy was just making fun of her about this. She went back to the front of the store, only to find Bellamy wiping down tables and whistling.

“What is THAT?”

He stopped and leaned forward on the table.

“What’s what, princess?”

She frowned and gestured wildly toward the stock room. “You know.”

“Oh, that,” Bellamy drawled. “I believe the words you’re looking for is thank you.”

“I don’t need this!”

The smile dropped from his face. “I was just trying to help-”

“With little heart stickers? Really.”

“Maybe that was pushing the envelope-”

“Just a little,” Clarke deadpanned.

“How else was I supposed to get your attention in a nonconventional way?”

Clarke’s eyes widened. “Wait, what?”

Bellamy ran his hand through his hair and looked at the ceiling as if asking for divine patience.  "Princess, you never pay any attention to me unless I’m irritating you. I thought I would try a different approach, but I guess it worked in a bittersweet way. “


He smiled sadly at her. “You’re talking to me, but you think I’m being mean.”

“Bellamy, I-”

“It’s fine, Clarke. Better get started on the morning round. Use the stool or don’t. I don’t care. “He resumed wiping the counters, but the playful whistle had died from his lips.

Clarke returned to the stock room and peered at the daunting shelf. She closed her eyes and counted to ten. Maybe Bellamy and she had more chemistry than she previously thought. That’s why their banter worked so well, and his had become less barbed the past couple of weeks.  

With one last look at the door, she pulled the stool out and easily got the supplies down. Clarke carried them to their workstation and began to put them away.

Bellamy leaned over the counter and looked curiously at the supplies. "You used the stool?”

“Maybe,” Clarke said as she bit her lip. “Look, I-“

"No, it’s fine, Clarke. I didn’t expect you to feel the same way. No pressure.” Bellamy smiled but it didn’t quite reach his eyes.

Deciding to trust her gut, she grabbed his shirt before he was able to lean away from the counter and pressed her lips to his. He responded eagerly, pressing his hands to cup her cheeks. She wound her fingers through his curly hair, and pulled him as close as she possibly could with a counter separating them.

When the pulled apart, Bellamy rested his forehead on hers. “I’m really hoping you meant that,” he said with a raspy voice.

“Just because I’m a little stubborn sometimes doesn’t mean I can’t make right decisions when it’s important.”

Needless to say, that was only the start of a different kind of banter at the coffee shop.

oh my god my lawyer just called me and its finally over.  she worked things out with my insurance and the lady who hit me’s insurance and got all my medical bills taken down and its finally fucking over.

no more harrasing phone calls or notices of collection. all my bills are going to be paid and I’m going to get $17k for my pain and suffering which really isnt alot for what Ive had to go through but its something and maybe I can pay off my car so I dont have to worry about that anymore and still have some money left over and just.

It’s been over a year now since my car accident and my leg still fucking hurts all the time and I cant do what I used to do and the bills hanging over my head and the stress and the worry.  And I still cant do what I used to and I’ll never be the same but the bills and stress from this situation are gone and I just.

It’s done. January 16 2014 - May 5 2015 its done.

Choose~ Adrian Neville Imagine

This Imagine is for


. Hope you like it Savannah <3 You don’t annoy me ever. Thank you for loving my imagines. It Means a lot.

This is the first part of the Imagine Part 1

Things have been going off the roof for Savannah and Adrian. Fights here and there. She had no idea what to do. She felt like she was the one working the relationship and not Neville. She loved Neville a lot but this had to end. He was hurting her more than he could.

Savannah had stopped Adrian one night during the show, Adrian had just done a match , he was walking back to the locker room when Savannah stopped him.

“ What?” He snapped at her. Savannah bite her lip as she looked down at her wrestling boots. “ I need to talk to you” Those words were never meant well. Adrian’s expression changed as he heard the words. “ What’s wrong?” He asked her. His heart was beating out of his chest. “ I can’t do this anymore Neville. All we do is fight. I am the only one working this relationship. Not you” Adrian shook his hand as he grabbed onto her hand. “ Savannah , baby don’t do this”

She took her arm away from him. “ I’m sorry this is my choice” She walked away from him wanting more than anything to run back into his arms and kiss him telling him it was a joke. But it wasn’t. She needed to find herself. Adrian watched the only women that took his heart with her. He felt crushed. He wished he didn’t let her go. His feet would not let him move.

Months went by, Savannah wasn’t doing that all to well. She had to hide her pain. She befriended Finn Balor again, who was close to her. But he was also friends with Adrian. Adrian had asked to keep tabs on Savannah . He still loved her and cared about her.

Every time they passed each other in the halls, he would wave at her and smile. While she threw him a fake smile his way. He knew it was fake. He missed everything about her. Savannah craved for a man’s touch. She started to get close to Hideo Itami and Tyler Breeze. Not the normal guys she go for.

If she was not wrestling in the ring, she was either with Hideo or Tyler. Both men were different from one another. But to Savannah their touch was all she needed. To get them in bed then leave.

She didn’t get into any relationship because she still had feelings for Adrian. She longed for him but brushed him into the back of her mind keeping him there. She thought about him. Yes. But it hurt all too much to think about him.

She was standing with Tyler and Hideo as they were talking about going out later to a club.

“ I think you should wear that cute little black dress you have, your legs look great in them” Hideo said to Savannah. That certain black dress was a gift from Adrian. She wore it before to the club.

“ I agree” Tyler said putting his arm across her shoulder smirking down at her. Savannah put her hand on his chest giggling.

From afar, Adrian stood with Finn looking over at Savannah.

“ I am telling you, she had gone of the rails. She dislikes Hideo and Breeze before. Why start with them?” Adrian felt anger inside him. He wished he was the one holding her. “ They don’t deserve her” He spat. Finn looked over to his friend. “ You still love her” Adrian looked over at Finn nodding his head. “ Of course I do, she is the best thing that happened to me besides wrestling man” Finn just patted Adrian on the shoulder.

Meanwhile Savannah had her arm wrapped around Hideo’s arms stroking his arm. Tyler’s hands were on her ass squeezing it making Savannah giggle as she looked over at Breeze.

“ Naughty Tyler” She said smiling at him. Tyler smirked at her before moving over kissing her on the lips gently. Adrian saw this and he stormed off with Finn. They were off to make a match between Adrian and Finn vs Tyler and Hideo. They didn’t deserve to touch Savannah in any way.

The match had been scheduled.

When the match had came Neville and Balor were in the ring waiting for Breeze and Itami. When they both came out, Savannah had came down with them. On the way down, Neville locked eyes with Savannah. She stopped mid way, Neville send her a small smile. A smile she loved. She smiled back at him. Adrian’s eyes sparkled as he saw her real smile.

He mouthed to her “ I am doing this for you” Savannah was confused on what he was doing. She stood by the apron for the match. Hideo and Breeze were having the upper hand before things changed around. In quick moment Adrian was giving all he got on Tyler.

“ She’s mine!” he screamed at Tyler . Hideo was off the apron on the ground. Finn was cheering on Neville. Tyler was on the mat not moving. Neville took this as his chance to do the Red Arrow. As he climbed the ropes he looked at Savannah pointing to her.

Then just like that his body connected with Tyler’s as he pinned Tyler for the win. Finn and Adrian had won the match. Savannah stood there shocked. She thought Tyler and Hideo would. Finn took the mic giving it to Neville as he panted speaking into the mic.

“ Savannah, this past few months have been hell without you. I see the way you act backstage. Latching onto any guy for attention” Savannah’s mouth opened as she was ready to slide in their and slap the sense out of Neville. Adrian put his hand up.

“ Listen before you come here and slap me” Savannah listened standing her ground. “ What I mean is, Savannah, you changed. Your not the women I used to love. But I still do. When you left me, you took my heart with you. No matter how hard I try to forget you or move on. My mind always comes back to you. It’s you that I want. The women I crave. I love you with everything . But I am not going to wait around if you don’t want me anymore. I want you to make a final choice. To be with me. Balor if you like him” He pointed to Finn. “ Breeze” He pointed to Tyler who had his hands on his hips staring at Adrian.

More like Adrian. “ Or HIdeo” He pointed to Hideo who stood on one side of Savannah . She bite her lip thinking.

Adrian is right, she changed but she never stopped loving him. Savannah slide into the ring standing face to face with Adrian. She took his mic.

“ I choose You. Always you” Neville came over to her bringing her into his arms as the crowd cheered for them.