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liquadhandsoap  asked:

Do you have any lydia and Danny friendship headcanons?

  • They were really close in late elementary school
  • In middle school, Danny and Jackson became better friends and then the groups kinda solidified. So they were in this giant group together and Lydia and Jackson ended up getting closer while she and Danny got further apart but were still good friends. It was just time.
  • When Lydia started dating Jackson freshman year, she was actually glad because she got to spend more time with Danny. 
  • Except the two of them only ever talked about lacrosse when the three of them were hanging out and she was left out so it sucked
  • After Jackson left, she spent the summer hanging out with Stiles and avoiding Danny.
  • Not, like, “I hate you I can’t stand you” avoiding him, it just really hurt to be around him. 
  • Over the course of season three, the sacrifices made her realize how short life is and she started keeping up with Danny a bit more. Nothing much, just going out to coffee occasionally and texting sometimes. 
  • But when Allison died, and Lydia was alone, they hung out way more. He was there for her. 
  • And then suddenly as she got sadder about the pack and stuff, she started really isolating herself from him as well as everybody else. It was really hard. 
  • Post s4, they talked more, though. 

Why did the oni stop to watch Danny?

This has been bugging me since Illuminated.  We saw the oni materialize behind Danny and then just watch him. With everyone else they have simply appeared and then attempted to strike

This week in Riddled we got a really interesting scene with Kira’s mother and Stiles. The oni appeared behind her as if summoned and Stiles remarked that he wasn’t afraid of her fireflies. The implication is that Kira’s mother has some kind of control or power over them.

The scene in the hallway immediately cuts to Kira outside as the damaged powerline falls right at her. If the writers have decided not to be subtle with their foreshadowing, then the arrangment of the scenes would mean that the “someone who will” is Kira…

…but what if the cut is actually a misdirection? What if the real clue was all the way back in Illuminated when the oni stopped to watch Danny?

This is probably way off base but it’s fun to dream up ways of how Danny could finally become involved in all the shenanigans of Beacon Hills.

So…what do you think? Too minor of a character to become a key player? The writers have finally decided to bring Danny into the mix with a bang?

After rewatching the scene with Liam, Liam’s rival, and Mason I really want a scene where Mason’s in the locker room because he’s really gotta talk to Liam or something (because i don’t think he’s on the team) and he spots Danny and like he stops for a second because let’s be real have you seen Keahu’s body who wouldn’t stop and look at that I sure as hell would but back to what I was saying stiles sees mason looking at Danny and elbows him and goes “he plays for your team, buddy” and mason’s eyes widened and he crosses himself, looks up and says thank you thank you thank you and it draws some attention from people around him including Danny, who’s just kinda like what is this freshmen doing? and mason is really embarrassed when he has to walk away

Idk I’m just 100% down for mason having an incredibly adorable and embarrassing crush on Danny even though he’s an unattainable upperclassmen


Danny in “Illuminated”, part 6

Danny is finally getting some paint! This scene starts off as little more than a nice bit of fan service but quickly becomes something a lot more interesting.

The demons are watching Danny and then vanish. Why would the demons be looking at Danny? After they disappear Danny looks up and around as if he’s actually noticed something. Did Danny hear them? Did Danny sense them somehow? Did they look at Danny and see something that we don’t know about yet?