Carlos Puga, the director of Satan Since 2003, has put his documentary on vimeo. enjoy.


Today is a glorious day… The rebirth of my 1985 Sachs G3.

If you don’t know the story, I purchased this moped from a guy on craigslist for $250 my sophomore year of college at UC. Unable to start or run, i fixed up the bike until it ran smoothly and rode it to class and around Cincinnati nearly everyday, even in the winter. It is my pride and joy.

This moped was then stolen from me nearly 2 years ago from my house in the middle of a stormy night. I was devastated and did everything I could to spread the word about its disappearance online and around the neighborhood. It never showed up.

Fast forward 9 or so months later, at this point I had given up, purchased a new moped project, my 1957 DKW Hummel, and was convinced that the ped was gone for good. Randomly, I get a call on my cellphone while I’m at work at the Apple Store. A guy from Columbus, Ohio claimed that he may have found my bike when someone tried to sell it to him and he recognized it from my posts online months and months earlier. I used the sellers cell number and the address he was using to tell people where to come buy the bike to track it down, eventually retrieving it thanks to CPD. The original paint and graphics were ruined by the thief and I spent the next year slowly sanding and cleaning up the bike back to working condition.

Today is the first day I’ve gotten to enjoy my bike once again in almost two years, and I’m so thrilled! Still need some new graphics, but I’m happy to have her back.


trying to keep this short and sweet….

1978 Puch Murray frame - rewelded all of the shitty stock “welds”, welded crossbar on, HAND FILED them all down to perfection, added a support brace/elbow under the back rack/seat pan. repainted. 

General tank - cleaned, stripped, bondoed, repainted. fancy shmancy locking cap(courtesy of peter).

Simonini pipe off the bike that caught on fire at the chicago rally a few years ago.

The most comfy seat ever - Scarecrow coffin cruiser board(courtesy of Mike Best) bolted on(crooked), warped, and ready to go.

++spray painted brake levers that i found in the trash, wire-wheeled rims that were also trash, headlight off my maxi, grips courtesy of Terry Dean Cain, threaded rod with stock grips on the end in place of pedals, GILA, 24 flatslide mikuni, bike blinky taped onto the skateboard seat, michelin gazelles.

not pictured: scary front fender of death.

Started this bike when i was still a Bourbon Bandit. Finished it as a Hot N Ready. Thanks friends for the hand-me-downs and helping hands.