Ok, so you guys know that show “Naked and Afraid”? Well I’m thinking we need a Sterek AU.

Like, Derek and Stiles meet for the first time in some random jungle after receiving some basic survival skills and of course they’re as naked as the day they were born. And sure, Stiles has absolutely no problem admitting that Derek is smoking hot and Derek would be hard pressed to admit it, but Stiles isn’t so bad to look at either. But that all becomes a moot point when the hunger and thirst start to kick in and their tempers start to flare up. But they eventually find water and Stiles is surprisingly good at making fires so they have relatively clean boiled water. And Derek is thankfully a pretty great hunter so they find some lizards to eat. And they get some shelter built and things are starting to look up. But by the 16th day, it starts pouring rain and they’re naked and cold so they end up, and Derek will never say the actual word, snuggling together for warmth next to their little fire under they’re flimsy little shelter. And then the rains finally stop but the mosquitos come out and they’re getting eaten alive by the little bastards. And tempers flair again and maybe some harsh words are thrown around but they make it to the 21st day and finally get to the extraction point. And it isn’t until they’re sitting in the debrief, waiting to claim their cash prize, that Stiles realizes he’s actually going to miss Derek and his dry wit and his intelligence and ok yes that hot body. And Derek thinks he wouldn’t mind being around Stiles and his sarcastic comments and flailing limbs and yes he would maybe like to explore more of Stiles with his mouth. And they part with a hug that borders on way too long.

A month later finds Stiles back home in Beacon Hills, $25,000 richer, a week into his fall semester of senior year working towards his degree in Criminal Justice. He’s sitting at the local coffee shop, working on a paper, when a familiar face walks through the door, wearing a deputies uniform, looking almost as good as he did naked, for the Sheriff Department. Stiles leaps from his seat and nearly wraps himself around Derek but stops short, not knowing how the other man would feel about that. But there’s shock on Derek’s face that is quickly morphing into a small smile. And that’s all the permission Stiles needs before he’s throwing his arms around Derek’s neck, his own smile hidden in the other man’s shoulder as strong arms tighten around his back. Turns out that new deputy Stiles’s dad was talking about? Grew up in Beacon Hills but moved to LA for police academy training. And Stiles is kicking himself because he totally knows about the Hale family. And when he finds out that Derek had come back home to visit his family after they filmed the show and ran into Sheriff Stilinski, and Derek maybe talked his way into the vacant deputy spot because he knew it would bring him home and closer to Stiles, well, Stiles can’t really help himself when he kisses Derek right there in front of everyone in the shop.

Who knew that all it would take was being naked and only slightly afraid to met the love of his life?

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I honestly think it's stupid when some people say "I'm not gonna vote for [insert party name] because [insert party name] ruined my province" I mean shouldn't they know that Provincial and Federal are almost not the same thing?

That, and a lot of those comments are half truths at best. People always go on and on about how the NDP ruined BC’s economy but they never exhibited negative growth while the BC Liberals and Social Credit both did.

Also Manitoba has been leading the country in economic growth and job gains; its run by an NDP government.

And when Ontario NDP screwed up they came into power during an economic downturn (and turned to austerity), and it turns out Bob Rae the premier, later became a Liberal so I hardly see how you can pin that on the NDP.

Also just about every party has screwed over its province, so its a moot point.

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if saying b and p besides each other is saying ur the same then apparently lesbians are bisexual and pansexual too lmao. its grouping same gender attracted people together like.. what

  1. bisexuality and pansexuality arent strictly ‘same gender attracted people’ do you even know the definition of the terms
  2. the post in specific that im talking about made it a point to mention lesbians but then bpq so your point is moot, and also the term has so far only EVER been used to specifically mention bisexuality/pansexuality/”””other””” sexualities without mentioning them by name / mentioning them independently of each other and thats really fucking nasty
  3. where did you get the idea that i said lesbians are bisexual/pansexual too???? what are you talking about??????????????? i am so confused?????????????????????????
  4. have you watched bangtan’s dope on youtube today

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Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you’re supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end, you choose 10 people to tag. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

Last Drink: Diet coke
Last Phone Call: To my sister, asking how her work day was
Last Text: “I don’t think it’s legal to marry sandwiches, no matter how delicious they are”
Last Song You Listened to: Tell Me It’s Okay- Paramore (Self Titled Demo)
Last Time you cried: A few nights ago. I tend to cry a lot in the bad nights.

Dated Someone Twice: Nope
Been Cheated On: Nope
Kissed Someone and Regretted it: All 3 of these questions are made moot by the fact i’ve never had a relationship
Lost Someone Special: Yes. So many people.
Been Depressed: Currently. Diagnosed in 2013.
Been Drunk and Thrown Up: Nope. I did get tipsy on New Years and had an incredibly detailed conversation with a clock.
Three Favorite Colors: Teal, violet, mint green

Made a New Friend: So many! The Swiftie community is incredible.
Fallen Out of Love: With myself? Yeah.
Laughed Until You Cried: A few.
Met Someone Who Changed You: Not really.
Found Out Who Your True Friends are: The people who actually bother speaking to me more than once every 6 months.
Found Out Someone Was Talking about you behind your back: Nope, going back to no=one even attempting to talk to me.
Kissed Anyone on Your FB Friends List: lmao

# of people of your FB friends list that you actually know: All of them
Any Pets: 2 gorgeous idiot cats, Barney and Trench.
Do you want to change your name: I’ve shortened it to Kat from Katherine but I don’t think i’d change it.
What did you do for your last party: Last party I had was a Christmas party! I’m awful with social gatherings lol
What time did you wake up today: 3pm 
What were you doing at 12 last night: Talking to people on here!
Something you cant wait for: Nothing at the moment to be honest. Everything’s just meh.
Last time you saw your mother: I’m sitting across from her rn
What are you listening to rn: Didn’t I already answer this?
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Yep. There was a lovely kid in my primary named Tom- little bit of an oddball so he didn’t have many friends unfortunately but he was always cheerful. Haven’t seen him in years!
Whats on your nerves right now: The fact that I can’t do everything.
Blood type: A I think?????
Relationship status: V. single
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn! Usually known as the ice queen
Pronouns: she/her
Favorite TV show: Ehh, at the minute the only programme I watch is Casualty (it’s like a tradition in my family lol)
Tattoos: None, but I have plans!
Righty or lefty: Righty
First surgery: Never had surgery fortunately.
First Piercing: Ears
First best friend: A girl called Rosie???
First sport you joined: Football! (Or soccer) I played it a lot at Primary.
First vacation: Filey I think. It’s a little seaside town in England.
First pair of trainers: this is very odd and specific

Eating: Popsicle
Drinking: Cappuccino
I’m about to: Put a blanket on me because this shit is freezing
Waiting for: Tickets to the 1989 tour lmao
Want kids: Definitely.
Get Married: If I find someone special enough.
Dream Career: Actress! I adore acting. And writing.

lips or eyes: Eyes.
Hugs or kisses: Hugs. Love a good hug (does that sound creepy?)
Shorter or taller: Taller?
Older or younger: I honestly don’t mind
Romantic or spontaneous: Romance. I’m a hopeless romantic.
Nice stomach or nice arms: Is this a thing that people worry about????
Sensitive or loud: Sensitive. 
Hook up or relationship: Relationship. Like I said, hopeless romantic.
Trouble maker or hesitant: I’m a bit hesitant, but both are cool for someone else! You do you boo

Kissed a stranger: Nah
Drank hard liquor: Does rum count? :P
Sex on the first date: Nah
Broke someone’s heart: I doubt it
Had your heart broken: Not by romance. By many other things, yes.
Been arrested: Not yet
Cried when someone died: So much.
Fallen for a friend: I had a bit of a crush on a friend before I realised that A) I am helly gay and B) I fell in love more with the idea of having a crush and being “normal” than I did with him.

Yourself: Not really
Miracles: In a sense?
Love at first sight: I’ve never experienced that connection, so maybe?
Santa Claus: lmao
Kiss on the first date: If the feeling is there, sure!
Angels: Maybe.

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Whoo! x

one of my favourite helsinki things so far is literally just like, the roads & pavements. the fact that there’s bike lanes all over the place! & the bike lanes are close to the walking lane, as opposed to being in the street like in mtl (which looks riskier to me… anyway we barely have any bike roads so its a moot point lmao)! there’s this one boulevard that i like a lot that has a bike lane in the middle, & there’s trees lined around it. so you have like :

walking lane | road | trees | bike lane | trees | road | walk lane

whereas the usual arrangement with a street is :

walking lane | bike lane | road | bike lane | walking lane

sometimes there’s just a bike lane on one side, & sometimes on neither but its not v common & more likely the quieter the street is, traffic-wise.

ive been trying to find a picture of the boulevard & i can’t but like its really beautiful !! & pleasant to bike through. anyway im a fucking nerd & i love biking but i dont want to die so i cant bike in mtl! but i will be able to bike all the time here one day! yay!

TVD Musings: What is the point of Bamon vs. Bonkai?

Why is there still discussions about who is more deplorable or who has done the worst deeds in general to prove who is more worthy of Bonnie? Canon shipping is about compatibility, chemistry, and a number of things so this debate is a moot point b/c at the end of the day it comes down to what is currently relevant in canon. And I know this is hard to hear for those shippers but bonkai is not now nor will it ever be relevant canon-wise despite what head canon certain people accepted as reality. And here is why is it a waste to even debate that fact:

1. Damon is alive and will be for awhile. Kai is dead permanently.

2. Bamon are best friends who despite their past and angst to come will overcome that to remain close. And still Kai will be dead.

3. Damon and Bonnie will have many scenes to come in the future. Yet once again Kai will still be dead and Chris will be lead on another show (which yall are more  than welcome to canon ship him with who ever is on that show).

So all these posts and reblogs pitting Kai against Damon, bashing Bamon shippers, JP, and shading Kat, inserting Kai into every discussion about Bonnie’s treatment and development talkin bout “woulda coulda  shoulda” is beyond moot. Like regardless of how you feel Kai is dead and not coming back so why cling to a pipe dream? Fanon is there for your service like it is for everyone else. And regardless of whether or not Bamon remain platonic they will still be leaps and bounds ahead of bonkai b/c once again KAI IS DEAD.