I DID IT!!!!

After a year and a half studying to get into university I’m officially in med school! I loved my classmates and my professors and I am eager to learn everything!
I’m sorry I haven’t posted much and for a long time, but now I guess I will post a little every week about this new period of my life!

I’m soooo grateful!


Moore 1860 patent revolver

Manufactured c.1861-1863 for the American civil war - serial number 82.
.32RF 7-round cylinder, single action, swing-out cylinder with loading gate.

The Moore revolver, one of the finest handguns of its days, made use of a small tab to get the cylinder to swing out of its axis, just enough for the small loading port to line up with the chambers. This was a pretty damn good design, but unfortunately it made the grave mistake of infringing on Rollin White’s famed patent on progress bored-through cylinder and thus had to be discontinued.