Crystals for Wolf Totem

Within the forest of pine and elder oaks the wolves of snow walk across the crumbling leaves, their white auras puncturing the shadows with haunting light. Their paws imprinting into the mossy earth, as if leaving secret messages upon the forest floor. Eyes of gold hold ancient stories, as their howls echo through the autumn air. 

These four stones help you connect with this powerful spirit animal:

  • Black Tourmaline - protective shield, self-confidence, diminishes fear
  • Apatite - prevents nightmares, protects against unwanted energies, deepens meditation
  • Black Moonstone - protects your energy, attracts spirit guides, concentration, connects to the divine feminine
  • Stibnite - energetic shield, protects while journeying, wolf energy, strengthens intuition

The wolf is a symbol of the deep connection with intuition, confidence, and bold instincts. Wolves are dream-walkers and protect against nightmares, They hold moon energy- a balance of light and dark. The wolves are messengers of the spirit realm, which allows you to gain spiritual guidance.

Silent Wolf Large Dreamcatcher, Dripping with gemstones,Rainbow Moonstones,Opals,Carnelian,Turquoise,fox,wolf,charms,quartz point,30.48 cm

Beautiful Dreamer Large Dreamcatcher, features turquoise,carnelian,opal,moonstone,crystal,fox,wolf,nature,charms,measures 30.48 cm. diameter