This was originally from my blog SANFRANCISCOLUXURIST,  but it is befitting the new Jewelry Blog here.

I don’t know what it is about Moonstone, but it gives me such a sense of calm when looking at it. These Super pictures are from the ever fabulous LANG ANTIQUES. If you are ever in San Francisco, I recommend you stop in, perhaps pick up a trinket. There is so much to see and you get real feel for the appreciation they have for Fine Jewelry. I won’t name names but some industry professionals sing the praises of Moonstones :), I’ll ask you your thoughts?

Anyhow June would be incomplete if I did not offer more eye candy in the form of moonstone. I am torn between Moonstone, Alexandrite and Pearl…I fear too many choices leave me unable to think :). As far as birthstones go, Alex is too expensive (and I’d want a big one) Pearls are, well they are pearls, though I’ve designed really cool black pearls for guys, they are still pearls. But moonstone….it really seems to draw me in, not sure I like being entranced that way. I feel I must pursue it though. So while I languish on a longing unfulfilled, you enjoy these pieces and be sure to visit Lang Antiques, online if you must satisfy your own gemlust.