🍃’louperial ral’ plant restoration spell 🍃

i’m new to green witchery - some of my plants don’t look so healthy, and sigils can only do so much. this spell will give your plant a much-needed health boost 🌱  (based off ‘little witch academia’)

time: this spell should be performed on a new moon

gather: willow bark, sun water, eggshells

optional materials: moonstone and jade chips (both are associated with growth + fertility)

preparations: crush the willow bark and eggshells into a powder. make sure the sun water is freshly charged.

🌿  sprinkle your powder at the base of your plant and in a ring around the stem

🌿  make an inner ring with moonstone, then an outer ring with jade

🌿  water your plant with the sun water before anointing its leaves

🌿  raise your arms and out loud, state the words

louperial ral!

(pronounced loo-peer-ee-al ral)

the energy from the powder and stones will revitalise your plant. make sure to be liberal with the sun water - this will act as a catalyst for your spell!


Reading while leaves gently fluttered and fell around me 🙊 this day was spent learning about the histories of different practices and branches of paganism as well as some traditional witchcraft 🍂✨


I got the most wonderful package from my far away friend this week 💗 I still can’t believe all of the pretty treasures she sent me! 🙏🏼😭 she also included the sweetest handwritten note plus a few special treats and goodies 🙊🌸✨