This game…

After finishing my Demon’s Souls remix I was asked whether I would do Dark Souls and I have wanted to remix it for some time. This is something I finished about a week ago.

A lot of the music I do these days is orchestral and although I can do other styles and genres of music, orchestration is something I love to do. I like a lot of orchestral music in games and because of that it sometimes seems like there isn’t much point in remixing already orchestrated music. So when I thought about Dark Souls I really wanted to try and do something different.

I had a hard time trying to put this together, I like the music of Dark Souls and I think it fits the game perfectly. But it just doesn’t hit me like Demon’s Souls soundtrack. With that in mind I thought I would try to introduce some elements of Demon’s Souls soundtrack into this remix, albeit subtly.

I used the music for the Moonlight Butterfly, Knight Artorias, Sif the Great Grey Wolf and Nameless Song. This arrangement is almost like a story about Artorias, from his greatness to his fall with his companion Sif. It’s vague but has some key moments, I wanted it to start off as if Artorias was recalling his prime, fighting the Darkwraiths and what not. Then he has to journey to Oolacile where he and Sif eventually find their demise, but in his last moments Artorias protects his faithful companion before he himself is taken. In the end, Artorias is a shell of himself but ended in honour. Eventually he passes, thanks to the Chosen Undead, and can lay to rest. I guess that isn’t particular vague haha, but that is what I originally intended.

It may not have been electric, Dark Souls is amazing but for all its greatness I think Demon’s Souls just left a deeper impression. First loves tend to do that. For now though, this is this, I may get a better idea one day and try again.

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