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Honestly, I don’t know much about this band.  From what I’ve heard, Moonhearts–previously known as Charlie and the Moonhearts–is comprised of a handful of musicians who’ve worked with Ty Segall (and I know you’ve heard of him).  Bassist and songwriter Mikal Cronin, for example, was in Epsilons as well as Segall’s live band.  Check out Moonhearts’ self-titled LP–these guys are one helluva band in their own right.


moonhearts // shine (daytrotter session)


You Gotta Have Someone
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Mikal Cronin - You Gotta Have Someone •

Man after my heart Mikal Cronin hit up The Smell last week with Ty Segall on guitar duties. Regret not posting some gig info before the show because it was excellent.

Anyway, Pitchfork shared Cronin’s latest a few days ago. “You Gotta Have Someone” is off an upcoming 7" to be released on Goner Records; If you enjoyed his self-titled out now on Trouble In Mind you’ll definitely be into this new cut. It plays true to the energetic, bouncy rock style that dominated his LP and will appease fans of the Moonhearts.

Mikal Cronin - Apathy [MP3]


Moonhearts - I Said

My friend has gotten me addicted to this song.

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Moonhearts - “I Said”

Ah, the Moonhearts’ 2010 self-titled release. Eleven tracks of blasting loud garage rock with a touch of sun and surf. These guys used to be known as Charlie and the Moonhearts, but sneakily shortened their name just this past year. Under their old name, they released one full-length (2008’s Thunderbeast) and a couple of EPs and singles. Don’t worry, they didn’t ditch Charlie. He still drums. The two other guys are vocalist/bassist Mikal Cronin and guitarist Roland Cosio. I liken their sound to that of other great garage bands happening right now like Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees. The Moonhearts sum it up pretty well on their Facebook page: “We record music and are not opposed to the idea of conquering the world one sloppy show at a time.” Rock & roll at its very best: unprofessional, loud, messy, and totally fun.

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