LOCATION: “Moonglade Getaway”

ZONE: Moonglade

NPCS: None


ACCESSIBILITY: Requires flying


NOTES: With vanilla textures and a view obscured by haze, it’s not the most visually engaging location on this blog for sure. But on the other hand it is also one of the more obscure, a hidden little lover’s overlook on the northern ridge of Moonglade that is incredibly easy to miss.

Steal away from your training for a bit for a little bit of romance!

My gf got into wow recently and has played mmo’s in the past. But whenever I try to explain where to go on the map she gets confused. Example: Heading to Darkmoon Faire for the first time “Okay we gotta go to Thunderbluff that is in the center of the map” “I clicked on Moonglade” “That is a ten minute ride back and forth” 5 mins later “Oh I see it now you meant the middle middle” “What did you think I meant?” “The top middle”


Moonglade is a haven for druids, and home of the Cenarion Circle. Here, tauren and night elves coexist peacefully, united by their reverence for the spirit of nature. Conflict between the races in Moonglade is not tolerated by its protectors.

Most of the night elves’ population once remained in the Moonglade, surrounded by the old forest trees and the ancients, preferring solitude over communion with other races. The Moonglade ranges east of Felwood, just north of Winterspring Grove along the lower slope of Mount Hyjal. The Moonglade is a magical, sylvan forest draped in perpetual night. The moon stays high within the ebon sky, illuminating the woodland below with a silvery glow. The land never suffers the extremes of weather, thriving in a warm, endless summer eve. Considered holy to the night elves, the Moonglade is home to the night elf race and its powerful druids of the wild. Indeed, the druids had long rested in meditation under the glade, until the return of the Burning Legion awakened them. They remain awake, vowing to protect nature and heal the fractured continent from its war wounds. The sacred forest of the night elves is home to many beasts both dangerous and friendly. The Kaldorei themselves live in cautious harmony with the wildlife, such as the black tigers and the bears that prowl and hunt in the woods. The elves often capture and tame the proud saber cats to use as mounts, but encountering one in the wild is dangerous. Less harmony is enjoyed with the forest’s more dangerous denizens. Satyrs - cursed, deranged night elves - also lurk here and plague the night elves’ solitude frequently. Some furbolgs–driven feral by drinking the foul waters of Felwood–will attack travelers as well. Fierce dire wolves and hippogryphs have also been reported in the area. In addition to these animals are the ancients: sentient trees that act as protectors of the forest. Treants–the smaller tree-men cousins to the ancients–roam the Moonglade. These beings act as fierce protectors of the forest. They do not hesistate to unleash their might upon any who would damage trees or otherwise harm nature. Many ancients live in the forest near Nighthaven. These sentient trees once had the vital task of channeling forces of the land to sustain the night elves’ immortality. They now aid in the elves’ warrior training and help protect their village. The Keepers of the Grove are powerful druids said to be the direct offspring of the demigod Cenarius; they roam the Moonglade as ever-vigilant protectors. The night elves send these patrols out, though they focus primarily on defending Nighthaven and the Barrow Dens. The vast forests and vales of the Moonglade are sparsely populated. The sole settlement of any size is the night elves’ capital, Nighthaven.

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Hey Faeb! I just got my lunarwing form on my druid (I love it ;o;) and there is a Nelf called Skycaller Faeb at the shrine who looks alot like your character! It's great to see you in the game aswell! :D

Eeee! I have been so happy hearing about this and seeing people’s screenshots today. Way back when she was first put in Moonglade I was told there was a second location but not when/where! So this is so neat, I’m so excited to get the mount/form myself :D 

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Druids throw pretty WILD parties too (See what I did there). Moonglade and the Dreamgrove den get crazy on most major holidays and sometimes just because someone felt like hosting.

Confirmed. Its all fun and games until someone knocks over a brazier and starts a forest fire. That, coincidentally, is actually how the Druids of the Flame got started. 

Signs as Words of Nature

Aries: Vernal :: “Relates to or occurs in the Spring, i.e., vernal pool is a temporary body of water usually created in the Spring from runoff. It dries up as the weather gets hotter.”

Taurus: Canopies :: “The highest layer of foliage provided by trees and shrubs in forests and woodlands”

Gemini: Arête :: “A sharp-edged mountain ridge, often between two glacier-carved corries.”

Cancer: Riparian :: “Related to, or having a location on the banks of a natural course of water such as a river or stream.”

Leo: Malpais :: “Land having an underlayer of basaltic lava and little or no soil, or the rough surface of a congealed lava stream.”

Virgo: Herbaceous :: “A green plant that is distinguished from woody plants by being leaflike in appearance and texture”

Libra: Rionnach maoimmeans :: “A Gaelic word referring to the shadows cast on the moorland by clouds moving across the sky on a bright and windy day.”

Scorpio: Detritus :: “Organic waste material produced by the decomposition of dead plants and animals.”

Sagittarius: Moonglade :: “The trace of moonlight on water.”

Capricorn: Boreal :: “Typically the northern region of North America characterized by long harsh winters and short summers. The Boreal Forest, an extensive band of coniferous trees, stretches across the northern latitude of North American and Eurasia.”

Aquarius: Alpenglow :: “A rosy glow that suffuses snow-covered mountain peaks at dawn or dusk on a clear day.”

Pisces: Estuary :: “The point at which a river meets the sea; where salt water and fresh water mix.”

The Blackfyre Trial

By Risri Elthron

On Friday, August 5 the trial of Warlund Blackfyre was presided by Junior Magistrate Eleanor Argyle. The trial brought forth charges of Murder, Attempted Murder, Kidnap, Bribery and Blackmail. Dame Latilda Rommel represented the prosecution, while Haghall Fatfingers, represented Lord Blackfyre.

Magistrate Argyle called the court to order. After some minor instructions on the order of proceedings, she read out the charges to the court. When asked, Lord Blackfyre pleaded not-guilty.

Dame Rommel called upon Dasia Reeves, reporter for The Royal Courier, as the first witness. Miss Reeves testified about her initial meeting with Lord Blackfyre, his attempted bribery of her, and of her subsequent kidnapping. It was revealed during the questioning that the man who kidnapped Miss Reeves was employed at some point by Lord Blackfyre. Both the defense and the prosecution questioned Miss Reeves before she was dismissed from the stand.

Next up, the prosecution called one Tayela Blackfyre, daughter and heir to Lord Blackfyre. Tayela testified to her attempted murder by her father. The witness was asked to provide medical evidence of said attack but was unable to do so. A recording of a conversation between Latilda Rommel and Tayela Blackfyre was played, in which Tayela stated:

“I was on Kalimdor, Ashenvale. Going to meet with a friend. My father found me, he asked me to take him to my friend as well… We were just past Astranaar when I believe I heard him speak. Now I believe he said ‘Sorry’, I hadn’t a moment to turn to see what was happening and a sword pierced through my leathers and my body… Everything went black. I remember slight moments of a druid taking me to Moonglade and then on to Darnassus.”

After Lady Blackfyre was dismissed from the stand, the prosecution rested but reserved the right to call forward any rebuttal witnesses. The defense then started with the Lord himself called to the witness stand. Lord Blackfyre testified on his relationship with his daughter and with the man responsible for kidnapping Miss Reeves. The defense turned the proceedings back to the prosecution who asked for proof of the firing of the man responsible for Miss Reeves’ kidnapping, which the Lord admitted he did not have. The Lord also admitted to killing a man, albeit in self-defense, when asked about his former fiance.

The Lord was then excused from the stand and the prosecution asked to call forth one additional witness. Lady Addington was sworn in. Her testimony focused on a conversation between herself and Lord Blackfyre. After a round of objections back and forth by both the defense and the prosecution, Lady Addington was finally able to speak:

“As I was saying, I had heard various claims of Warlund when others took notice that we began to get close to one another. One morning, while we were out by the docks overseeing our first shipment, I brought it up to him. Each and every claim and asked him if they were to be true. He admitted them each to me, saying he’d never done so before to anyone else, and that he felt he could to me -because- we were close.”

The Magistrate then called for a twenty minute recess. When the court was resumed, the justice rendered her verdict:

“Due to lack of evidence, despite close examination, the Murder Charges and Attempted Murder charge shall be dropped forthwith. However…I hereby find the Defendant: Guilty of Kidnap, Blackmail and one count of Bribery due to the files presented to me by more than one Agent of the Crown, garnering the seal of SI:7, no less. Furthermore, two charges of being held in contempt of the Court have also been added. And ONE charge is pressed toward Haghall, whom will be fined One-Hundred Gold and shall have his law license banned temporarily for one month. I reiterated several times that I would not tolerate outbursts in my court.“

The Magistrate then proceeded to sentence Lord Blackfyre:

“Lord Warlund Blackfyre, you are hereby sentenced to seven months in the Stockades, followed by hard labor in the logging camps here in Elwynn for another three months. Furthermore, you will then serve ANOTHER three months as a laborer in the various mines and after consecutively serving those sentences, you will also be indentured to the military for Five MORE months. You will come to know the meaning of gain through hard work rather than through conspiring and a termagant nature, serving a total of Eighteen Months either behind bars or in some Light-Forsaken Land. Furthermore,you will be stripped of all titles and landholdings to which then all entitlements will be handed over to the Crown, unless an heir is deemed necessary to take over the responsibility of governing. On account of your wealth, it will be dispersed through the Church of Holy Light and back into the society via various institutions; educational or militant.”

The trial brings about the close of events that stretch back months. The Royal Courier thanks the court for allowing our presence and use of the transcript to report on the closed trial of Lord Warlund Blackfyre. If any are interested, the formal transcript can be found in the hall of records (here). In addition, all of the articles regarding Lord Blackfyre can be found in our archives on the following dates: April 12, April 17, Update April 17, April 22, April 26, May 1, May 14, June 20, July 26.

(OOC Note about the sentence: the reason why stockade sentences are seemingly light is because of this: Serving a year in the stocks is almost akin to a death sentence. If malnourishment doesn’t kill you, dysentery could. Furthermore, though it is NOT confirmed, we can also not deny that torture of prisoners could be plausible. In regard to forced labor: You are hardly anything more than a slave until your time is up. And on top of that, being indentured to the military doesn’t make you a soldier: It makes you fodder. Elaboration because many do not take into consideration how harsh these sentences actually can be in retrospect. Thank you to Magistrate Argyle for the ooc explanation.)) 

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