For the Student

Risri and Laren stepped through the portal to Moonglade. Her smile genuine despite her sorrow. Laren had never been to the sacred place and all Risri could think was how could Laren’s teacher not bring her here. 

Laren had asked Risri for help. She had been unable to even attempt to shift. Risri understood that pain and challenge. It had been the best day in her mind, when she had successfully shifted the first time. So long ago and yet not. A blink of an eye in a Kaldorei’s life span but Risri knew the day when Laren could finally shift would be momentous.

First, though, she needed to meet the spirit. And so they were here in Moonglade to see if Laren would be able to see the spirit. Risri knew exactly where he liked to prowl but she had them walk, talking about Omen and the enchantment that seemed to permeate the entire valley of Moonglade.

She’d taken her to the burial site near where the spirit liked to sleep. Knowing if she could focus and concentrate to feel the power in the land, the cat spirit would call to Laren.

They’d prayed and Risri had shifted feeling the spirit herself and needing to be one with the nature surrounding them. Then Laren had heard the Great Cat Spirit and the two had approached. Laren timid but Risri purring like a kitten at the creature.

She’d given her instruction on what to do next. Preparation for the trail that Laren would have to pass before she would be able to create the cat spirit within that would allow her to transform.

Leaving the girl to connect more, Risri had taken to the sky. Stopping briefly at Nighthaven to let the Cenarion Elders know of Laren’s presence. Just in case. She knew the spirit would see to the girl and the Elders would seek her out if she did not show in the city.


Signs as Words of Nature

Aries: Vernal :: “Relates to or occurs in the Spring, i.e., vernal pool is a temporary body of water usually created in the Spring from runoff. It dries up as the weather gets hotter.”

Taurus: Canopies :: “The highest layer of foliage provided by trees and shrubs in forests and woodlands”

Gemini: Arête :: “A sharp-edged mountain ridge, often between two glacier-carved corries.”

Cancer: Riparian :: “Related to, or having a location on the banks of a natural course of water such as a river or stream.”

Leo: Malpais :: “Land having an underlayer of basaltic lava and little or no soil, or the rough surface of a congealed lava stream.”

Virgo: Herbaceous :: “A green plant that is distinguished from woody plants by being leaflike in appearance and texture”

Libra: Rionnach maoimmeans :: “A Gaelic word referring to the shadows cast on the moorland by clouds moving across the sky on a bright and windy day.”

Scorpio: Detritus :: “Organic waste material produced by the decomposition of dead plants and animals.”

Sagittarius: Moonglade :: “The trace of moonlight on water.”

Capricorn: Boreal :: “Typically the northern region of North America characterized by long harsh winters and short summers. The Boreal Forest, an extensive band of coniferous trees, stretches across the northern latitude of North American and Eurasia.”

Aquarius: Alpenglow :: “A rosy glow that suffuses snow-covered mountain peaks at dawn or dusk on a clear day.”

Pisces: Estuary :: “The point at which a river meets the sea; where salt water and fresh water mix.”

Missing a Glyph?

There’s toys and expendable items for some of this stuff. I had a lot of trouble getting the redirect to work (thanks tumblr) so here’s the text of that reddit post people are linking to. (source:Byne)

Paladin: Quartermaster Miranda Breechlock in Light’s Hope Chapel. Sells Contemplation.

Death Knight: Dread Commander Thalanor in Ebon Hold. Sells Corpse Explosion.

Hunter: Mardan Thunderhoof at Nesingwary Base Camp in Sholazar. Sells Fetch, Play Dead, Aspect of the Chameleon, and a toy that replicates glyph of the Aspects.

Druid: Lorelae Wintersong in Moonglade. Sells Charm Woodland Creature, Flap, Stag Form, Track Beasts, Treant Form, a toy that replicates One With Nature, and a new glyph recipe.

Rogue: I found an item on wowhead that teaches Detection but I dont know who sells it.

Mages: Endora Moorehead in Dalaran. Sold a Dalaran Initiate’s Pin in a limited quantity that put the Dalaran Brilliance visual over my head for a while. Wowhead also lists Arcane Linguist and Illusion tomes, as well as a Familiar Stone, so its possible she sells those as well in limited quantities.

Shaman: Elementalist Sharvak at Throne of the Elements in BC Nagrand. Sells toys that replicate Vol'jin’s Serpent Totem, Rain of Frogs, Elemental Familiars, and Water Shield (resto only). Also sells Hex: Compy and a new glyph recipe.

Priest: Quartermaster Miranda Breechlock in Light’s Hope Chapel. Sells a toy that makes a holy orb float around you in holy spec and ravens fly around you in shadow spec, and issupposed to sell Confession, but doesnt seem to at the moment.

Monk: Master Hwang at Peak of Serenity. Sells Zen Flight.

Warlocks and Warriors: Dont believe you guys get anything. Sorry.

Edit: I keep seeing people asking about other glyphs, so I’m going to include a list of all the glyphs my scribe knows. I knew every glyph prior to the pre-patch, so I assume I still know all the ones currently obtainable.

Death Knight: Foul Menagerie, Geist, Skeleton

Druid: Stars, Chameleon, Cheetah, Orca, Solstice

Hunter: Lesser Proportion

Mage: Crittermorph, Evaporation, Unbound Elemental

Monk: Crackling Tiger Lightning, Fighting Pose, Honor, Rising Tiger Kick

Paladin: Fire From the Heavens, Pillar of Light, Luminous Charger, Winged Vengeance

Priest: Inspired Hymns, Shackle Undead, Shadow, Shadowy Friends, Heavens, Sha, Val'kyr

Rogue: Disguise

Shaman: Deluge, Lingering Ancestors, Spirit Raptors, Spectral Wolf

Warlock: Crimson Banish, Felguard, Soulwell

Warrior: Burning Anger, Gushing Wound, Hawk Feast, Mighty Victory, Blazing Trail, Weaponmaster, Thunder Strike

Once you have acquired these glyphs, to use them, right click them and apply them directly to the spell they alter. To remove them buy vanishing powder and use it on the altered spell.


Snowbaz fluff, of course. Part 11 of my unusual word prompts series! I hope you guys like these because I have so much fun finding words to base them off of! Also thank you to @ismill for helping me with some wonkiness!

(You can check out my other snowbaz fanfics + the ones in this series here!)


Warnings: none (implied smut, cursing)


(n) The track of moonlight on water.

No one would spot us out here.

The lake water glided across my skin like ink, thick and cool. It slipped through my fingers as I swam out to Simon, floating on his back with his eyes closed. The night was heavy around us.

Like always, light had found him. He was bathed in the silvery glow of the moon, reflecting off his wet skin.

I splashed him. “Why did you want to sneak out of my parent’s hunting lodge and go skinny dipping, again?”

He sat up, causing ripples in the dark water. Batted his eyelashes at me playfully. “Because you look so pretty in the moonlight, Bazzy.”

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Greetings, druids!

Today is the great day! Later on this evening, many druids – Horde and Alliance alike – will meet up to converse and gather in one of the greatest places for druids to be: Moonglade. For several, it was your childhood home. For many, it is your current home. For all, it is your safe place, your haven. It is quite possibly only in Moonglade could such an event occur. However, this is not a letter to remind you of how beautiful the glade is. It is a letter to remind you of the event this evening fall. 

It is a letter to remind you that no matter your ‘Faction’…No matter your race…You are welcome to come and join in our festivities as we celebrate the druidic ways. It is at 5pm [[server]], and we hope to see you all there. 

For those who are to be inducted into the Circle, we cannot wait to have you be part of our ranks. For those who wish to be inducted, we cannot wait to have you either and we ask that, when the initiations commence, to come and stand in the circle with us. For those who wish to simply meet and greet and look on, we welcome you as well. 

Nature guide you, friends. 
Addylyn Kypari Sagebloom

[[ doodlejinx scarvez immunologist thenaaru fate-and-foolishness @ everyone else ]]
[[ for invites to our realm (WRA-US) please add my battle tag (Lightsy#1806) and ill invite you. horde and alliance welcome! as are other realms and any races! ]]


Night Elf shrines from four different locations (Howling Vale, Satyrnaar, Moonglade, Darnassus).

Night Elven shrines are built in honour of Elune, the other gods of the Night Elf pantheon, nature spirits, and as ancestral shrines. The Satyr desecrate the shrines they have taken over by marring the white stone with dye or blood and scratching out the murals and carvings.

Greetings again, druids.

The time is quickly approaching that we will have our first meeting. The date is July 28th at 5pm (server) and will be held in Moonglade.

Not only will this allow us to introduce ourselves to each other and increase the bond between us and nature together, but it will also be the initiation of all our current members into the ranks of the Circle of Nature.

We ask for as much participation and attendance as possible from our members and any druids who wish to join.

Thank you and may Nature guide you.
~Addylyn Kypari

[[July 28th, 2015 @ 5pm server time // WRA + Alliance side // any druids are allowed to attend and join]]
[[ doodlejinx scarvez thenaaru immunologist ]]