LOCATION: “Moonglade Getaway”

ZONE: Moonglade

NPCS: None


ACCESSIBILITY: Requires flying


NOTES: With vanilla textures and a view obscured by haze, it’s not the most visually engaging location on this blog for sure. But on the other hand it is also one of the more obscure, a hidden little lover’s overlook on the northern ridge of Moonglade that is incredibly easy to miss.

Steal away from your training for a bit for a little bit of romance!

My gf got into wow recently and has played mmo’s in the past. But whenever I try to explain where to go on the map she gets confused. Example: Heading to Darkmoon Faire for the first time “Okay we gotta go to Thunderbluff that is in the center of the map” “I clicked on Moonglade” “That is a ten minute ride back and forth” 5 mins later “Oh I see it now you meant the middle middle” “What did you think I meant?” “The top middle”

Unhappy Moonkin Festival, Mortals!!

It’s some foolishly feathery festival today, mortals, one celebrating those moronic Moonkin in this motley Moonglade!! You mortals will celebrate not one, but two, count them, two,  holidays for a bunch of blasted birds, counting those half-witted hippogryphs as well, but still refuse to even single out a month or two to celebrate The Great Nyehehe’s dastardly deeds!?! 

Bah!! What do you say of this, you astronomical avian?


What are these hooting hatchlings even doing? Dancing like dolts? Bah!!

Naptime is actually counted as an activity at this foolish festival!?! How incredibly childish!! How foolish!! The Great Nyehehe… has never… *Yawn*… seen anythin… thing… 


And now they’re ‘moonfiring’ away at some dummy almost as dumb as themselves!! Well, even The Great Nyehehe shan’t scoff away from that!! Nyehehe!! 

Maybe this feathery festival isn’t so foolish after all!!

Nyeh? What do you want, you blasted baby bird?


Oh, drat… not again!! Bah!!

So.. I got a little toasty on the green stuff.. and drew my Night Elf again.. And this is what came of it.. I’m dying. So yeah… what started with me messing around with poses and shiz… trying a new painting technique.. well.. Here you go. This is what happened. This is my brain child of the evening. Jfc. Help. Send HELP.


world of warcraft zone asks — kalimdor edition!
  • ahn'qiraj: what are your muse‘s beliefs about fate? can it be avoided?
  • ashenvale: what lengths would your muse go in order to protect what they love?
  • azshara: is your muse an opportunist, or do they stick to their morals?
  • azuremyst isle: is your muse a survivor? what would they do to survive?
  • bloodmyst isle: is your muse easily manipulated? what would it take to corrupt them?
  • darkshore: is your muse keeping a secret? how drastically would their lives change if this secret was exposed?
  • desolace: does your muse hold grudges? how do they handle ongoing conflict?
  • durotar: is your muse honourable? what makes them honourable?
  • dustwallow marsh: how does your muse cope with tragedy? do they allow themselves to grieve, or are they extremely guarded?
  • felwood: is your muse cursed / does your muse feel cursed?
  • feralas: how does your muse regard tradition?
  • moonglade: what are your muse’s thoughts on nature?
  • mount hyjal: what is your muse’s weapon of choice?
  • mulgore: is there something that makes your muse feel free?
  • northern barrens: does your muse seek glory? what is their definition of glorious?
  • silithus: what are your muse’s fears? why do they fear what they do?
  • southern barrens: is your muse an explorer type or a homebody?
  • stonetalon mountains: how does your muse define evil?
  • tanaris: is your muse reckless, or do they think before they act?
  • teldrassil: is your muse immortal? would your muse want to live forever?
  • thousand needles: is your muse stubborn? what would move your character to change their ways?
  • uldum: is your muse honest? are they above using deceit to gain an advantage?
  • un'goro crater: how exotic are your muse’s tastes? are they simpler, or will they accept nothing less than luxury?
  • winterspring: is your muse loyal? to what or whom is your muse loyal to?

antique-moonglade  asked:

Any line from Ed Sheeran's perfect? Drarry, pretty please with a chocolate fudge on top?

Okay, this isn’t strictly part of the list but hell, it’s @antique-moonglade and it’s Sheeran ❤️

A piece of wood in the hearth emits a long, hiss, spitting loudly and startling the tightly wound mound of fur out of its doze. Glaring at the merrily cracking fire, Victoria gets up, stretching long and high, pure white fur standing on end for a moment, before slowly stalking over to the unoccupied armchair, answering Harry’s soft chirp with a sullen meow before hopping up, curling in on herself and settling back down.

Draco’s glasses are perched so far down the bridge of his nose that they threaten to slip right off the upturned tip and into the book in his lap. Not that it matters; he’d stopped reading several minutes ago.

He’s too busy watching his husband over the polished silver rims of his spectacles, biting down on his tongue to keep from smiling to himself like a lunatic.

It’s Friday, nearly 11PM – Warbeck croons in the background, the Wireless making its characteristic whirring sounds between songs. Outside the second snow of the season falls slowly in twirling bits of dazzling white, the edges appearing fuzzy through the window. Large, mismatched mugs of hot chocolate sit under a Stasis on the coffee table, steam curling up steadily.

Draco’s socked feet are in Harry’s lap, being absently massaged as Harry reads the day’s Prophet that’s draped over the back of the sofa. Harry’s already pulled out all of his Weasley jumpers, clad tonight in a rich violet number with a broad, very slightly asymmetrical, yellow H on the front. His hair is still damp from the shower, curling up under his ears and sticking out at the back as usual, the heat from the fireplace slowly setting it in that mess. He frowns lightly as he reads, mouth sometimes moving soundlessly, lopsided glasses slipping down constantly.

Draco feels a hard lump rise in his throat and his heart threatens to explode right out his ribcage.

“What?” Harry asks, looking up suddenly, eyes wide and warm behind his glasses, small smile of adoration curling along his lips. “You’re gawking.”

“You have chocolate on your face,” Draco replies blandly, the warmth in his chest spreading in long tendrils. Harry rolls his eyes, sweeping a sleeve across his face before pinching the side of Draco’s foot, laughing at the indignant squeak that gets him, eyes already back on the newspaper. “You ever think about who you would have liked to end up with had I not snagged you first?”

The completely random question has slipped out before Draco can reel in his thoughts properly. Harry blinks, looking utterly baffled, and Draco chews furiously on his tongue.

“No,” Harry replies slowly, deliberately, “I don’t think it’s ever crossed my mind. Besides, it’s quite pointless.”


Harry chuckles softly, folding up the newspaper and tossing it aside. “Yes, pointless. How is it even relevant now? It’s not as if I’d have been even half as happy as I am today,” he adds with an easy shrug.

Draco swallows, pulling off his glasses and folding them carefully. “So you are happy…with me?”

Harry stares impassively. “Over three and a half years since we promised forever togetherness and now you think to ask me this?” He grins then, sudden and blinding, the abject love in his expression making Draco want to sing.

“Well, I figured I’d just confirm,” he retorts, though the snide sting he intended doesn’t quite ring. “So, you never think how it might’ve been had we not…?”

“No! Why would I even want to?!” Harry seems genuinely confused as he laughs. “There was only ever you for me, babe.”

“What?” Draco breathes.

Harry shrugs again. “You know… Like, we believe there’s someone out there for us, yeah? That one someone, waiting for us.”


“So I realised pretty soon after we got together that you’re that someone for me,” Harry says simply as if it’s the most obvious thing, before peering owlishly at Draco’s blank expression for a bit. “What? You never thought that? Like there’s someone waiting for you?”

Draco nods mutely, looking down at Harry’s hands kneading away expertly at his soles. It’s only after a very long pause during which the fire spits weakly and Victoria contentedly purrs in quiet reflection of the general ambience of Draco’s life, “I just–” His voice cracks and he quickly clears his throat. “I—I’d never have thought… I never knew you were the someone waiting for me.

Harry’s hands go still, and for a while they just stare at each other.

“Well… I am.”

“I’m glad.”

“Yeah, me too.”

It gets colder by the minute outside - inside, pure warmth cocoons their tightly wound forms, no space for the cold, no space for doubt.


Moonglade was once home to most of the Night Elves, and remained unmarred by both war and corruption. It was bathed in an eternal soothing twilight.

Ancient benevolent spirits made their home within the Glade, walking freely among the living.

The streams and lakes were pure and clean.

 Romulos, younger son of Cenarius, was the Keeper of the Grove.

The Alliance kept a small hippogryph landing in the Glade.

Horde was permitted to keep their Wind Riders stabled there as well.

The fallen of both factions lay side-by-side in their graves.

The elven city of Nighthaven looked over the shores of Lake Elune'ara.

When Teldrassil was planted and Darnassus founded, the Cenarion Circle made Nighthaven their home and base of operations.

The Stormrage Barrow Dens were the most elaborate of their kind.

 Within their halls the Druids slept, to awaken in the Emerald Dream …

… but all was not as it should have been as the sleepers dreamed. A powerful Nightmare swept the Dream and began to leak into our own world.

The once peaceful and calm Barrow Dens were filled with twisted creatures of the Nightmare.

Despite the Moonglade’s tranquil nature and peaceful calm, a dark and powerful force lay all around.