Might as well share–I helped make this!

Moonbot teamed up with Dolby to make this short. We made it all, start to finish, in about 10 weeks. It was crazy! But it was fun having everyone at the studio hunker down on one big project together. (Usually there’s tons of different things going on.) 

Aaaand if you were curious – I designed/modeled the little girl and rigged her face, did a bunch of prop modeling and texturing, and lit the sequence where Morris is on the bridge thru the zombie attack (but only the actual movie shots, not the reactions of the girl at the organ). And I guess I did some super duper early storyboard stuff. Busy bumblebee level 10 


So this happened today!!

Sofi and I went to Moonbot Studios today to give them an update on the Book of Belief and WE MET WILLIAM JOYCE! The studio is amazing and all the stuff they’re working on is amazing and they are amazing and Bill is just the nicest guy.

It was so cool guys. My drive to work on this book is entirely revitalized.


William Joyce’s Q&A

Check out some of William Joyce’s answers about Rise of the Guardians, The Guardians of Childhood and… the ROTG SEQUEL?!?!

thatbrat: Dear Mr. Joyce, I know many people don’t give him much thought when talking about the movie, Rise of the Guardians, but for me, the character I was able to relate to the most was young Jamie Bennett. I saw so much of myself in him from when I was a child, and can still relate to his wanting to believe in fantastical beings and pursuit for the truth of the supernatural. I also thought his relationship with Jack was especially endearing and significant. So, getting down to it, my question is: can we expect to see more of him, specifically in Guardians of Childhood? Also, if you’ve given any thought to it, what would he be like as a teenager? What would his aspirations be?

WJ: Jamie was our way of giving the audience a sort of identifiable every kid. So as his character took shape we just thought of the things we wanted him to embody that we all had felt about belief and imagination and that sort of fall from grace when you have to accept the fact that a lot of these things aren’t real. But the belief in them is really the most awesome part of the experience, and in the way it makes these characters real. I want to leave Jamie exactly as he is and let people like yourself imagine his further adventures.

KSClaw: Dear Mr. Joyce, where did you get your initial ideas for Nicholas St. North from your Guardian of Childhood series? How did you come up with that he started out as a Bandit King?

WJ: 1. I came up with the idea when i was in the 3rd grade when I saw my first James Bond move with Sean Connery and I thought Santa Claus must be as cool as Sean Connery and I came up with an early idea of what his life must be like: a super cool spy bandit from bandit from long ago.
2. Sort of the same thing it seemed more interesting that he started out as not a totally good guy, but became a good guy because of what happened to him. It was sort of merging Robin Hood and James Bond because Robin Hood was a normal guy and became a hero because of what was going on around him. He became a hero for the underprivileged, and kids are always treated as second class citizens and Santa Claus’ mission was to make their lives easier and inventive and full of imagination.

rareapplepie: Hello! I have a couple of questions of you! 

1. Is there going to be a book for Pitch in the Guardians of Childhood series?
2. Are we going to get a Rise of the Guardians sequel? I’ve heard whispers and rumors, but I wanted to ask you guys~
3. Will there ever be any hope of actually getting good, quality merchandise for Rise of the Guardians? Things like…Jack’s Hoodie, maybe a toy Ruby Memory box, stuffed plushie Nightmares, maybe even something cute like a Sandman Nightight? All of your fans would -love- to have stuff like that!

WJ: Maybe. I’m thinking about. I just finished the Jack Frost book. Everyone who wants a sequel to happen to call Jeffrey Katzenberg at Dreamworks studio, and not to hang up until you talk to him. Tell them how essential it is that another Rise of the Guardians film be made. As for the merchandise, call Jeffrey Katzenberg [laughs] send him telegrams, letters, fruitcakes, pints of blood, anything that’ll get them to do this very simple, profitable, and necessary extension of our global culture. And bless you all.

KSCLaw: What was the inspiration for Bunnymund from Guardians of Childhood, and how chocolate affects him (such as the transformations)?

WJ: The inspiration for Bunnymund was a play from the 1950s – and a movie – called Harvey starting Jimmy Stewart. In which Jimmy Stewart’s best friend is a six foot all knowing all powerful invisible rabbit named Harvey. Harvey is described as a Pooka a creature of Celtic mythology. I loved that play and movie as a kid and I still love it. So I made Bunnymund the last of the Pooka’s and gave them a history that amused and delighted me and I tried to do honor to the original concept of Harvey. The chocolate thing, it just made narrative sense.

JokulFrosti1: William when you were making Rise Of The Guardians do you ever planned on naming Jack’s sister? And if so what would be her name?

WJ: That’s a closely guarded secret, but if you contact Jeffrey Katzenberg at Dreamworks Studios to know the answer in a sequel to Rise of the Guardians I think that’s the best shot you have to knowing the answer.

JokulFrosti1: Did Jack meet his “family” (the one we see in flashbacks in ROTG) between his (as Nightlight) battle with Pitch but before he officially became Jack Frost?

WJ: Yes, but they couldn’t see him.


¿Te gusta leer? Entonces te gustará este genial corto de animación (digno de Pixar, ¿eh?).

“Los Fantásticos Libros Voladores del Señor Morris Lessmore” del estudio MoonBot.


Now Hiring: Artist

­Moonbot Studios is a multi-platform storytelling studio specializing in feature-quality animation, book publishing, games and mobile app development. Moonbot employs a select group of animators, digital artists, programmers and developers who produce award-winning films, books and digital media. For further information, visit

Job Title: Artist
Job Hours:  Full-Time, 45 Hours/Week
Reports to:  Art Department Lead, Directors, and Creative Partners

Job Summary:

An Artist at Moonbot is one who possesses the ability to visualize a narrative and apply their skills to all aspects of the story’s design. The Artist will have excellent drawing skills through both traditional and digital means. This artist will be tasked to add dimension to and enhance projects in development in a creative and cogent manner for different applications and media forms.


  • A demonstrable portfolio of traditional and digital drawing and painting
  • Extensive experience with the Adobe Creative Suite programs
  • Experience with character designs and turnarounds
  • Experience with storyboarding and creation of animatics is a plus
  • Preferred skills include experience with 3D animation, maquette sculpting and digital filmmaking.
  • Ability to multi-task, work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment and to interact successfully with other artists, technical colleagues and directors
  • Self-managed and self-disciplined with the ability to take direction and constructive criticism and adapt accordingly
  • Must take initiative in handling above duties and additional tasks which will aid the function of the organization
  • Must be flexible- Moonbot Studios is a growing venture working in cutting-edge and highly creative technologies. Members of the Moonbot team wear multiple hats. Our employees approach their jobs in a serious manner but in an environment that is conducive to free expression and creativity.
  • Must be currently legally authorized to work in the United States and willing to relocate to Shreveport, Louisiana.

Submit resumes & links to portfolios to Moonbot:             Via email at

Moonbot Studios is an equal opportunity employer and considers all candidates for employment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, marital status, military or veteran’s status (including protected veterans, as may be required by federal law), sexual orientation or any other category protected by law.

The Fantastic Flying Books Of Mr. Morris Lessmore

I don’t own an iPad. I hope to soon. It would be a lot easier to keep up with blogging and social stuff on the road and just in general, but right now - no such luck. Here’s hoping to owning one someday;)

But still…I find out about some awesome apps (just for the iPad) that are amazingly done and very unique…which makes it just that much more hard.

Bobby, from The Fox Is Black, posted today about a specific app called “The Fantastic Flying Books Of Mr. Morris Lessmore.” It’s stuff like this that makes me excited about new technology and the future of storytelling.

The Fantastic Flying Books Of Mr. Morris Lessmore, made by Moonbot Studios, is based off a short film of the same name. Instead of just words and pictures…it has you interacting with what is going on inside the book.

From the website:
Put yourself in Morris’ shoes as you dive into the story of Mr. Lessmore and his flying friends through Moonbot Studios’ first Interactive Storybook. In this reinvention of digital storytelling you can repair books, tumble through a storm, learn the piano and even get “lost in a book,” flying through a magical world of words, giving you a dynamic journey through the story. This iPad App has been touted by Apple as one of the “Top New Apps for the iPad,” and will surely be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Using rich CG animation, innovative interactivity, original composed music, and unique games sprinkled throughout the book, this App will revive a love of story in all.

 I’ve learned from Jonathan Harris that there is never a shortage of ways to tell a story. And then to add more of your senses to the mix - is one of the best ways to keep story telling up on its game. Watch the trailer below and see exactly what I mean…

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore iPad App Trailer from Moonbot Studios on Vimeo.

Click ahead for behind the scenes footage and artwork of the short…really inspiring stuff…

The Making Of Morris: Part 1 (The Power of Story) from Moonbot Studios on Vimeo.

The Making Of Morris: Part 2 (Animation We Cherish) from Moonbot Studios on Vimeo.

The Making Of Morris: Part 3 (Thousands Of Books) from Moonbot Studios on Vimeo.

The Making Of Morris: Part 4 (Invitations To Adventure) from Moonbot Studios on Vimeo.

I know…a lot to take in. It’s so inspiring.

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Original Article

So while my tumblr is blowing up with shark stuff–NOW IS AS GOOD A TIME AS EVER TO PLUG SOMETHING COOL.

Moonbot Studios has just started a Kickstarter campaign for an amazing, ambitious game project called Golem!

I had to great fortune to intern at Moonbot last summer. They are best known for their Oscar-winning short, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mister Morris Lessmore. These artists are seriously some of the coolest people I’ve ever met. They have some really refreshing ideas and a whole lot of passion for bringing something new to the table that I feel many larger studios have lost touch with…I know that this game could be really great. 

So support some cool artists! Help my buddies make their dream game! Back this project, or at least reblog this so word gets around! 

Thanks everyone!


The Scarecrow Behind The Scenes - Miniatures by Moonbot Studios

Back in September 2013 the national food franchise Chipotle Mexican Grill released a beautiful animated short promoting the notion of “cultivating a better world.” The short depicts the horrendous food processes behind the average food objects we purchase, and the fresh-food revolution that Chipotle is striving to make a regular concept. If you haven’t seen the original short, you can view it here:

This short was made through a combination of stop-motion and CGI, producing a beautiful stylized animation that has earned much acclaim and recognition. Moonbot Studios works on a plethora of media outlets including books, films, apps, games, and animation. The studio partnered with Chipotle back in 2011. In addition to this short, an app-based game was produced for additional promotion. You can download this free app right here at the official website:


The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore by Moonbot Studios

Nominated for Best Animated Short at this years Oscars.

Go on, escape for 15 minutes or so, you’ve earned it.