Call for Medical Aid for Matthew Rossi - GoFundMe

Hello my followers! Urgent news here. I was recently told about Matthew Rossi’s (avid fiction writer and World of Warcraft content creator) recent diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy which, without very expensive and un-coverable treatments, will very likely blind him.

You may know him as the writer of Know Your Lore alongside Anne Stickney. Additionally he is active on the Blizzard Watch podcast, is the co-host of the Lorewatch podcast and the long-time Warrior columnist for blizzard watch. He makes his living off writing and is an incredibly dedicated fan and a wonderful, passionate person. 

If you have enjoyed any of Rossi’s content in the past, or would like to show support for a fellow fan and writer, PLEASE consider donating to his GoFundMe or reblogging this!

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RULES: Name ten favorite characters from ten of your fandoms. Then tag ten people and repost! 

1. Kingdom Hearts: King Mickey

2. Pokémon: Zigzagoon

3. Wadanohara and the Deep Blue Sea: Wadanohara

4. Kuroko no Basket: Kuroko Tetsuya

5. Yowamushi Pedal: Aoyagi Hajime

6.cShin Megami Tensei Devil Survior: Atsuro Kihara

7. Haikyuu!!: Kageyama Tobio

8. Osomatsu-san: Karamatsu Matsuno

okay I’m… running out of fandoms that I can choose a favourite for… uhh…

9. Sonic: Knuckles

10. HunterxHunter: Shalnark

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Alright guys, I have a new theory. And yes, this is a legit one…and its about our favorite little neglectful mother, Raven Branwen. Now, many people have theorized that she’s the leader of the White Fang, or she’s the one directing Cinder, but it seems like no one wants to talk about why she left. Well I think I’ve figured it out using a combination of the recent eps, and the song Sacrifice.

In “Destiny” Qrow says outright that Raven’s got an interesting way of looking at the world that he doesn’t agree with. This seems strange, considering he works and deals with Ironwood, the RWBY king of good intentions/bad actions.

In the song Sacrifice, the singer is telling the listener that they won’t be a sacrfice, that they won’t die for a pointless cause. Many people have assumed that this is Cinder to Ozpin, but one particular line points to the singer being Raven: ‘the moon will sadly watch the roses die’. Whenever dead roses are mentioned in the show, or the songs, are almost always referring to Summer Rose. Now who have we seen that would actually feel mad that Summer had die? I don’t think it would be Cinder…I think Raven falls more under that category.

Now, putting that together, I think I know why Raven left…why she’s seen as dangerous by her own brother and a fleeting image by her daughter, but still seems to know and care about them. Raven’s ‘interesting way of looking at the world’ might be that its not worth saving, that fighting Grimm to protect people when only more will come is pointless. That would annoy Qrow wouldn’t it? Cause the whole thing of being a Hunter, is to fight Grimm and protect people, but Raven doesn’t seem to want to do that.

I think Raven has decided that Ozpin is wrong…everything he’s doing is wrong, from dealing with Grimm to deal with the Maidens. She left because she decided that she’s not going to fight a fruitless battle, and this was reinforced when Summer died. This would explain why Qrow dislikes her ideas, calls her dangerous, and yet admit she does kinda care about both him and Yang, well enough to intervene when she so desires.


Having Lunar New Year fall on a Monday is pretty perfect timing for us here at Startorialist since we’ve already dubbed Mondays as “Moondays”. 

Here are some awesome ways to celebrate the Moonday of all Moondays from Uncommongoods:

Moon watch

Moon phase clock

Moon dominoes

Moon phase necklace

Moon throw blanket

- Summer


If you are as moon obsessed as I am, you’ll flip over this new watch from Bulova which is a replica of the Bulova watch, astronaut Dave Scott, accidentally took to the moon in 1971 on Apollo 15


Scott only wore the Bulova as a result of his NASA-issued Omega Speedmasterchronograph breaking while he was exploring the moon. As he readied to go outside for a third and last moonwalk on Aug. 2, 1971, he discovered that the crystal protecting his Omega’s watch face had popped off and was lost.

As such, Scott retrieved his personal backup, a watch he later said no one but his supervisor and his two crewmates knew was aboard at the time, to wear for the remainder of the mission. Even Bulova was unaware that its timepiece, a prototype design that was never commercially produced until now, had flown to the moon.

Bulova announced last fall that they would soon be offering a replica of Scott’s moon watch (pictured above). While personally, I like everything about Scott’s original watch (bottom picture), it was recently sold at auction so I’m not likely to own it ever. But I must say the new replica is pretty darn swank. It doesn’t seem to be on sale yet, so watch* this space…

- Summer

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*pun always intended ;)