You know, I’ve never seen anyone talk about Moon Over June on tumblr. Hopefully, people on here will be just as disgusted with the art and motivations of the characters.

To be fair, when the comic started, the art was decent, the jokes were funny, and even the sex was erotic and sexy. But even then, there were signs that this comic had some bad juju in it’s soul.

They explain their backstories as follows: The Japanese one, named Hatsuki, hates her parents because weeaboos kept pointing out that they accidentally chose the wrong “hatsu” kanji for her name, which would be pronounced “Hazuki”. Because of this, she became a porn star (of specifically lesbian pornography) to get back at her parents (who support her every decision, btw). At no point does it mention that she was born gay; it’s explicitly stated that she chose really bizarre porn to upset her parents, who are portrayed throughout the whole comic as being understanding and really nice people, and ended up starring in female only movies because she believes that facial cumshots are too Japanese. The Red Headed One, named Summer, hates her entire family and all men because she has 4 brothers and her father was proud of them in the way that fathers are proud of their sons. That’s it. No terrible abuse(her parents send her to an all-girls catholic school when they discover her making out with another, which Summer then uses to her advantage by having sex with dozens of other girls when the nuns aren’t looking), no victimization (anything even vaguely resembling it would be that it mentions that her brothers picked on her; you know, like how ALL siblings pick on each other) , not even put downs from her family (who are ALSO shown as being supportive; like her brothers trying to throw her a baby shower [more on that later]); she hates men because she has brothers who were loud and obnoxious as little kids. Unlike Hatsuki, it’s stated that she has always been a lesbian. So far, it would seem her problem is irrational misandrony. But it gets worse; she’s an OB/GYN and it’s very much implied that she is so she touch and look at vaginas all day, and it’s later revealed that she as a pregnancy fetish. Now, imagine if there was a male OB/GYN character and it was known to the audience that he has his job because he really wants to touch vaginas and get off to pregnant women. Also, when she gets overstimulated, her digs through the medical records of the female nurses and orderlies to make sure they don’t have STIs and fucks them in a broom closet. Did I mention that there was once a running joke that one of them filed a sexual harassment suit against her? The two of them are roommates, so queue the wacky hi-jinks of Hatsuki threatening to sue the dean of her college for sexual discrimination when he suggests that she put the breaks on her porn career, not because she’s a lesbian (which Hatsuki was going to make the case about), but because she’s trying to become a Math Teacher and that might hurt her chances of being hired somewhere that she deserves to teach at, since she’s a mathematical wunderkind and Summer getting over her hatred of penis shaped dildos solely because Hatsuki tricks her into using a fuck machine with one attached to the front.

Aside from this, one of the major arcs that happened was that Hatsuki and Summer get pregnant. And not in the way you’d think. Summer gets in-vitro’d, but since Hatsuki doesn’t choose only lesbian sex partners (they aren’t an actual couple, by the way. They are very much DEPICTED a lot of the time as a couple, but they aren’t, which gets confusing when they refer to the other as their “girlfriend” in some instances),she (SOMEHOW) got impregnated because she had sex with a woman who had semen in her vagina. During this weird pregnancy arc, I actually began to like Hatsuki more, because her character started to develop as she had several points were she wondered if she was prepared emotionally and mentally to even be a mother. Meanwhile, Summer just masturbated. They have their babies (who are named Moon and June; yes they do indeed do a ‘moon over june’ joke), move out to the suburbs, and get a gay male babysitter, explicitly because they want to be able to fuck int the other room without someone watching them (no hetero males), AND keep themselves from force fucking the babysitter (females of any orientation, because any woman they get within 3 feet of automatically are down to fuck). After this, I stopped reading because I was afraid they might end up fucking their daughters or something. Last I checked, they don’t even live together, because Summer asked Hatsuki if she loved her and they decided to get real girlfriends. Also because the art got vomit inducing bad.

The portrayal of lesbians is so fucking atrocious in this comic (yes, even aside from its seeming message of “all women are lesbians, and if they aren’t, they will be as soon as we stick some girl fingers in them), that a lot of people were completely unconvinced that an actual lesbian wrote it.

last week i was thinking that those girls in moon over june really need a cat or small dog or something so they have something to distract them from picking up strange chicks at seedy bars and endless screwing, and then they’d have an incentive to not get their bodily fluids all over everything because who wants to get vaginal secretions on their dog. and then i remembered that they already have two children. i seriously forgot they had children for a second there

This strip pissed me off. A lot. I love Moon Over June and Woc’s work but I am deeply offended that she (he?) went with this stereotype of blind dates. As a larger woman who has been on plenty of blind dates (thank you OkCupid) I don’t think this properly respects how much self confidence and plain old determination it takes to put yourself out there to be judged. And she’s cute too, what the fuck Woc? 

Here is the thing that really drives me nuts about Moon Over June

the artist seems to be thinking:

“No time to draw simple backgrounds, just photoshop some painfully obvious google sketchup models in and be done with itl I have a schedule to keep!”


“There’s plenty of time to lovingly illustrate and animate the flesh of the anus being gently pulled in and out of the body by a moving dildo!”