Moon Lasso

harry: and i’m harry sty— [breaks off into a fit of giggles]

harry: harry styles!

me: i would do anything for you. want the moon? i’ll lasso it down for you. want love and support and a shoulder to lean on whenever you need it? i’m there. want me to deliver you a truckload of haribo goodies, including copious amounts of finding dory cookies? already done.

lovemarvey ficrecs

Here are some of the marvey fics that I love a lot. I tried my very best to remember all the fics that I like and their storyline but I’m not really sure if I properly sorted the fics using the primary tags that I picked/used. 

List sorted beginning from GA, Teen and Up, M then E. Includes word count. Sometimes followed by a note.

5+1 Things (All One-Shot)

A/B/O Dynamics (All are Chaptered Fics)

D/s Dynamics (All Explicit)

Different Job AU – Fics where Mike and/or Harvey is/are not lawyer(s)

Fics Where the Boys are being Cute Dorks/Nerds (Both Explicit, One-shot)

  • Pwned by orphan_account (7,085) – Harvey is a secret gamer.
  • 5U175 by Closer (26,409) - Harvey and Mike have internet alter-egos. Have a bonus 5 Things chapter after the main fic. NOTE: This is my favourite Marvey fic. :)

Fake/Pretend Relationship (All One-shot)

FLUFF! FLUFF! FLUFF! (Most are One-shots)



Kitten!Fic (All One-Shot)


Angels and Demons verse


Historical/Fantasy AU

Humour (I’m not really sure if this is the correct primary tag for these fics. All One-shot)


Fics Where the Boys go to an Official Work-Related Trip (Both Explicit, One-shot)

Porn with Plot (All Explicit, One-shot)


Soulmates AU

Sentinel/Guide AU

Serial Killer (Both One-shot; Explicit)


already looking like the cat that got the cream

714 words | FLUFF

* this drabble is not a part of the absolute turmoil drabble series.

Originally posted by jengkook

I flick off the bathroom light and re-enter the living space of my apartment. Jeongguk is slouched into the sofa with his feet propped up on my dinky coffee table, just as I’d left him. He’s watching me, clearly lost in thought, and when he realizes I’m looking back, he makes a face, his nose scrunching as his lips form an exaggerated pucker.

“I washed my hands,” I tell him defensively, still standing across the darkened room from him, his face awash in the blueish glow of the television.

He laughs lightly, nodding. “I heard the water running.” He eyes me and starts laughing again.

“What?” I ask, my brows furrowing as I give an incredulous chuckle of my own.

He takes a moment to play with his hair a bit, his smile now reduced to a strangely pleased look, as if he’s thinking of some private joke.

“Jeongguk, what?” I prod again.

He bursts out another quiet laugh before turning his head to me, bunny teeth on full display. Then, he gives that quick little head tilt that I’d come to learn meant, well, here goes nothing. 

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Have you ever...

Thrown a fist full of glitter in the air:

Pisces // Aries

Looked fear in the face and said I just don’t care:

Capricorn // Sagittarius

Invited a stranger to come inside:

Gemini // Libra

Wished for an endless night, lassoed the moon and the stars and pulled that rope tight:

Aquarius // Taurus

Hated yourself for staring at the phone, your whole life waiting on the ring to prove, you’re not alone:

Cancer // Virgo

Held your breath, and asked yourself “will it ever get better than tonight”: 

Leo // Scorpio

Siren’s Song

Pairing: Elijah x reader

Warnings: Angst

Word count: 2,444

Summary: You are a siren and after waiting for Elijah for 270 years, you decide to go find him.

A/N: The song is italics is O Magnum Mysterium and the video that inspired me is by @brainbowunicorn

A gentle breeze carries the scent of the ocean to your nostrils. You knew that he would be there from the feeling deep in your bones. He would always be there.

You could hear the sounds of the animals making their calls around you as you lounged on a rock. Your hair flew behind you as the wind caressed it, sending slight goosebumps down your arms. You waited.

Elijah would come for you. He promised that the moment before he left your arms, the sweet embrace of your love. But that was 270 years ago. He had promised you and he would never break his word. You still clinged to the small shred of hope that got you through every day but it was quickly slipping through your fingers. How were you supposed to believe him when you hadn’t heard anything from him?

You looked at the jungle behind you that teemed with life and it was your home. You had been born in the warm jungle waters with an oddly colored tail. For sirens here, they were supposed to have deeper colored tails to protect them from the harsh sun. But you had an iridescent tail that shimmered in the jungle sun. It captured a lot of attention.

This hadn’t been your home since Elijah had left you. You knew what you had to do. You wanted to find him, love him again. But leaving the water and going on land would be signing his death sentence if you spoke a word to him. You had to try.


4 months later

You wandered into the chaotic streets of New Orleans and it was disorienting for you to have all these sensations bombarding you. The sweet scent of the bakery wafted through the air as well as the smell of perfume and spices coming from the markets. Colors were bright and they tended to be purples, greens and golds. It was bizarre but it was beautiful in its own way.

You knew that he was here, you could feel it. You held the small shell necklace in your hands and you wished for a sign. Goddess, please give me a sign. You let the shell go and you hoped that the goddess would answer your plea. All you wanted was your love back but you didn’t really think what would happen if he didn’t remembered you or if he moved on.

The goddess had answered your plea because you happened to turn your head in the right direction and you saw him. Elijah was standing on the sidewalk adjusting his suit and he fished some odd device out of his hand. You frowned a bit and you stopped, annoying some people behind you.

Your shell glowed in a soft golden light because Elijah was there, so close. The light would become louder as you approached him but the dark thoughts ran through your head. You didn’t really think this through. What if he doesn’t want me anymore? What if he lied to me? What if he never loved me?

You shook your head. You hoped that Elijah had loved you because the love you held in your heart for him was real. His actions had to be true to what his heart was telling him. You hoped.

In an instant, he was merging himself with the crowds and you quickly went after him. You brushed past people and even went onto the roads to avoid them. The amount of people here made your heart sink in your chest but you needed to stay positive. You couldn’t lose him, not again.

He went into a taller building with black metal balconies and you had a feeling that this was where he lived. It was an intimidating sight to see and you wondered if anyone else had lived here. You couldn’t find out because speaking a word to anyone would end in their death.

You sighed, annoyed. How were you supposed to have Elijah notice you when the most obvious alternative was out of the question? You were surprised at your own stupidity. You were a siren and every siren had a song. The song would lure him away, to the safety of where you could speak to him. But 270 years could have been bad to his memory. If he didn’t remember the song then he wouldn’t hear it then all of this would be in vain.

You had to try. You went to the nearest ocean and dived in. Your tail instantly made itself known and you felt your vocal chords come back to their natural state. Now you could sing, lure Elijah to you. All you wanted was love.

O magnum mysterium,et admirabile sacramentum,ut animalia viderent Dominum natum,jacentem in praesepio!Beata Virgo, cuius viscerameruerunt portareDominum Iesum Christum.Alleluia!

Now, you had to wait and that was the hardest part.


You were sitting on a rock that was partially hidden by a cove and you were starting to lose hope. You had been waiting for a while now and you knew that if he didn’t show up in the next few minutes, he didn’t remember the song. Then, it would all be over.

“She’s here, Klaus! I heard her song.”

You perked up and looked over your left shoulder. Elijah was still in the same suit he had been in when you saw him a while ago. He still looked so handsome and you remembered why. Vampire but you didn’t care. All that mattered was his heart and how he felt about you. Everything else could be overlooked.

“Elijah, all the Amazonian sirens are dead. Hunters killed them.” A male voice, you presumed Klaus, spoke.

“No other siren has her song. Only she does. She’s alive.” Elijah retorted.

You dove into the water and you surfaced your head above the water, looking for them on the shore. They were still bickering when Klaus looked at you, stopping in the sand. You had never met Klaus in person but Elijah had shown you pictures before. You instinctively backed up.


Klaus got his brother’s attention and pointed at you. He looked at you and your shell necklace glowed beneath the water. You studied him and you felt yourself entranced. It was like you were back home when you had first met him. He still captivated you.

“(Y/N).” He spoke.

Despite the fact that you hadn’t seen him in 270 years, he still had the same effect on you. Your heart fluttered and your whole body heated up. You swam closer to shore but still deep enough to have your tail remain. Klaus looked at you too and you averted from his gaze.

“Why didn’t you come back?” You spoke softly, relieved that you could speak freely to him while you had your tail.

“I wanted to-”

“But you didn’t. You didn’t come back.”

“(Y/N), things got complicated.”

“They always do with vampires. I suppose that my sisters were right about you. Did you ever love me?”

“You know I did.”

“Then why didn’t you bring me with you? I could have had my land legs by now or maybe a child with you.”

“We were told that all of the Amazonian sirens were killed. Skilled hunters were in your area.”

“They didn’t kill me.”

Your tail flicked in the water and brought up droplets of water to the surface. You sighed a bit and gently twirled your shell necklace in between your fingers.

“It was my fault. I wouldn’t let him go back. I thought that you would weaken him.” Klaus spoke.

“Maybe I do. Sirens tend to do that to people. They lure them and then they’re supposed to kill them. But I saw him and I just knew that he was different. I protected him.”

“For that you have my gratitude.”

You swam away to the cove where you had been seated before so you could have a more civilized conversation there rather than bobbing up and down in the water. You heard them come near and your necklace died down in its glow since he was so close. He slowly made his way to you, stepping over the slippery rocks that could have him end up with an injury. Klaus waited on the safety of the sand.

“What are you doing?” You asked.

“I’m not going to speak to you while I’m ten feet apart from you. I prefer face to face conversation. Its more civilized.”

He was risking bodily harm for you but it occurred to you that he was a vampire and he couldn’t really have any harm brought upon him, except for certain elements and people.

“Elijah, I held onto the hope that you would return to me.”

“I know I have betrayed your trust. Let me make it up to you. I’ll gladly give you your land legs if that is what you wish. Whatever your heart desires, I’ll give it to you. I’ll lasso the moon down for you if you want.”

You shook your head a bit at his silliness. No one could lasso the moon but you knew that if it was possible, Elijah would be the one to make it possible. He would do anything to make you happy and you were touched.

“What about Hayley?” Klaus asked from the shore.

Then, the spell broke around you. The water didn’t feel warm anymore but icy cold around you, suffocating you. You should have known that he wouldn’t stay single forever. He was far too handsome and charming for that.

You backed away from him and into the deeper part of the sea. He wouldn’t follow you into the deeper parts because he would find himself drowning over and over again. Hope shattered and you did not look at him. You couldn’t.


“No, Elijah. My land legs won’t work like that. Whoever this Hayley is, she will not allow me to have my land legs. I should have known your heart would belong to another. After all, its been so long. I shouldn’t have expected you to love me still.”

It was a silly fantasy for you and real life did not like magic. The real world didn’t work out the way you wanted it to. It would never bow to your whims and your desires. Besides, how were you supposed to compete with time?

The shell around your neck felt heavy now and you took it off, breaking the leather chain in the process. It just resembled empty promises, a love that would never come true. It was time to grow up and move on. Reality was a bucket of cold water on you.

You threw it away into the sea, watching it disappear into the black oblivion below, wishing that you could do the same.

“(Y/N), don’t.” Elijah pleaded.

A single shimmering tear went down your face and joined with the sea. You approached him again and willed yourself to do the necessary task before you. What was the point of living with a forgotten love when he had one already? You had to lessen his pain, burrowing yours deep.

You pushed yourself up and let the magic flow into him from your lips.

“Forget me.” You whispered to him and then dove away into the crushing black oblivion. But it wasn’t the sea. It was your heart.


Klaus didn’t know what you had done to Elijah so he looked through mystical books to find the answer. Freya helped him as well because magic was her specialty. Sirens were a mystery to him, no matter how much research he did.


Klaus looked up to see his, now grown daughter, watching him from the doorway. He smiled at her slightly and closed the book that was in his lap.

“What is it, Hope?”

“I think I found the answer. It’s a common practice for sirens to erase the memory of those they’ve loved. In (Y/N)’s case, she probably wanted Uncle Elijah to forget her so he could not have the pain with him.”

“Can you take it out of him?”

“Lucky for us, I found the shell necklace when mother took me to the Gulf Coast.”

She gently placed the worn shell of the sea in his lap and he looked at the small crack that was embedded in its surface. He held it in his hand and looked at his daughter.

“Give this to Elijah.”

“I already did. He’s on a plane to the Amazon. It was for his own benefit that you didn’t try to stop him. His words, not mine.”

“Does your mother know?”


“I just hope he knows what he’s doing.”


Elijah’s plane ride felt like the longest of his life. Despite the years not remembering her, he had felt like something was missing. He figured that it was just a common vampire thing but no matter what he did to make himself happy after all those years of misery, he couldn’t shake it. Now he knew why.

He made his way to the ocean, the warm waters that were familiar to him. He felt the water on his toes and he sighed. He felt like he was home after all these years. He sang her song.

O magnum mysterium,et admirabile sacramentum,ut animalia viderent Dominum natum,jacentem in praesepio!Beata Virgo, cuius viscerameruerunt portareDominum Iesum Christum.Alleluia!

He opened his eyes and she appeared before him, land legs and all. She was still as beautiful as she was when she made him forget. He cautiously caressed her cheek and she leaned into his touch.

“(Y/N), why did you do it?”

“Because your heart belonged to another. You would have never been mine.”

He held her close to his chest and he breathed her in. She smelled of the sea, the salt, and she felt warm. He furrowed his brow for a moment and he then looked at her.

“How did you get your land legs?”

“I gave up my tail. But it seems like the Goddess didn’t let me go so easily. I still have my tail sometimes. That’s why I heard you sing.”

“Come home.”

She looked at him with those beautiful eyes and she shook her head.

“I am home.”

She drew him into a kiss, full of love. He tasted the salt on her lips and he held her close to him. She then looked at his brown orbs and she gently traced his jaw with her fingers.

“You are my siren song. You are my home, always will be.”

Then she vanished into the water again, full of love, and he swore to himself that he wouldn’t let her go again.

just one

author’s note: i wrote most of this on my phone at midnight last night so i apologize if it’s not that good. let me know what y’all think! kinda based off rafinha’s instagram story from yesterday, where he posted about his fam being near vigo, spain (i think) like this video.

“Babe?” Rafinha calls sweetly, trying to get his girlfriend’s attention. “Sweetheart? Darling? Mi amor?”

She’s in the middle of a conversation with his mother, while cradling baby Gabriel in her arms. The Alacantara family is having a kind of reunion (now that both Rafinha’s and Thiago’s seasons are over) and Rafinha managed to bring his girlfriend along, too. (They’ve been dating for so long she’s practically already a part of the family, anyways).

She sighs and rolls her eyes at him. “Rafa, I’m having a conversation with your mom.”

“But this is really important.”


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Hazel’s Somewhat Organised Tumblr Fic Index 2.0

A list of my Sid/Geno fic unless otherwise specified.

AO3 - My collection of fics on ao3

Fic Rec - Other people’s tumblr fic

Fic Ideas - Ideas for stuff I want to write

New (10 July 2017)!

Splitting Wood - WIP

Mpreg. Geno would just like all parties involved to know that it was Phil’s fault.


There Will Be Light - Complete

Flower + background Sid/Geno. Mental health issues. Anxiety. Marc-André has good days and bad days. The bad days are…bad.

What Once Was Written - Complete

They make a movie of Sidney’s life.

AU - Different Career(s)

Figure Skater - Complete

5 head canons. Sidney is probably one of the most famous figure skaters in the world. He is known for his technical skill, his natural talent, the ease with which he lands a Triple Axel, and dat ass.

I’m nothing Without You - Complete

Rock star!Geno. Mute!Sid. Yeah, I’m ready,” Sid signs, and then wrinkles his nose, narrowing his eyes at Kuni. “And don’t call him lover boy.”

Perry’s Corner - Complete

Bakery AU. Sid has worked at Perry’s Corner for what seems like ages.

Story of Sid the Retail Worker - Complete (Chat fic: @northisnotup @arcadeghostadventurer​)

The ‘Sid is miserable in retail and Geno keeps bothering him at work to flirt’ au.

AU - Different Team(s)

don’t call it a romance - Complete

Flyer!Geno. Sidney regrets ever volunteering for penalty box duty - or the one where Geno takes penalties to see Sid.

Ocean’s Apart - Complete (Chat fic: @theladyscribe)

Geno gets traded.

Right Kind of Wrong - WIP  (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 89, 10, 11, 1213)

In which Geno is a Flyer.

Splashed - Complete

AU of an AU. Claude Giroux + Sid/G. Outside POV. Flyers!G. Vet!Sid. First of all, Claude would like all parties involved to know, just for the record, that it was Geno who’d been tasked with looking after the pets while the Brières were gone.

Wasn’t Expecting You - Complete

Single dad!Geno. Zhenya sees Sidney Crosby dangling over the boards and promptly walks into a wall.

When In Prague - Complete

Sidney is a little jealous; he can’t pull off a leather jacket at all. He bought one once. Flower had laughed so hard when he’d seen him wearing it he had tripped over his own two feet.

AU - No Hockey

Cops and Robbers - Complete

5 head canons. Sci-fi. Sidney Crosby must be the most polite criminal Zhenya has ever met.

Lecture This - Complete

Geno is no longer at the top of 

Restitution - Complete + Prologue and Interludes.

The Mad Max!AU. Mpreg. Sidney longs for freedom. Geno searches for home.

The Right to Dream - Complete

Superman!Sid. Lex Luthor!Geno. This is how Geno finds out Sidney is superman: he gives Sid a gorgeous ring, platinum band and kryptonite stone.

The Russian’s Ruthless Demand - Complete

“I’m not an asexual,” Sidney hisses at him, half scandalised and half outraged.


Bliss - Complete

“That’s just Sid and Geno. That’s how they are.”

Colorado Air - Complete

In which Sid and Geno are Sid and Geno, and Carter Rowney is introduced to what Sid and Geno are.

Cookie Jar - Complete

It’s hidden inside the secret cookie jar in a cabinet in Geno’s kitchen, because of course he would hide it there

Emotional - Complete

Established relationship. Light angst. Sometimes Sid cares more than he likes to admit.

Going to the Chapel - WIP

Changing POV. Sidney casts a guilty look at Geno, but he only shrugs.

“Know we couldn’t keep secret always,” he says, and continues eating, seemingly unconcerned that Sidney had just announced their marriage to the rest of the team.

In a Call - Complete

“An all-goalie team?”

“An all-goalie team,” Flower agreed, sounding just as awed now as he had the first time he told Sid about it. “Well, two, if you want to get technical. We need someone to play against, after all.”

The One With All the Yellow Crocs - Complete (1, 2, 3, 4)

Duper + Sid/G. Outside POV. They take care of their captain.

The One With No Lube - Complete (1, 2, 3, 4)

“Uhm, there’s no more lube,” Geno says, and sounds appropriately offended by this.

What Dreams Are Made Of - Complete

As the saying goes, it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.  

Friends to Lovers/Pre-Relationship

(1)5 Exes and Sid - Complete + Interlude: Sid + Interlude: Zhenya (after Wednesday)

Non-linear narrative. 5 + 1. The one where Geno dates a lot before he realises the love of his life has been in front of him the whole time.

Cuddle - Complete

Sometimes Sidney just needs someone to hold him tight. That someone is Zhenya.

Cuddles - Complete (Chat fic: @squidbittles​)

In which baby cuddling is a thing.

Date Night - Complete

Date night does not start out as date night.

Flirt - Complete

“I’m flirting with you,” Sid says in the middle of Perry’s (obviously made up) story about the blonde with the long legs and the amazing tits.

Hot - Complete

Zhenya’s blood runs hot. It always has.

How to Train Your (Baby Penguin) Defenceman - WIP

Derrick + Sid/G. Outside POV. It starts, as most things do, Derrick has come to learn, with Sidney.

Jersey - Complete

Ovi + Sid/G. At some point, Sid’s jersey ends up on Ovi, and their respective PR representatives look ready to burst from glee as they hunt down the real photographer and make them pose together in their borrowed jerseys.“PR gold,” one of them says, the other nodding enthusiastically in the background.

Lottery Ticket - Complete

5 head canons. Zhenya comes into his money by pure dumb luck.

Work It - Complete

Sidney learned to pole dance as a flexibility exercise.


Mama Warned Me There’d Be Days Like These - Complete

Pens Ensemble. Found family. Pre-relationship SidGeno. They’re ice warriors; brothers in arms. What happens to one of them happens to all.

Sleepover Thursdays - Complete

Gen. Sleepover Thursdays starts with Sid.

Murder Mystery - WIP (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Murder mystery!au. Sidney Crosby disappeared as a child. Troy Crosby refuses to believe he’s dead.


Canvas - WIP

The one where people change colour according to their emotions.

Demon of Consol - WIP + 1, 2, 3

Magical realism. Sid wants to make a sacrifice.

The Dud and the Mage - Complete

5 head canons. People are always surprised to realise that Sidney has no magic.

Into Death - WIP

Forever AU. Geno doesn’t remember the first time he dies.

Pious - Complete

Outside POV. Crosby is deeply religious, has been from a young age. Everyone and their mothers know that. But it doesn’t matter how pious he is, how beloved by the gods. Not in here. Not in Consol where the hockey pantheon rule.

Sing Along - Complete

Magical!AU. Sidney wakes up to the sound of his teammates singing. Because of a curse. Which, really, isn’t all that unusual, actually.

Sleeping Beauty - Complete

Outside POV. Sid isn’t just sleeping.

Mpreg/Kid Fic

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust - WIP

Outside POV. Stevie Downie is not a matchmaker, but he’s trying his best. Or the wish babies au.

Hollow - Complete

Mention of Mpreg. Light angst. All they want is a child.

Little Pieces - Complete

Mpreg. Abortion, miscarriage. 5 times Sidney couldn’t, or wouldn’t + one time he did.

Looking Back - WIP (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Time travel. Mpreg. Conor Sheary POV. The first time Conor meets his dad he’s fifteen and his dad has been dead as many years.

Miss Piggy and Estelle - Complete

Miss Piggy barks once and wiggles her little tail excitedly, and Estelle, while grinning wide and unrepentant, is shivering slightly. “Cold, Uncle Sid,” she tells him.

The one where they’re best friends and Sid’s pregnant - Complete

Mpreg. In which (single) pregnant!Sid wants his best friend!Geno to have sex with him to kickstart his labour.

The One With Estelle - Complete (1, 2, 3, 4)

“I’m best babysitter,” he says, because he fucking is. Zhenya is a champ at babies and small kids.

Pockets Full of Sand - WIP (1, 2, 3)

Fuck buddies, Mpreg. Sidney doesn’t think they should get married just because he’s knocked up. Evgeni strongly disagrees.

Pregnancy Test - Complete

Mpreg. They’re in a hotel room in Philly, of all places, when Duper says, “Mon Dieu, Sid, do we really need to watch another episode of Friends?” and Sidney blurts out, “I think I might be pregnant.”

Sophia Crosby Verse - WIP (1 - 18)

Mpreg. The Sophia Crosby verse.

Splitting Wood - WIP

Mpreg. Geno would just like all parties involved to know that it was Phil’s fault.

Under Water - WIP

Single parent!Sid. Teenagers. No mpreg. Sidney loves Lizzie more than anything, but being a single parent at eighteen is hard.

Wifey - Complete

Willy/Latts. Mpreg. In which Mike gets knocked up by a stranger but Tom wants him and the baby anyway.

Pre-Pens/Teenagers in Love

Checkmate - Complete

Matchmaker Ovi. Sanja is pretty sure he is going to be the best man at their future wedding.

Kindergarten Love - Complete

The Cory and Topanga AU. They’ve been in love since kindergarten.

Short Shorts

5 Headcanons - Complete

22 ficlets on various headcanons (one of which is Conor/Junior)

Another Day With You - Complete

In which the Penguins are annual Cup champions. Mostly because Sidney Crosby is the Keeper of the Cup and Geno is stupidly in love with him.

Comfort - Complete

Gen. Beau + Spaling. “You know, it’s okay to cry.”

Footsie - Complete

Derrick + Sid/G. It’s game day, and they’re having team breakfast when Derrick feels a foot brush up against his leg.

Gliding On Ice - Complete (Collaborative: cheesewithmy, @northisnotup)

“Holy shit!” he says. “You did, didn’t you? You wrote Gliding on Ice about Geno!”

High School - Complete

Sid and Geno in High School.

Holding Hands - Complete

Zhenya is not the hand holding type, but he can be, for Sid.

I’d Lasso the Moon For You - Complete  (1 + 2)

Kris + Sid/Geno. Outside POV. Fluff. In which Geno buys Sid a mountain. As a token of their love.

Prompt Memes - Complete

19x ficlets (100-500 words). Mostly sid/geno.

Snapshot - Complete

Troy + Sid/G. Outside POV. H/C. Broken Jaw.

Kitchen - Complete

There are times in Zhenya’s life that seem impossibly perfect, where there is no pain, no stress, no worries. Just Zhenya, and Sid. Always Sid.

Malkin 87 - Complete (Collaborative: cheesewithmy)

“Malkin 87,” Geno whispers, reverent.

Olli/Pooh - Complete

On the Way - Complete

Mpreg. Outside POV. It’s a surprise then, when Derrick suddenly stands from his seat, looking determined as he announces, “It’s mine. I did a pregnancy test. Beau dared me.” He elbows Beau when he opens his mouth to no doubt deny any and all involvement, and says. “It must have slipped out of my bag.”

Out of Luck - Complete

James Neal + Sid/G. “Fuck you, Sid! Like you wouldn’t get all up on this if you had the chance,” Nealer yells at him, and Geno makes a cut-off, strangled noise.

Reno - Complete (Chat fic: @northisnotup)

Non-hockey au. Geno is not even an ass man.

Scent - Complete

ABO. Mystery. Zhenya notices as they’re coming back from warmups.

Silver Fox - Complete

There’s grey in Sidney’s hair.

Summer Olympics - Complete

5 head canons.

Sid in Russia/KHL

Home - Complete + Geno’s POV

Sid asks them to buy out his contract.

When We Are Young - WIP (Part 4, 5, 6)

Teens. Changing POV. Pre-relationship. Sidney billets with the Malkins.

Smut (With Feelings)/NSFW

700th point shenanigans - Complete

Sid and Geno celebrate Geno’s 700th point.

Afternoon Delight - Complete

Part of Lottery Ticket. Established relationship. Role play. “Show me how hard team will work for me.”

Breathing Over the Line - Complete

Jamie/Tyler. See, Tyler has just won gold, okay? Gold, for team Canada and Sidney Crosby and Tyler had been on his knees for Sidney Crosby, drinking champagne out of the World Cup trophy, and he’s never felt quite so Canadian in all his life.

Give it to Me, Don’t Give it Away - Complete (Chat fic: @northisnotup)

In which Sidney seduces Geno with a lot of sex.

The One With the Sex Tape - Complete (1, 2, 3, 4)

Zhenya would just like to emphasise that the sex tape is all Sid’s idea.

Plus One - Complete

Sid/OMC + Sid/G. Negotiating kink. Light angst. “I want to see you get fucked by another man,” Graham blurts out. He sucks in a deep breath, staring at Sidney cautiously.

Sidney blinks. And then blinks some more.

“Right then.”

Scream a Little Louder, Baby - Complete

Horny + Sid/G. Outside POV. In which Horny becomes an accidental voyeur.

Sidney Crosby, Size Queen - Complete (Chat fic: @arcadeghostadventurer​)

Geno doesn’t think he’s come so much since he was a teen and discovered what his dick was for.

Soulmates/ABO dynamics

A Little Prickly is Okay - WIP (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) (Chrono: 1, 2, 3, 4, 56, 7)

Soulmates. The soulmate au where your soulmate’s favourite pet name for you is written on your arm. Sidney’s spells kitten (in Russian). Geno’s is JERK.
Sid and Geno meet in an old practice facility in Helsinki when they’re sixteen and seventeen.

(They do not get along.)

Gladiator - WIP (1a2)

Dark verse. ABO. The one where the NHL makes them fight in an arena.

Immortal - Complete

Soulmates. There are people like Zhenya in this world, not many, and certainly no one as old, but he’s not the only immortal to walk the Earth. He’s not alone.

Omega!Sid AU - WIP

Omega!Sid. Sid thinks he’s an Alpha. He’s not.

Outside of Normal - Complete ( Coda 1, 2)

Sid/Geno/Ovi. Soul bond au.

theminiummark replied to your post “okay but Sid who loves hiking and Geno going imma buy you this mountain as a token of our love.”

Or, like how some people have bought the rights to name stars? Could see G naming a mountain after Sid

“You bought him a mountain?”


“For Sid. You bought Sid a mountain? The same Sid who talked me out of buying him a watch for Christmas because it was too much money?”

“Should never have said how much it cost,” Geno says sagely.

Kris pinches the bridge of his nose and tries very hard not to slap Geno over the head. Geno can’t afford to lose what remaining brain cells he has left because the man has clearly gone out of his damn mind.

“It’s a mountain.”

“It’s a token of our love!”

Kris stares, speechless. “You’re not even together,” he croaks out finally.

Geno shuffles sheepishly at that. “It’s, how you say, courting gift? I’m going to woo him. It’s best present!”

Mon Dieu, Kris mouths soundlessly. His friend is an idiot. “You are going to–? Sid has no idea, does he?” he demands. Sid and Geno have been flitting around each other for as long as Kris has known them – they’re Sid and Geno, but it’s never been more than playful flirting, never tipped over into actual romance.

Kris hadn’t even known it was something Geno wanted.

Geno grins, unrepentant. “You think he’ll like?”

And, yes. Sid will be horrified – it’s too much, too obvious, it’s a mountain – but also charmed, because it’s Geno and Sid has always been stupid for Geno and the dumb things he does.

“…yes,” Kris admits, and when Geno beams at him, pleased, Kris shakes his head, his lips twitching into a smile of his own.

Things are about to get interesting.