• What Jong Up's thought process was:Those shoes were really attractive. But if I spend the $1,400 on them, I would be out that amount of money. The company only gave us a limited amount for this trip. Even with the money my parents gave me, that's a bit much. The going rate of a 12 pack of individual packets of Nesquik Chocolate powder is around, if not on sale, $2.80. So $1,400 divided by $2.80 is 500. So I could buy around 500 cases of 12 packets each...500 multiplied by 12 is 6,000. I think I'd honestly get more use out of 6,000 Nesquik packets than a pair of shoes.
  • What Jong Up says:The first pair of shoes I saw was $1,400. With $1,400 I could drink Nesquik 6,000 times.