Bottom (L-R): Kelzak Fury (NS), Lava Lizard (OO), Cowboy Z-Putty (MMPR Season 2 “Wild West Rangers”), Grinder (Beauty Ugatz of Go-Onger), and Oozemen (Movie).

Center: Craterite (PRiS), Rinshi Beasts (PRJF), Styxoid (MF), Putty (Rock Golem in Zyuranger), Triptoid (DT), Swabbie (LG), and Chromite/Robot Warrior (Turbo).

Top: Batling (Dinus Imp in GoGoV), Cogs (Zeo), Mooger (Samurai), Cyclobot (TF), Bluehead Krybot (SPD), Red Putrid (Only in Gaoranger, not Wild Force), and Orangehead Krybot (SPD).

Dinus Imps, red Orgettes and Beauty Ugatz did not appear in Power Rangers, only in Super Sentai. Rock Golems had no specific name in Power Rangers. Oozemen didn’t have official names. The flying Moogers have no name in Power Rangers. Cogs and Cyclobots came in different colors, brown and dark dull grey, featured here. Kelzak Furies are exclusive to Power Rangers.

The following had toys: Cogs, Cyclobots, Grinders, Triptoids, Blueheads, Orangeheads, Kelzak Fury, Craterities, and Chromities.

Following did not formal action figures: Rinshi Beasts, Styxoid, Lava Lizard, Swabbies nor flying Moogers.

Power Rangers Footsoilders

Thanks to *TiElGar!

Top Row Left to Right: Batling (PRLR), Cog (Zeo), Mooger (Samurai), Krybot (SPD), Tenga (MMPR S3)
Center Row Left to Right: Quantron (In Space), Rinshi (Jungle Fury), Hidiac (Mystic Force), Putty Patroler (MMPR S1), Tyrannodrone (Dino Thunder), Pinarathron (Turbo)
Bottom Left to Right: Kelzak (PRNS), Chiller (PROO), Grinder (RPM), Z-Putty (MMPR S2), Cyclobot (Time Force), Stingwinger (Lost Galaxy), and Putrid (Wild Force).