I had a truly extraordinary evening. :)
These are only a few of the kids who joined me at a local river side concert for a hula hoop session. I have this little personal project that I call Wander Hoops where I bring stacks of my hula hoop collection, some of which have been kindly donated by other hoopers, around to local events just to give kids something to do. Something that isn’t going to tear a hole in their, or their parent’s pockets. Something that is going to get them up and moving. It just makes no sense to me because I go to these concerts and there is barely anything, if anything at all, for kids to do. There is food and beer aplenty. Recently our community pools were shut down because our city doesn’t have the funds to maintain them, among other programs getting cut. So I walked onto this grass patch, threw my hoops down, and one by one people started coming up to me. Kids, adults, boys, and girls. Some outright asking me if they could use them, and others I could see were too shy, so I would pick a hoop up and offer it to them. A lot of these kids hung out with me the entire time I was there, and at one point all of my hoops were in use including my own. I didn’t think that many people would be interested, but I realized I probably should have brought more! I’ll have to keep that in mind for next week. Parents were so happy and thanked me for bringing something for the kids to do. A dad said “Thank you! This was wonderful to watch! Look at this, you brought these and created a field of energy!”
It makes me so happy, that just by being who I am, I can get people to get up and get exercising!