Mood Rings

(written by Lotta)

My weird fascination for mood rings is something I’ll probably never learn to understand. I always loved them as a kid, and recently I found one again (one of the many ‘lost & forgotten’ things you find when you tidy up your room). It made me realise that I don’t actually know much about them, how they work or where they come from. So I sat down and did a little research; Here’s what I found:

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“It’s Rosie, Rose Cotton”, said Sam. “It seems she didn’t like my going abroad at all, poor lass; but as I hadn’t spoken, she couldn’t say so. And I didn’t speak, because I had a job to do first. But now I have spoken and she says: ‘Well, you’ve wasted a year, so why wait longer?’ ‘Wasted?’ I says. ‘I wouldn’t call it that.’“


It is here. “The Garden of the Hesperides” ring is available and it is limited to only 50 pieces. Inspired by the Greek myth of Hera’s beautiful orchard tended by the Hesperides, the nymphs of the evening and golden light of sunset. They tend a blissful garden in a far western corner of the world, located near the Atlas mountains in North Africa at the edge of the encircling Oceanus, the world-ocean. On this island grows an apple tree, bearing apples that grant immortality when eaten, which is guarded by a multi-headed serpent-like dragon.

The stone in this ring is a vintage glass moodstone, meaning its color changes with your body temperature from black to vibrant blues and every shade in between. Only 50 will be made, available on our website.