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The ONLY map that matters.

This is from Frontloading HQ, and offers a summary of the state polls that exist to date. Folks, if you don’t like Donald Trump, you should not be complacent. But you should not be overwhelmed by recent polls showing Trump leading, either. Some version of this map has been consistent for months now. It might change; change is always possible. But it probably won’t.

Donald Trump has a simple problem: he has to turn lots of states that have been voting blue into states that vote red,  all while retaining his core “red” states. But it’s really, really hard to see how he does this with his racist, misogynist and foreign policy moronic campaign. (Although, to be fair, American voters never vote vote on foreign policy.) Barring massive vote suppression —which courts are challenging — or a monumental collapse in voting rates among women and minorities, this is a tough map for any Republican in 2016 … much less a Republican running on Donald Trump’s platform.

Holder: I didn't prosecute banksters for reasons unrelated to my $3M/year lawfirm salary

The Intercept’s Dan Froomkin played turd-in-the-punchbowl at outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder’s victory lap party at the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press reception on Wednesday, asking why Holder had declined to put one single banker in jail for the monumental frauds that collapsed the world’s economy in 2007-9.

It was some event! The reception was held at the new building for Holder’s old firm, Covington & Burling, who built a new giant luxury office tower while he was Attorney General, reserving a corner office on the 11th floor for him. The firm, which paid him $3 million per year before he became Attorney General, represents many of the banks that Holder failed to prosecute during his tenure in office.

One group of people he did prosecute was journalists and whistleblowers, invoking the Espionage Act more times than every other AG in the history of the USA combined. That’s why he was an honore guest at the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press reception – as a counterexample (I can only suppose).

Boy, did Holder ever get upset at the suggestion that he had given his former clients a free ride just because they’d made him unbelievably rich and would make him richer still once his holiday in the government was over:

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