Sneak preview of the new Breag Naofa split with Monuments Collapse that we’re almost finished recording. Artwork designed by the one and only Alex CF (of Light Bearer, Fall of Efrafa, and Momentum). 

Shove Records will be releasing the split in Europe, no clue if it’ll see a U.S. release or not yet (we’re hoping so).


Monuments Collapse - White Owl  


[Live Video - Full Set] Monuments Collapse - Bottom of the Hill 07.15.2013

today’s summary:

  • fruits for breakfast (this one always cheers me up, fruits cheer me up, fruits are the best)
  • had a great time in class today
  • have to start thinking about the topic of my research paper on the earthquake class because there is only one month left or so
  • will more likely take part as a volunteer in the restoration of an important historical bridge/monument thing that collapsed earlier this year and it is to be rebuilt and my uni is in charge of it, fear not the engineers are here. but we’re still waiting for the official announcment, the prof of the earthquake class is on the bridge project though so we’ll see
  • one of my partners got sick so no studio work today
  • had great vegan lunch at the uni’s cafeteria again (wednesdays and fridays are the best!)
  • left early because no studio so i went on a 2 hours long bike ride along the coast
  • more fruits
  • went to the movies with declanlunch and feelsanon
  • M A D  M A X
  • M   A  D    M  A  X
  • that’s about it
  • today was really good

The beautiful, finished product.

Preview one of our songs/read a review of the album here:

Pre-orders available here in the U.S.:

For those of you in Europe: 

secondo pre-order del mese in casa shove per lo split MONUMENTS COLLAPSE/BREAG NAOFA (SH43.5)
le spedizioni inizieranno all'incirca entro il 15 dicembre
dopo aver distribuito per l'italia e l'europa l'esordio dei monuments collapse (ultime copie disponibili)
uscirà a breve in combutta con i BREAG NAOFA di seattle questo splendido split coprodotto con la halo of flies
qui potete ascoltarvi la loro roba /

le coordinate sono: un neo-crust con venature post-rock FALL OF EFRAFA docet!! for fans of Deafheaven, Amenra, Isis, Light Bearer e gli immortali Neurosis…..
la copertina è un gatefold (trovate l'allegato) con l'artwork curato da Alex CF “light bearer” (

500 copie (200 colorate) stampate in collaborazione con halo of flies
shove ne ha 200 copie, delle quali 50 colorate (bone/oxblood) al prezzo di 13euro spese postali incluse

So here’s some cool news.

The upcoming Bréag Naofa / Monuments Collapse split will be getting released on vinyl in the U.S. on one of my absolute favorite labels, HALO OF FLIES. It will also see a European release through Shove Records. The artwork for the record was done by the illustrious Alex CF (Light Bearer, Fall of Efrafa, Momentum), one of the best visual artists around right now. They’re being pressed at the plant right now - test pest listening party and official release date info coming soon.

This is all some bucket list shit for me, so I’m pretty excited about it.

U.S. pre-orders start today through Halo of Flies for the BREAG NAOFA/MONUMENTS COLLAPSE split LP. Limited to only 500 copies, 300 on black, 200 on oxblood/bone colored vinyl. This is the first vinyl record I’ve ever been on, so I’m really fucking excited about it. Go pre-order yours now!