Does Wearing Glasses Make You Look Smarter?

It’s often believed they do.  Just look at what former Gov. Rick Perry did after his monumental collapse in the 2012 presidential debates.  He looked like the biggest political goofball in modern history, but for his remake, he got himself a pair of big black-framed glasses.  Same dim mind, but instant boost to his IQ.  And now he’s about to run the Dept of Energy which is in charge of the nation’s nuclear energy program.  Look for Homer Simpson to be his deputy.  

Anyway, I digress.  IMHO, glasses don’t make you look smarter, but they make you look more serious.  Evidence that you read a lot (maybe with dim lighting…), and you’ll continue past the point where your eyes are screaming to be shut.  Or maybe it’s just evidence that your vision is genetically compromised, or you’re scared of using contacts.   I don’t know.  I’ve never needed glasses.  But I do find them kind of sexy, in the right situation.  And that definitely has absolutely nothing to do with Rick Perry.


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