Okay, I get what you’re thinking, I’m crazy, right? The Scarlet Mist Incident was a monumental moment in Gensokyo’s history, it was the incident which caused everybody to go after Remilia, right? And then Reimu and Marisa kicked her ass and everything went back to normal, right? Nobody disputes that! No way.

But I’m here to tell you that that’s wrong. You are sheep, and that story has been shoved down your throats like the sheeple you are. It’s time to wake up.

This is a photo of the Misty Lake during the Scarlet Mist Incident. You can clearly see Reimu in combat with the ice fairy, Cirno. There is no doubting that this is a legitimate photo, yes? Well, pay close attention, because this is the photo that proves the incident is fake.

Now, we know that the ocean reflects the sky above, giving it its color. This is clearly shown in the following photo:

We see that the color of the ocean changes from blue, when the sky is blue at midday, to orange, when the sky is fiery at sunset. Yes?

Well, according to Gensokyo’s historians, the sky, during the incident, was filled with a red mist created by none other than Remilia Scarlet herself. But if the sky was filled with a bright red mist, blocking out the sky…


The lakewater is blue. This means that, at the time the photo was taken, the sky was blue. The ‘red mist’ is bullshit.

So why were we lied to? Why would anybody make this up? I’ll tell you why. Reimu Hakurei is a racist asshole. Remilia Scarlet, a kindly, mild-mannered vampire, moved into Gensokyo, and this human couldn’t take it. This human went and beat the shit out of an innocent immigrant, because she is a racist. And Gensokyo’s historians, like the renowned Hieda no Akyuu, are in fact covering up for the shrine maiden’s fascist ways by making Remilia out to be the bad guy. By making youkai out to be the bad guys.





I’ve attempted to put into words how I feel - post election - over and over again, with no resolve. No coherent thoughts. No thesis. No conclusion. I’ve even deleted and rewritten this sentence at least five times. It usually doesn’t take much to move me, one inflammatory sentence and I will have written a soliloquy in response. However, the last few days have been sensory overload. So much happening at once. that it has morphed into incomprehensible white noise; seeming utterly impossible to piece apart and analyze.  

In this moment, this is where I am:

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, rather, it is in a constant state of motion and transformation. The same goes for much of history, or anything else for that matter. Energy is cyclical, because the laws of nature demonstrate this. While this works in nature, it can be quite disjointed and disconcerting when applied to our human world. It seems as though for every monumental moment of progress, there is an even larger regression; Hence, the second universal law of nature: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Known as Newton’s law to some and karma to others, the “boomerang” effect  that we are living in is nothing new. Opposition is in our nature and serves as the cornerstone and motivation to some the greatest movements in our history. But I believe that in order for opposition to be constructive to our society, it must be birthed from a place of love and a desire for justice. To strive to feel empowered is not a sin; in fact, it’s an unalienable right. The sin is to believe that your empowerment must be firmly planted in the oppression of others. That is the difference between the beautiful Civil Right’s movement and the horrific actions of the continuous ground swelling of White Supremacy. What made MLK Jr.  a visionary and leader and Hitler a war criminal? Simply this:  The difference between understanding that we’re “Stronger Together” and the idea that “ I alone can make America Great Again”.

But now that President-elect Trump is a reality. Our reality.  And now that millions of Americans feel as though their vocalized hate and aggression are justified, what do we do? How do we break this cycle? How do we transform this energy?

We must ensure that the baton of progress that President Obama has ran forth with is not dropped.  We cannot lose our focus or momentum because of this scary, tumultuous change of course.  

It starts by each and every one of us becoming our personalized version and manifestation of the Hope and Change. It starts on a local level, on an intra/inter-personal level.

Before I take action, I must realign myself and ensure that my words and actions are not “in spite of” anyone, even if others spend every waking moment spiting me.
Because that my friend, is falling into the vicious cycle hate and fear.
We must unite with love, change potential to kinetic and actively transform this energy into constructive action.
We must be decisive in supporting grassroots organizations which aim to protect the opportunities and rights of those who are overlooked. Create your list, find your local officials, support your neighbors and neighborhood, locally and globally. We are not and will not become passive members of our society. I refuse to watch the undoing of centuries of progress. We are Generation Z.

tjlc + finale patterns

I have 100% confidence that there will be a monumental moment between sherlock and john at the end of TFP, and the reason I am so certain is the pattern of final scenes in the first 3 seasons:

sherlock and john both agreeing to die together to stop moriarty, john’s speech at sherlock’s grave, and of course, everything sherlock didn’t say during the tarmac scene. these moments have developed over the course of the show as have sherlock and john’s relationship, and have become more personal and intimate each time. none of this is coincidence; every sequence of events is carefully calculated by the writers - they choose to make these the scenes that we are left with, they want us to be thinking about it until the next season. 

if season 4 continues with the same pattern (and why wouldn’t it?), it’ll mean that at the end of TFP we will be getting another personal scene between sherlock and john, and one which will have to top the tarmac one. my head spins trying to think of something that tugs on the heartstrings more than “John, there’s something I should say, I’ve meant to say, always and never have’, but it has to leave the season tied up with the cast and crew’s description of: “groundbreaking”, “television history” which has “never been done before”. there seems, then, to be only one possible scenario that will fit this template, and I truly believe that it will be a love confession.

Maybe... just MAYBE we should be grateful?

Today I found myself thinking about the patterns of TVD, and in doing that, I started to wonder, ‘is this monstrosity going down really so out of the ordinary?’ The lack of bamon thus far in the season? The painful FORCING of Bonenzo? Is this really so blasphemously new and unheard of?? I realized that the answer was resounding NO! 

The writers have always, ALWAYS brought in Bamon at the end, to heatedly - irrevocably wrap the season!

Pause and think about it, and you’ll realize as well! Majority of our most monumental Bamon moments were received during the tail end of the season! Bamon dance - 2x18, Bamon hug - 4x15, Bamon “thank you” - 1x22, LOADS of delicious Bamon scenes (#TeamBonnie) - 3x21, Bamon DYING TOGETHER - 5X22! IN THE END!!! Writers even did it season 6! The only difference was, with season 6, we were SO BLESSED to have EPIC Bamon scenes both in the beginning AND in the end!!! 

Even just think back to last season! Aside from our “3 seconds” speech in 7x01, we received THE MOST PIVOTAL Bamon moments IN THE LATTER PART OF THE SEASON!!! 

The more I thought about it, the more confident I became that that is JUST what is happening this time around! 

BUT Our Bamon time is COMING. Mark my words, because Bamon is JUST as much inevitable as they were season 1, - even more so! They WILL happen! They literally have NO CHOICE, BUT to! They’ve been happening little by little each season of the show. EVERYTHING has been pointing to them, since the beginning of the series! EVERYTHING IS BAMON, AND EVERYTHING HURTS!!! They are epic.

And maybe, just maybe, we should be grateful this final season, because, at least we don’t have to suffer through Delena, until it’s Bamon time! At least we don’t have to witness Bonnie being put on the back burner time and TIME AGAIN! Nope! This time we get to witness Bonenzo. And this time it’s Damon who’s on the back burner. It’s kind of perfect in a way. Perfect symmetry. 

I’m starting to think that instead of Elena and Jeremy being equivalent obstacles for Bamon, it’s KATHERINE and Jeremy who were equal obstacles. And ENZO and Elena, who are equals! But rest assured, BAMILY! 

Bamon time is COMING! Bamon time is ON. THE. WAY. And I’m thinking they might just knock us off of our FEET! Lord knows they gave us some amazing things last season! I have been PRAYING SO HARD for Bamon!!! I hope our OTP give us more than we could’ve dreamed, hoped, or imagined! I’m hopeful! I’m more hopeful than ever before. I can’t wait to see it all unfold!!!!!!!!

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you are Christmas morning,
and birthday candles.
you are New Years kisses, and rainy Sundays.
you are midnight ice cream dates,
when it’s thirty degrees,
our tongues freeze time and our faces together before we melt into puddles of hopes
and dreams.
you are the little things.
you are the moments between waking up and being awake.
you are groggy, half dreaming reaches for skin.
you are fear, like waking up and not feeling you turn to reach for me, too.
you are safety, like finding you walking out of the bathroom at 5 am,
dressed for work and stealing my heart all over again.
you are magic shows,
and sand castles.
you are the little things.
the monumental moments.
you are everything in between.
—  you and the little things

Reflecting on your life and the way you have impacted mine 🌹 Aaliyah, there aren’t enough words to describe how appreciative I am for your influence and guidance; your music and your pure spirit, greatly inspiring and motivating me during every hurdle and monumental moment of my existence ❤

I often wonder if you even knew while you were here, just how much everyone really loved and admired you? If you knew just how much you inspired someone, just by being true to yourself? Did you know that we would be lost without you once you left? Did you know the lasting impact you would have, that we would still be holding onto you so tightly, over 15 years later? I wonder if there are parts of your life that you still miss or are we all just a distant memory now? I would like to think that you still watch over us all. Sometimes I even feel like you send us signs just to reaffirm that you indeed are still here checking in from time to time. There are times it doesn’t even feel like you’re gone because your presence is so overwhelmingly strong and ever-present. In every swoop, bare midriff and perfectly arched eyebrow.

You are everywhere.

If it’s one thing I do know, it’s that you are so much bigger than life…and death. You are forever. You are eternal 💫 And though I’m missing you more than usual, I am positive you’re in a place so much better than this. A place where you can be…free 🕊 A place of paradise. Filled with love, laughter and music. Soaring higher than we could ever imagine. Let every ounce of our love blanket you, when you sleep peacefully amongst the clouds. And when my book is done here on Earth…I can only pray that you will be there to greet me, with an open heart and open wings and the biggest smile I have ever seen 💕

Harry Potter Marauders Preference: First Kiss

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(A/N: All these guys are my headcanons for the character. Just as an fyi)

James: He would make a pretty big deal about it. He wanted it to be semi-public and he knew he would tell all the others about it later anyways. It was late into a passing period. You both were walking together in between classes, making small talk. He would then stop, gently push you against the wall, and leave a soft, romantic kiss on your lips. Some people saw and giggled and oohed, but you two didn’t care. Right there, it was just the two of you. Naturally, the news would spread all about the school. Every time it was passed, the details got more vivid. But, you two would know the truth.

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Sirius: He would want to make it as public as humanly possible. He would make sure everyone at the school got to witness this monumental moment for the two of you. You would all be gathered in the great hall for dinner. Everyone would be eating when he would leap on to his seat and proclaim his attraction to you. He would make this whole big lovey dovey speech before hopping down, pulling you up out of your seat to the middle of the isle, and kissing you passionately on the lips. The hall would erupt with smiles and whistles, but that’s exactly the reaction he would want. 

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Remus: He would want to make it private, but romantic. He would set up the Shrieking Shack with candles (carefully, of course. He’s not stupid). He would have some music going on in the background softly. He would bring you over and you would just have a night to yourselves. You would talk and slow dance and all this romantic stuff. As the stars came out he would slowly lean in and kiss you gently on the lips. He would pull away quickly and you would both blush. You would barely be able to look at each other before you went back in for another kiss. This time, no one would pull away too soon.

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Peter: You would totally have your first kiss by accident. The snow would be falling and the cold would be settling in. The marauders would have the time of their lives with their winter themed pranks. This time it was turning all the floors into ice. Everyone would be slip sliding into their classrooms. You were no exception. You had finally gotten the swing of it when four boys came charging down the corridor. The first three barely missed you, but the last one slammed straight in to you. You knew it was Peter the instant your lips pushed together. You both pulled back and hopped up before awkwardly blushing and smiling at one another. You knew you’d have to talk about it later.

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Snape: He would be way to shy to kiss you. So, you would take charge. Every would be out one day doing one thing or another. You two would be sitting in the library, curled up by the fireplace with the books you were reading. You would then quickly put your book down, turn his face towards you, and kiss him straight on the lips. It was quick and you pulled away after a few seconds. Both of you would be bright red. No words would be spoken. But, with a burst of confidence, he would go back in for another kiss. It would be just as sweet and romantic as the first. That was all you needed.

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People are starting to vote early in swing states like Ohio and their responses and excitement are so refreshing

Early voting started on Wednesday in Ohio, one of the nation’s most crucial swing states. For some heading to the polls, casting a ballot felt like a monumental moment. Kendally Brown, Ohio deputy digital director for the Hillary Clinton campaign, captured one woman’s heartwarming reaction after voting for Clinton.

Gifs: Kendally Brown



27 January, 1945 | The liberation of Auschwitz

Never shall I forget that smoke. … Never shall I forget those flames that consumed my faith forever. Never shall I forget the nocturnal silence that deprived me for all eternity of the desire to live. Never shall I forget those moments that murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to ashes. Never shall I forget these things, even if I were condemned to live as long as God himself.


Elie Wiesel, Night

All the Dachaus must remain standing. The Dachaus, the Belsens, the Buchenwalds, the Auschwitzes—all of them.  They must remain standing because they are a monument to a moment in time when some men decided to turn the earth into a graveyard. Into it they shoveled all of their reason, their logic, their knowledge, but worst of all, their conscience, and the moment we forget this, the moment we cease to be haunted by its remembrance, then we become the gravediggers. Something to dwell on and remember…

Rod Serling, The Twilight Zone, “Deaths-Head Revisited”

When Soviet troops arrived at the Auschwitz concentration camp on the 27th of January, 1945, they found roughly 7,500 living prisoners–most of whom were weak, ill, and starving–and hundreds of corpses. Though the camp remained largely in tact, the retreating S.S. had demolished several buildings, including the gas chambers, in an attempt to hide their crimes. Overall, an estimated 1.1 million people were murdered in Auschwitz between 1940 and 1945, making it the most deadly of all the Nazi concentration and extermination camps. The majority of the victims were Jews.

Auschwitz-Birkenau became a museum in 1947, and the UN appointed January 27th as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Seventy years after its liberation, Auschwitz remains the dominant symbol of the Holocaust

Once in a lifetime friend

Man Betty Loven why are you the best? Like truly I can’t think of any other person who has been my ride or die for years. Our friendship has come such a long way from your early days at the stop. I love the fact that I’ve been able to be a part of such monumental moments of your life. From you coming out, your love life, graduation, military excursion, your return to rule by my side in the Movie kingdom etc. Though there have been times when we’d be at each other’s throats and questioned our friendship our conclusion has always been it’s worth it. I greatly appreciate that, and I thank you for continuing to make me a part of your life and I look forward to the future together. Fuck I’m so hyped for your Mom’s wedding, truly I feel honored to be a guest on such an important day! It’s rare to find a person that get’s you, you know? Like really gets and knows the truthful actual you let alone accepts you and cares for you. You know how shitty I can be and you know how great, you’ve seen me strong and been there at my weakest. Thank you for allowing me that closeness and comfort. You know its not my style to break. I thank you for letting me be the one you share your troubles and joys with as well, your dreams, your vulnerabilities.I know there have been times when the person you are with hasn’t appreciated you and how that can hurt. Honestly it pisses me off to no end when they just don’t get it. Which really is fine because I know the day will come when a very loving girl will take care of MY hedgehog. A girl that will share life with you in a different way a girl worthy of you and your love. A girl who will accept every one of your quirks and is so happy to share each moment with you. A girl that geeks out excitedly every time she sees you, especially in your Jurassic Park hat ;) A girl that will never make you feel bad about yourself but instead wishes to grow with you not beat you down for your mistakes, because you are absolutely worthy of such love. A girl that isn’t controlling but is secure enough in who she is to not get jealous of your friendships and attempt to be foolish enough to break them apart. (lol good luck sluts that try) It is truly my greatest wish for you. I already know you will be successful with charm,intelligence, and such dashing looks who wouldn’t want the chance to be with you? Exactly. I will always be here for you, watching out for you, I will never stray and I will tell you when you fuck up but I will always help you find the solution as well. Thank you for truly being my best friend….I fucking love you or something. Cheers Bitch! 💕 @spookyfoxy-mulder

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Here we stand,
at the edge of the earth with our backs to the world,
eyes to the sun, shadows grown long 
across the ground as the rays stretch
and yawn and wash us in gold; heels
dug into the dirt, anchored hard, we 
are stone- we are marble- we are 
monuments of a moment that turned
us into kings, into queens, into
—  100 poems in 100 days // day six. (l.v.) purchase “ready aim fire”.