Romano-Germanic Museum: Sepulcher of Poblicius 

Lucius Poblicius from Terentina in Italy was a veteran of the 5th Legion. Upon his discharge after 20-25 years of service with the Roman army he would have received the equivalent of 13 years salary to buy a farm or set up a business. It may also have paid for his funeral monument erected around 40 CE. He is depicted not as a former soldier but as a Roman citizen surrounded by his family.

(Museum info card)

Cologne, November 2017

This stern little floof is none other than a white tern chick! 

Also known as fairy terns, or manu-o-kū in Hawaiian, these small birds breed throughout Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. They’re one of the 22 species of seabirds that breed and nest in the monument! 

Unlike most other seabirds, adult white terns don’t build a nest; instead, they find a suitable spot on a tree branch, rock ledge, or other surface and lay their egg there. 

(Photo: Koa Matsuoka)

“Minerva’s Chick” is brilliantly carved and adorable elephant statue designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini (revealed on July 1667). It’s located in a square behind the Pantheon. The monument stands in front of the medieval church named Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, run by the dominican order, whose dedication sprang from the fact of having been built over the ruins of a no longer extant temple dedicated to Minerva, the ancient Roman goddess of knowledge. Rome,