U don't know who Riley is???

R u kidding me. Riley…. How do I even begin to explain Riley. Riley is flawless. He has two weed stashes and a hydrogenerator. I hear his hair’s insured for $10,000. I hear he does car commercials…On the Ground. One time he met Clarke in Farm Station…And she told him he was pretty. One time he punched me in the face. It was awesome.

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I don't know how give a blowjob to my boy, please helpp!

Don’t give a pornstar blowjob. To me, it always looks so…fake, fast, and without passion. When you give a blowie do it because you want to, because you want to please them, don’t just go through the motions or try to put on a show. Do it slowly, passionately, creatively.

To quote Monty Python, “You don’t have to go leaping straight for the clitoris like a bull at the gate. Give her a kiss, boy!” Same goes for the dick with blowjobs. Take your time getting down there, tease, kiss and lick their stomach, looking them in the eyes. Move down, stroke with your hand while kissing his groin and thighs, lick his balls if you’re so inclined. If you’re feeling feisty ask him what he wants or say, “Do you want me to taste you?”

I’m sure his answer will be yes. Oh yes. Start with the head while still holding and stroking him with your hand. Lick the tip. Run your tongue all around it. Circle it. Stick out your tongue and move his dick up and down it. If you’re in a sweet mood give it a little kiss. Run your tongue up and down his shaft to lubricate it. Put the tip in your mouth, gently suck. Take more in your mouth, while going up and down, go down as far as you can. If it’s your first time maybe you can’t go down very far without feeling like you’re going to gag, don’t worry about it. If you don’t have a gag reflex, well fuck, take that whole thing all the way down and he’s going to love you for it.

While still grasping him, put your lips against your hand and move in unison, up and down. Keep running your tongue up and down the shaft and across the tip while he’s inside of your mouth. Try to keep your mouth really wet, drink some water if you’re feeling dry. Look up at him, he might be watching you. I like being watched. For females: if you’re turned on by giving head (like a good girl) grind against him. If he’s lying down I like to rub against his leg to stimulate my clitoris. I think he likes that, but I don’t really care because I like it.

If you’re feeling ambitious, gently suck on his balls or cup them while you’re blowing him. Some guys love this, some guys don’t really care. Listen to his breathing and moaning so you know what you’re doing that he really likes. If you’re tired or sore take a rest and play with the tip with your tongue while stroking. He should be lubricated with your spit by now.

Try to get into a rhythm. From my experience they don’t like it super fast but maybe he’ll tell you. Everyone likes different things. When he’s close to coming, don’t stop what you’re doing, keep pace. This is the key to giving great oral for either sex, in my opinion. When you feel that they’re getting close don’t try anything crazy, just keep doing what you’re doing even if your lips are numb and your cheeks are sore, don’t stop, DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP!! OOOHHH yessssss.

Decide before you begin if you’re comfortable with swallowing. I consider swallowing a part of the whole experience but I understand that some don’t like it. But, if you’re grossed out by it, either don’t let him come in your mouth at all or just swallow it. If you spit it out you end up tasting it a lot more than if you just let it go down. If you don’t want to taste it but don’t mind swallowing, make sure he’s far back in your mouth/throat when he comes. It doesn’t taste bad though, in my opinion.

Keep in mind that I’m not a dude, and most importantly I’m not YOUR dude. Ask him what he likes and adjust :)

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Monty Oum was my friend and I am so fortunate to be able to say that.

Those who don’t know Monty don’t understand how hard working he was. He was superhuman in his ability. His keyboard was missing keys because his hands moved so fast, the unused keys would literally get in the way and waste his time with accidental presses. I would hear anecdote after anecdote about how dedicated he was to saving time, down to even a couple seconds.

I remember when he first pitched his idea for RWBY to me, all I could think was, “this is so ambitious, this would take forever and take so many resources to accomplish.” Then two years later, he pitched me how he was going to pull it off, and I said “wow, this is a great idea, but it’s so ambitious.”

Then I would tell him my goals, and my creative vision, and he would just tell me, “you can do it. You can pull that off, what are you afraid of? If it’s not good, whatever, at least you MADE something.” Not a single shred of doubt, just blunt but warm encouragement.

Years down the line, while he was neck deep in season 2 of his ambitious project I thought could never be pulled off, he’s greeting me with a hug and asking me about my project I told him about years ago that I haven’t even considered to start on. And he’s asking about the characters by name and moments in the story he remembered after all this time. He wasn’t just a machine obsessed with his work, he cared. He cared about me and my ideas.

So, here was a guy who didn’t want to waste any time that could be spent working. Here’s a guy who bit off way more than he could chew, and chewed it to a fucking pulp. And here he was dedicating this very specific time and space in his life for me and my ideas. It spoke volumes about the kind of guy he was, and what kind of values he had.

I feel like, when people pass, we talk a lot about what was great about them with lavish praise. The truth is, I wish I could have told him these things right to his face. I wish I could have told him how much, even in the little time we’ve spent together, that he changed my life and my outlook on work and creativity, on being a good person and a good friend. I think it’s true that most people don’t really examine that sort of thing until it’s too late, but I would give up a whole lot just to let him know how I felt about him, and then hear him say something like “that’s great to hear, but what are you wasting your time telling me this for? Get back to work!”

If you’re an artist and you’re struggling with the thought that you’re not good enough to pull off what you want, don’t wait. Just do it. Do it now. Make time for it. Nobody cares that you got 8 hours of sleep instead of 6 when you’re gone. Nobody cares that you kept up to date on your Facebook feed every day when you’re gone. What transcends you is your work and the impression you left behind. I met so many people this past weekend who wept for Monty because of what he meant to them, and every single one shared what an inspiration he was for them. He was taken way too early, but I don’t feel like he would have any regrets about the things he has or hasn’t accomplished. That was how he lived his life. He didn’t wait for the next day to get something done, and he didn’t wait until it was the right moment let someone know he cared. He just did it.

He always said that following his resolve would guarantee success, and following his resolve is exactly how I hope to honor him.

Goodbye, Monty. Love you, buddy.

Pyrrha in heaven
  • Pyrrha: is that.. really...
  • Monty: Hey, Pyrrha. You finally made it, huh?
  • Pyrrha: So does that mean I'm really... dead?
  • Monty: Don't think too much into it. You did great. You did what you had to do, now you should just rest easy.
  • Pyrrha: ...
  • Monty: Hey, you know what'll cheer you up? Some DDR! I hope Jaune taught you some dance moves of his own, 'cause it's been pretty boring winning against Roman over here.