Monty pls......

  • Monty Green, who killed his own mother to protect his people. 
  • Monty Green, who is now an orphan.
  • Monty Green, who reminded Octavia that The Delinquents are and will always be a  family.
  • Monty Green, who protected his friends at all costs. 
  • Monty Green, who at realizing he could have spared his mother pushes through his pain.

Just shoutout to Monty Green. 

if ka//ura is canon then i will be stuck with a permanent cringe for the rest of my life

'cause we could be immortals, immortals
just not for long, for long.
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Tumblr it’s got a Jewish lead and several gay characters and guys that look fabulous and are still motherfucking KNIGHTS the costuming is excellent there’s coconuts for horses and they make fun of literally everything in King Arthur’s history.

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Hc for first time w/ monty pls?

  • Him telling you to let him know if you want to stop at any time.
  • You were both nervous wrecks.
  • It being really slow.
  • Monty whispering sweet nothings to do you the entire time.
  • Whispered I love you’s.
  • Monty being incredibly cautious.
  • You reassuring him that he’s not hurting you.
  • Soft kisses
  • Passionate kisses
  • Neck biting
  • Trailing kisses 
  • So much cuddling after.
  • Monty returning to his normal cocky self afterwards.
  • You falling asleep on his chest.
4/20 ∾ m.dl.c

posted 5/13/17

request? yes
   “ Numbers 4 and 1 w/ monty pls i just feel like thats what a usual conversation between him and his s/o would look like ”
prompt #4 & #1: “four twenty blaze it? more like four twenty praise it, am i right?” - and - “do you realize how dumb you sound right now?”

pairing(s): montgomery x reader

warning(s): none

a/n: basically a very crappy drabble, lmaoo

“Who even throws a party on 4/20?”

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can we all just take the time and appreciate that this picture of richard harmon (john murphy) actually exsists

Dating Montgomery De La Cruz would include:

Anonymous asked: dating monty pls x ur headcanons are so good

Ship: Montgomery De La Cruz x Reader

Trigger Warning(s): Swearing, sexual themes

- Staged ‘couple’ photos, Monty is such a killer for those, he loves showing your relationship off at any possible moment.

- Him being sooooo protective, “I swear to fucking god Bryce, get your hand off her shoulder,” 

- You being his first serious relationship, and the first person he’s had true feelings for in such a long time, so he would never want to leave your side.

- Getting together with him, changed him soo much, (even if he still was a lil bit of a dick with the guys, yanoo gotta keep up that reputation) you saw another side to him.

- Montgomery would be such a romantic but in denial “No, i promise i bought you the flowers for a reason, its our 125th day of dating” He’d use anything as an excuse to smother you in gifts and affection.

- PDA. He looves it. The more the better, he’s making sure all of the other lads know you’re together, because he is now the only boy that is gunna have you.

- Hickies, everywhere. He’d definitely be handsy and rough when you guys have sex, and so eager to please you.

- He’d teach you how to play baseball with the squad and he’d love watching you attempt to learn, bc any time spent with his girl is worth it. (until you got good! then he decided it would be just the two of you playing)


The 100 Social Media Takeover (1/?)

*An AU where they’re all friends and my headcanons are all over the place so none of these are exactly related to one another :)

ok i only just started to watch the 100

but i already ship jasper and monty so hard like please tell me they’re a thing on here

i’d call them jonty but i don’t even know???? maybe they’re called moonsticks or who the fuck knows please help out a fellow newbie

i need everything, all the fics, all the art, all the cuddly fluffy loveliness that is jonty/jasty/monper/idkman