A Bright Interval. 

Ou une éclaircie en français. This is about our ability to wander and contemplate things. Or what’s left of it.  Light in autumn is fascinating and fragile. Everything is brightened by precarious reflections, fading out in minutes, seconds.  For the most part, I don’t know the people in this images. They accepted to make a detour wherever they were going to, creating a bright interval filled with time.  Thanks for that.

The whole series here:


plane leeeeaves in nine hours. I think I’m pretty much packed, aside from various and sundry odds and ends that almost certainly don’t matter, but I’m still freaking out about. still need to get more work done tonight; in theory I could do it on the plane, but it’s delta, so there probably won’t be enough room to open my laptop without it basically bifurcating my torso. if you are bored please send me smutty/fluffy deancas headcanons or prompts or random silly things or pictures of dogs or anything to distract me from this jangling mix of anticipation/nerves/excitement/anxiety/whatthefuckamidoingness rocketing around in my head