Prompt:  “Reader x Scotty cavity-inducing fluff?????” - Anon

Word Count:  823

Author’s Note:  Sorry for the ages of silence. I didn’t really have writer’s block, per se, I just had an everything block. Anyway, I actually managed to write something today, it’s an idea I’ve been toying with for a while for this prompt, so I hope you like it! Feedback is always welcome and encouraged, especially with something like this that I consider “experimental” in nature.

The abrasive blare of your alarm clock wrenched you from sleep at 4:10. You let a low grumble rip from your throat as you pitched yourself onto your side and shut the sound off with a firm slap.

The body next to you stirred as you flung the duvet off, twisting yourself to sit upright.  You clasped your hands before you pushed against your own taut muscles, cracking the joints in your shoulders and stretching your limbs awake.

A pair of errant fingers brushed against your backside as the man behind you sucked in his first deep breath of consciousness.

You let your arms fall to your lap and you stood, padding through the pitch black room to your bathroom.

The lights above the mirror flickered to life as you entered the small space. The harshness of it illuminated the bags under your eyes and the frizzy edges of your hair. You groaned and tapped the panel next to the shower, activating the hot water. Shedding your night shirt and underwear, you stepped into the stall and let the jet of heat drench your body. You stuck your head under the stream and let the water consume you.

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we dont talk about scotty enough? like that dude is so unbelievably fucking smart and hilarious and so kind? like i bet him and jim like to go out camping and drinking together and he finds out how to make bagpipes fit with the vulcan flute with spock and he takes chekov under his wing because that kid is so damn smart and scotty is absolutely one of the biggest geniuses on a ship chalk full of em and i bet he likes to knit sweaters and cook food with real ingredients and has like ten cats