just a friendly reminder that saudi arabia and the united states are the biggest supporters and funders of ISIS and al qaeda and are the biggest supporters of terrorism in the MENA region either through their own wars or by supporting terrorist organizations like ISIS and al qaeda

and that saudi arabia is the center of sunni wahhabi extremism and terrorism and that the united states (canada is too tbh) is the biggest arms distributor to saudi arabia 

by selling weapons to saudi arabia, the united states is directly supporting shia genocide, ISIS, al qaeda, religious persecution of religious minorities in the MENA region, a saudi coalition of bombing yemen (especially shia communities in yemen) and islamization of the region

barack obama was a huge arms distributor to saudi arabia and i wish all of you cared when he sold billions and billions of dollars worth of weapons to saudi arabia as well. he was an ally to terrorists. just because donald trump has agreed to sell MORE weapons to saudi arabia does NOT excuse obamas connection to terrorism or make it ~a lesser evil~

hillary clinton also KNEW of saudi arabia’s connections to terrorism, specifically ISIS, and her emails proving so are on wiki leaks

all modern US presidents are war criminals who are connected to terrorism in the MENA region, NOT just donald trump and all you neo liberals who praise obama and hillary but commend donald trump for doing the SAME thing are NOT allies to religious minorities in the MENA region who suffer the absolute most as a result of wahhabi sunni and US backed terrorism

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Penthesilea [Part 3]

Disclaimer & Other Warnings

He is constantly exhausted, and yet sleep eludes him every night.

For the longest time Sasuke occupied himself with battle strategy in the moments before sleep – running numbers in his head and trying to out-think the plans of his rival. Uzumaki is a bit of an idiot, but he has Nara Shikamaru at his side, and the man is known to be a genius. Itachi was able to keep up with his ploys with ease, but Sasuke struggles.

He is not a logical or anticipatory thinker, preferring to react to problems as they present themselves. That kind of thinking is fine when it’s only himself, but with so many lives dependent on his own, he can’t rely on such personal methods.

As time goes on, however, his ruminations change in a more bothersome way. Defensive strategies and planned training maneuvers give way to imagining the clear brilliance of green eyes and a mouth curved into an impish smile.

This, more than battle strategy, keeps him awake at night, and he hates himself for being so weak and fallible as to be distracted by a woman of all things.

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“A fire on the Essex flight deck after a belly tank breaks away from an F6F Hellcat after landing on board. Image part of an album of photographs collected by Captain Carlos W. Wieber during his command of the aircraft carrier Essex (CV-9) during 1944-1945.” 16 December 1944.

(National Museum of Naval Aviation: NNAM.1983.046.010.088 Cropped)