SO. It turns out in 2010, TFB played at the local punk club I go to at least once a week. Several times a week there are shows of several bands since they aren’t exactly big enough to draw their own crowd. It’s an accepting crowd of maniacs and you get used to your feet getting stomped and beer in your face from people moshing and you make friends with the people you’re randomly dancing with and I’m gonna find TFB’s sticker on the wall on Friday I swear, every band puts one up. I’m so mad. I mean I was only twelve but still they should come back and do a secret show or something Jesus fucking Christ.

Size of the Moon
  • Size of the Moon
  • Pinegrove
  • Mixtape Two

Band: Pinegrove

Band location: Montclair, NJ

Why we like it: Montclair, New Jersey has become a really fascinating place to me. A couple of my favorite bands in the past few years (Acres, Guidelines, Baby Pilot) call it home. With that said, whenever anyone referenced Pinegrove, it was always followed by something along the lines of “Best Band in Montclair,” or something very nice about Evan Stephens Hall. I hadn’t listened to them until I saw Evan open up for Emperor X and I was absolutely blown away. I instantly understood why everyone was hyping this band up.

I strongly suggest that you listen to Mixtape Two if you’re into indie rock/folk. Size of the Moon is easily one of the best songs I’ve listened to all year. 

Pinegrove are currently on tour with Tawny Peaks and have a few dates remaining. Check them out if you can!

7/2 Boston, MA @ TBA

7/4 Montclair, NJ @ The Batcave

7/5 New Britain, CT @ The Pulaski Club

Where to listen: Bandcamp