So Apparentl I should try messaging people while drunk

Idk what I’m doing but teen titans is fear I called God a bumble bee and im thanking God for auto correct of shit would be so messed up right now

Please donts room while drunk that shit is so tripps and my eyes rent keeping up there is a taking dog on TV who I think is an alien woah wtf
My hen again beast boy turned into a cockatoo wearly so no recent surprises

Why am I even on tumbkr right now


Harumph, Bellabird, and Fantashtick make their way to Lurie Garden in Chicago last Sunday for a rare appearance with the public.  Meeting hundreds of people from all over the city (and world), our pals gave hugs and gifts to everyone they met: Bellabird gave decorated tree branches, Harumph gave vials of sand from his favorite beach, and Fantashtick gave paper planter hearts with seeds attached!  

Adults lit up as much as the kids.  One woman gave Harumph a giant kiss and vowed to pour his sand on the beaches of North Carolina.  Since the event was free, anyone who walked through the garden was a part of the action.  Here’s to the people and visitors of Chicago!  Thanks for giving our friends so much love!

(2nd and 3rd photos taken by Jeremiah Klinger of the band, Gregor Samsa)

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How Do We Sing?

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