i was asked to participate in @blackmagiczine AHH !! so honored!!! here’s a crop of my submission on the bottom, and doodles of the characters at the top. they’re supposed to be a monster girl rock band (centaur, dragon, mermaid)! check out black magic zine’s tumblr for more info on the zine!!!

i imagine centaur girl is the leader of the group, dragon girl is really shy and sweet, and mermaid girl is kinda wild and crazy.. and she also can breathe air i guess shhh

Lance: Oh man you guys should’ve seen the sea monster we fought!!! 
Hunk: Oh! My lion got a good picture of it! Look!

Lance: Oh yeah that is pretty good!!
Keith, pulling out this picture:

Keith: What did you uh…. what did you guys do with that sea monster?
Lance: Oh, Hunk totally crushed it!! With a big rock!! Haha that monster didn’t even see the rock coming!
Hunk: Haha yeah it was pretty great
Keith: yOU Ki lLed N ESS  iE

Not sure that's how physics works

Context: first session of Gamma 5 on Roll20. Party introduces ourselves to each other and we are brought into a slave pen. We are told that we must fight in an arena until only one remains. It was me, Mak the hawk man, coal the coal mining robot, a sewer monster, a rock man and a plant person. We had to fight a massive mutant boar and three scavengers. The boar was killed within one round, and I took a shot at one of the scavs

Me: I shoot my gauss rifle at the scav who is attacking the sewer monster
Gm: ok, roll for hit
Me: ok, 1d20+5; I rolled 12
Gm: ok, you lightly graze his leg, roll for damage
Me: ok, 2d10+6, 19
Gm: ok, so with the ball bearing you fired from your gauss rifle, you turned the scavenger into a paste against the arena wall