Some doodles from my itsy-bitsy tiny sketchbook (seriously, it fits in my palm). Obviously i am starting with UF!Pap XD i wanted to give him some more expressions since im usually drawing him all the same. Thats why i made that shocked face inspired a bit by one of chapters from TheirWings AU (YASlol) but i wont say which hehe and more shy/blush one cuz i wanted to mmake something cute too ^^

Yay for Monsterkid and my 1st attempt on him. Hes a cute fellow and was wondering how he would look in my style so yeah, have a flat faced dino haha.

I am so bad at drawing children so i hope they look like kids instead of chibis heh but it was really fun to draw them. No idea about their clothes but i wanted to make them a bit different from each other and i kind of like how Chara came out a bit shy/uncertain.

I want to do As/Flowey next time:D Hope you like them!
UT© Toby Fox

UF!Pap © owner

firefang1337  asked:

Since Kevin's a mutated form of a frog how else is he different aside from being bigger and/or nastier.

Hey look! Tara and Kevin are back!

Kevin is indeed bigger and nastier than the average frog.
There is a reason why Tara is the only one who can take care of him. His is 50% teeth, 50% neurotoxin. 

Tara is naturally immune to most toxic substances so she can handle handle Kevin without her skin boiling off.

TL;DR: Don’t pet the murder frog.

Testing out the new 3MB gif sizes with this beauty that I couldn’t post in full before.

I spent like weeks on it and couldn’t post it.

Updates resume this weekend.

I’m kind of sick so I’m drawing monster men to help soothe my soul at least-just a random plant like monster (kind of like my Pumpkin Head Orrin), but this one based more so on a cactus with fleshy purple innards while the creature sports a mischievous personality (and cute purple freckle like spots). 



Folks, we’re SUPER excited to unveil our first update for exclusive pilot content!  We wanted to start it off with some of our background (incidental) characters!  Just a few of the residents you will find taking up space in the Gulch.  You’ll see em hanging in the saloon, hiding under a tree, or hobbling from shoppe to shoppe.  Our idea was to do our take on various myths but also create new ones.  Part 1, more to come!  Enjoy and thank you for your ongoing support!