ok since in American Gods, Divine figures come from beliefs?

Considering we have seen an Ifrit and a Leprachaun so far who are not exactly gods in the tradicional sense, but guys consider this  since its human belief that shapes them and brings them to existence that means that these beings exist in that universe :

  • The mothman;
  • Bigfoot;
  • Wendigo;
  • Chupacabra;
  • Aliens might count due to conspiracy theories;
  • Jersey Devil;
  • The Lochness monster;
  • Any cryptid really;
  • Werewolves;
  • Vampires (There are actually several types running around, with the sparkly ones being a new addition also being popular in pop culture helps);
  • Urban Legends;
  • The Giant Spaghetti Monster;
  • The Slenderman;
  • Well any popular creepypasta character.

Okay, somebody made an endlessly-pursuing mass of vines in Minecraft, without using any of the actual existing AI for enemies, and the result is honestly quietly sinister.

Like something out of a Lovecraft story, minus the racism…

Caismo - A sure-footed creature that uses the bioluminescent organs on their forehead to guide others through the thick fog of their seaside habitat.
(7x5, drawn on bristol board with Prismacolor pencils)

I’ve been playing Don’t Starve with my bestie @funcaistudios and I decided I really wanted a spider oc. So this is Widow, she is pretty much afraid of everything, especially the dark. 

And as a side note, She needs two more arms lol. Not sure how I’m gonna place them yet but oh well, I like this piece anyway.


Here’s my 4th year film, On the Run- a reimagining of a time I ran away from home as a kid. This was definitely the most difficult projects I’ve ever undertaken, but I really hope you all enjoy it (particularly those who come from broken households). Enjoy!