Wave 2, Wave 3, and Halloween mini guide

My mom wanted me to make her a MH minis guide because she goes to Walmart a lot and would consider picking one up for me here and there. 

So now I have a collection of all the code info I have and because people like @mjneko would like to have something like this I’m sharing it. 

Click this line to get the PDF file!


Turns out there still is some variation with the beginnings of the Wave 2 (unknown about Wave 3) mini codes. 

This cheat sheet has worked for me thus far, but the only one I wrote the full code for was Candy Abbey’s being 20360B24. So assume if the codes don’t start with a 200 number, this is not guaranteed to work.

If they start with a 0 all I’ve seen is Skelita being B31, and PG Rochelle being B27. I have yet to personally see one start with 0, but they’re out there.


New doll, everyone! *✲゚*。✧ヽ(´∇`)ノ*✲゚*。✧

And I don’t even know where to start with this one. I always adored Clawdeen’s amazing facial sculp - everyone who doupts she’s an African/Afro American ghoul has to be blind. I didn’t mind getting a brunette or purple haired version of her, but this one probably suits my favourite fashion best. Seriously, I’m galaxy aesthetic trash.

“Haunted” Clawdeen was repainted by the enormously talented, friendly and generous MemolesDollroom. She even enclosed pictures and a certification card. The skirt and stockings were made by GoldfishGoDesign, who’s taking custom orders by the way.

Find my other dollies here!

This week’s pattern will be a Drndl in honor of Oktoberfest!  It will go up in the shop tomorrow :)

Though you see it most often at Oktoberfest, a modernized version of traditional peasant wear in Germany and Austria and is one of the cultural costumes that has had a significant impact on western fashion in the last century.  Apronless and in more muted colors, the Drndl style became a staple of US fashion in the 1940s and evolved into the iconic A-line style of the 1950s. Today, the drndl is still influencing the catwalks and can be seen reinvented in silks and other luxurious fabrics.  

Fashion history peeps ;)  The more you know!

Join us in celebrating September’s #KindMonster, Adejire Bademosi! She’s an inspiring leader dedicated to making a kinder, braver world, both through her work as a member of the Born This Way Foundation Youth Advisory Board and founder of the community-powered initiative #ShareSafely. Thank you, ghoul, for empowering people to advocate together and improve ridesharing safety for all! 👏❤️✨ 

Help Adejire spread that Kind Monster spirit by taking the #ShareSafely survey & contributing your experiences to the project:

I tried to stay optimistic about the new Monster High movie but pretty much all my favorite characters are MIA or retconned. The few new characters design wise just feel a bit….plain.

I dunno I guess I just like seeing stuff like Gigi’s scorpion tail hair, Ghoulia’s gummy worm/candy doll, two headed mermaid, or ANY of the freaky fusion designs. They just really popped out to me and the current incarnations seem a bit watered down in comparison. Even the box art kinda blurs with all the pinks and purples in the doll aisle, I’m gonna miss those striking black + bright color packaging.

New doll molds though, maybe more variant stuff will come out at later time?

The thing is, this could have been the moment Milton reached his low: in order to enforce his world to follow the tradition, he could have piloted or even just took advantage of the Gigi/Wisp incident to convince evryone in Ever After that derailing from the path is dangerous. Giles tried once again to object, and that was the moment Milton cursed him, using “you contributed to cause that” as official excuse.