A quick scribble of Ceadus for a sketch-a-day prompt in the art Discord I’m a part of. I wanna try to get in the habit of doing these more regularly. 

The theme was “Boss Monsters”, and let me tell you, this big guy is one of my absolute favorites. This was the first boss in a game that truly moved me. Having to fight something so massive accompanied by such phenomenal music made for a truly mesmerizing experience that I’m disappointed I’ll never be able to experience for the first time again.

New Monster Hunter Hunters

Alright, so you’re new to the community and all that, and I welcome you to it with open arms.
You may not be the best, you may kind of suck, but hey, that doesn’t matter!
When I got my first Monster Hunter game (it was 3 Ultimate), I was HORRID at it
Great Jaggi was a challenge, Azuros wrecked my ass, Royal Ludroths made me their bitch, and don’t even get me started on Barroth and Qurupeco

But, here I am now
I played through 4U, and I beat the single player for MHGen
And then I actually went back to 3U, and all those quests that I failed so often?
I can beat them with relative ease

I’m now the Great Jaggi’s Challenge
Azuros is finally the easy teddy bear people said he was
Royal Ludroths are MY bitch
Da-na-na-na can’t touch this, Barroth
And Qurupeco is gonna have trouble singing with a broken beak thing

I’m not trying to brag, I’m just trying to say
Don’t give up
Keep playing 
NEVER give up, just keep practicing 
Learn how a monster moves
Always eats meals


I believe in you!
Draco, the Loner Glaive (My 4U hunter) believes in you
Neptune, the Aerial Warrior (My Gen hunter) believes in you

Never give up!!



I’ve loved Godzilla since I was 7 years old, I legitimately remember asking my mom if she believed in Godzilla– like as if he actually existed, hiding somewhere out in the ocean, and bless that woman she said “yes” just to keep my imagination flaring. I always knew Santa was mom. But Godzilla was some real shit goddamnit and I knew it.

So anyway Im about to be 25 now, and Godzilla still to this day has me in awe. I love giant monsters and battles. coolest shit ever. so naturally, going into monster hunter I’ve more than once wished that capcom would team up with TOHO and put in a special event quest or something where u can actually hunt Godzilla. (AND THEN CALL THE QUEST  "KING OF THE MONSTERS" :D) Much the same way they did special quests in japan where u could get Attack on Titan armor and look just like mikasa and eren, but u had to hunt a giant giant giant duramboros.

Did alot of Black Gravios hunts today for everyone’s urgent quests, and it just reminded me so much of Godzilla with its color, fire beam and general size and slowness.

ANYWAYS. I did a thing. I wish it was real. Hope yall like it. Happy hunting everyone.

Azure Rathalos from Capcom’s Monster Hunter.  This guy might be available at @ginder-factory next month for Valentines day ;)

Another subspecies coming up next week!