• Bangtan:/lose Suga in a crowd/ SUGA, WHERE ARE YOU
  • Rap Mon:Fucking hell where the hell did he go
  • Jungkook:Don't worry I got this
  • Rap Mon:No you don-
  • Suga:/punches and pushes everybody out of the way/ WHHHEEEEERRRRREEEEE
  • Jungkook:Told y'all
  • Jin:Mother of god...
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  • black cat:do you believe in luck? if so, what is your luck like? was there a time in your life in which it was different, and is there any reason it changed?
  • autumn wind:describe a hardship you've endured, and how you were able to make it through. alt. question, what are some ways in which you cope?
  • jack-o-lantern:what is something about you that catches people's attention or by surprise? (what is a hidden facet in the face you show to the world?)
  • warm scarf:how do you connect with people? how do people touch you? (e.g. through shared hardships, humor, etc)
  • monster mask:what do you commonly do or say when you are in a bad mood? do you often punish people close to you when you are angry? do they often punish you?
  • cup of tea:how do you keep your passions, purpose, or loves alive? (how do you convince yourself to keep going?)
  • halloween music:what kind of fun do you like? are you an introvert or an extrovert or somewhere in between? what's a good time look like to you?
  • pumpkin pulp:what is an important trait of yours that people often overlook, and why do you think it's not as "prominent" as another?
  • wool sweater:what is one of your definitions of a good (and currently possible day)? have you had one recently, and what are you doing to help another one come along?
  • raindrops:name something about you that's beautiful (and i promise there are many things)
  • early morning walks:thinking back to the bridges you've made in life (whether that be life changes or relationships etc) what is one of the ones that has been most important to you?
Fits of Random Episode 8

( Tony, Joe, Matt, and Napalm are out hiking around a lush forest with rolling hills and waterfalls)

Napalm: ( Wearing blade master armor and has a switch ax )  I think see some droppings…( Pointing to the group’s left)

Tony: ( Also has blade master armor of a different type and a big paw print weapon) Yeah and I smell some droppings…( They all move in closer)

( Twas’ a six foot pile o’ poo)

Tony: What the heck makes a poop this big?? >8C

Joe: ( Sporting blade master armor as well with dual blades) Phew! >3 ( Pinching his nose)

Matt: ( Has his Ludroth armor and a switch ax, also pinching his nose) I’m detecting a lot of raw meat and broken bone shards inside all that….So, its big and eats meat.

Napalm: So how do we know how fresh this is?

Tony, Joe, Matt: ( All backing away) Nope nope nope nope! |3

Napalm: Hey I’m not gonna touch it either! ? >8C There was nothing in this hunt that said touching monster poo was part of the tracking process!

Tony: I’m not getting it on my fur. >3

Joe: Uh….because reasons? F3

Matt: Ditto. |3 And none of us brought medical gloves sooooooo….You also have that dung master perk after we ate.

Napalm: Grrrrrrr…( Turns around, looking at the pile) So help me….( Raising his hand)

French Narrator: 15 minutes later~

Napalm: ( Splashing around a lake, furiously scrubbing his left arm and hand) THE SMELL WON’T COME OUT!! >3

Tony: Was it fresh though? /3

Napalm: Ten Minutes worth of steaming fresh!! >3

Tony: Good! 83 Mean’s its not far off. ^_^

Matt: But what is it? <_<

Joe: Besides the fact it might be a tad constipated. XD

Tony: The size and the appetite…( Almost trips into a small dip in the ground) Oh….Oooooooh its one of these things….? |3 ( Not sounding too excited)

Joe: That’s a big foot print. ( Catching the scent) Woof….? |3

Matt: Eeheheheheheh….Eheeeeh, how prepared are we?

Tony: We ain’t…|3

Matt: And what were we hunting in the first place? /3

Joe: A Rathion, because you, and I quote “ Needed a Fire weapon”! XD

Matt: Hey you guys wanted to hunt this thing too. >3

Napalm: ( Dressed and back in his blademaster armor, not smelling as bad) What did you fiiiiiiiiooooooohhh wow that’s not a good sign. |3 ( Sees the big print )

Tony: True I needed resources. ^_^; And so did Joe, but if this thing is hanging around we may need to run back and get better prepared. >_> We may need to….


Joe: Its a Mother*beeping* T-Rex!! >3

Tony: Is NOW the time for that reference??! >3 ( All of them hiding)

Joe: Love you too, Tony. :3

Tony: Oi vey Joe…|3 Oh crap. 8C Keep down and keep quiet. ( Hears heavy footsteps coming their way)

( Then a great big, ticked off, and not to mention grumpy Deviljho came stomping into the area )

Deviljho Female: Roooooooooooooooooaaarrr!! ( Looking around the brush for something)

Joe: ( In hiding) She looks like she’s looking for something….

Napalm: She isn’t drooling so its not food…

Tony: They don’t have to drool to be hungry…she’s definitely looking for something.

Matt: Its an egg.

Tony: Le what? F3

Matt: Something or someone stole an from her nest. ( Reading the monster’s mind)

Tony: Great now we have a rage momma Deviljho hanging around…c'mon we need to leave and put on our good stuff.

Napalm and Matt: We don’t have top tier armor or weapons…|3

Joe: Hey we need distractions if we have to fight her. :3 Meatshieldcoughcough…

Napalm and Matt: ( Both bopping Joe)

Joe: Ow hehehehee…XD

Tony: Sssshhh….follow me…watch where you step…( He and the others creeping along and away from the Deviljho) So far so…( Bumps into something) Crap….8C ( Staring right at the Rathion they were hunting)

Rathion: ( Looks back at its rump) Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooorrrr!!

Deviljho Female: ( Notices the Rathion) ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAWWWRR!!

Tony, Joe, Matt, Napalm: Run like hell!! >3 ( All scattering and running as fast as they could)

Narrator: One panicked sprint later.~~

( Back at the Boarding House)

Tony: ( In his top tier hunting gear, eating) Omnomnomnomnom! >3 Well guys that Rathion is as good as dead by now…But hey we have a Deviljho we can hunt. ^_^

Napalm: Wooo hoo…lah-dee-flipping-dah…|3 ( In his low ranked armor, not smelling anymore)

Matt: If that thing starts beating up on me and Napalm, we’re not doing it the ‘Hunter Way’.

Joe: Ooooh come on, you two are good at dodging. Just keep her distracted while Tony and I chop off her butt. ^_^

Tony: We would want the tail Joe…

Joe: Gimme Dat Butt!! >3 ( Raising his weapon, eating his dinner)

Tony: ( To Matt and Napalm) It won’t be that hard, just distract her long enough were I can put her to sleep, we lay the biggest bomb barrels we have, then go from there. ^_^

Napalm: Okay, well…( Sees something on the news) Wait what’s this? ( Watching the TV in the dining room)

News Reporter: Breaking news! Thieves have been arrested after poaching a Deviljho egg. Citizens are to stay away from the Mon Bush area until further notice….or unless a bunch of brave saps are goofy enough to settle the beast down. More at seven.

Joe: Ooooooh, that’s why she’s stomping around acting all grouchy…someone took her baby.

Matt: Being bait sounds like a good idea. Lets go!  

Napalm, Matt, Joe, and Tony: ( All gobbling down their dinner) Nomfnomfnmomffnmonmonmnononomffmfopmfofomfomfofmofommfff!

Narrator: Back at Mon Bush…

Tony: ( He and the others hiding, watching the angry Deviljho mother from a distance) Okay it looks like her last temper tantrum wore her out…you two know the plan…

Napalm: ( Getting his weapon ready, looks to Matt) Oooiii….Okay buddy, lets do this. >3

Matt: Hopefully this new hammer will help…Okay, go! >3

Deviljho Mother: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..( Sleeping) Zzzzzzzzzzzz….|3

Napalm and Matt: ( Sneaking up in her) ……………|3

Tony: ( Quietly as he watched) That’s right….nice and slow…take your time…

Deviljho Mother: Zzzzzzzzzzz………Grrrrrrrrrr…Aaaaaarrrggghhh! XC ( Rolling over, waking up, but transforming)

Napalm and Matt: 8C ( Both dashing back to the bushes)

Joe: Did that thing…almost talk? |3

Deviljho Mother: Aaaarrrghh I can’t sleep! XC I’m too mad to sleep! I want my baby back!

The Deviljho Mother had turned into an eight foot tall humanoid female with an hour glass figure. Chest and hips matching in size.

Napalm: ( Whispering) How….how did she…how does…what what what…? |3

Matt: ( Whispering back ) She may have eaten something to allow her to change or she’s a rare breed…But she’s awake and still very dangerous…|3

Joe: ( Looking at the Deviljho female) Gimme dat’ butt. 83P

Tony: Joe this is the worst time to…well hot dang she does look good…but she’s still dangerous and we never got the…

Deviljho Female: Who’s here?? >3 Come out before I level the whole area!! ( Getting ready to start thrashing toward Matt and Napalm’s hiding spot)

Tony: Screw it! We’re doing it live! >3

Matt and Napalm: ( Jumping on her back) Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaah! >3

Joe: Swiggity Swooty!! >83 ( Also Charging)

Deviljho Female: Thieves!! >3 Gimme my egg back! ( Trying to throw Napalm and Matt off, getting pelted with sleep arrows from Tony) Stahpit!! >3 ( Trying to charge at Tony)

Tony: ( Firing his bow) We didn’t steal your egg! >3 But you have to calm down!

Deviljho Female: Kiss my ass! >3 ( Jumps up in the air for a butt smash)

Joe: Nice view…:3 ( Comes too) Oh crud, abort abort! 8C ( Dodging)

Napalm and Matt: ( Still on her back) Whoooooooooooaaa! D8 ( Bodies jarred and shaken when she landed, falling off)

Deviljho Female: ( Charging her beam) Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….>3

Tony: Oh God! D8 Run, dodge, don’t let that hit you!

Park Ranger: ( Waving at Tony) Hey over here quick!

Matt: ( Notices the park ranger) Ruuuuuuuun run run run!

( They all dive near the park ranger in time for the Deviljho Female to fire her laser, just dodging in time)

Park Ranger: ( Having the egg in a wheel barrow) The egg is unharmed. If you can slowly wheel this out to her, maybe she’ll calm down.

Napalm: Emphasis on the word “Maybe”. |3

Joe: Heck its worth a shot…what’s the worst she can do? XD

Matt: A ton! >3 But lets try it…

( The guys push the egg out into the clearing so the angry mother would notice)

Deviljho Female: Aha! >3 Bringing back what was…..( Sniffing) Wait the egg has a different smell…|3

Joe: It wasn’t us. First idea was to calm you down…( Muttering) and maybe lop off your tail…( Out loud) But we got your egg back. ^_^

Deviljho Female:…..|3

Tony: Now would you calm down and stop wrecking Mon Bush? ^_^;

Matt and Napalm: Please? ^_^;

Deviljho Female: Hmmmmm….|3 ( Picking up the egg and examining it) Waaaiiit a minute…This is another Deviljho’s egg. XD One sec….( Runs off, hips swaying)

Joe: Woof. :3p

Napalm: Another Deviljho’s egg….? |3

Matt and Tony: Whaaaaaat….? |3

Deviljho Female: Okay the egg’s back to the right mother…I may or may not have eaten something to make me dream weird stuff so I thought I had an egg, but the problem is solved….except for one tiny issue. >3

Tony: Uuuummm….Yeah? |3

Deviljho Female: I’m hungry…>3 And you four look edible enough.

Tony, Joe, Napalm, Matt: ( Looking at each other)……( Then start rushing her) Yaaaaaaaaaarrrr! >3

Deviljho Female: ( Getting pelted with more sleep arrows while Joe, Matt, and Napalm kept her occupied) Hey! Sit still! I wanna eaaaaaahhh Ooooh whats going on….? |3 ( Falls over, fast asleep)

Tony: Okay she’s out…|3 Now what?

Joe: Well, she’s able to reason so cutting off her tail is out of the question…( Slaps her rear) Gimme dat’ butt! :3c

Napalm: You’re gonna wake her up…>3

Deviljho Female: Snoorrrkkk…..|3 ( Stays asleep) Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…..|3

Matt: Whew….|3 Okay what do we do with her? O_o

Tony: Hmmmmmm….Joe do you think we can…

Joe: Yes. :3

Tony: But I didn’t finish….O_o

Joe: The answer is yes. :3 Take her with us and move her into the building.

Napalm: Is that a wise and safe idea? F3

Joe: All she needs is tamed. :3

Tony: Hmmm, I agree. ^_^ We take her home and….'tame her’. :3

Narrator: One taming later.

Taokaka: ( Poking her head into the fridge in the kitchen) Meow?? Who ate all of Tao’s meat buns? >3

Xerka: ( Eating Tao’s last meat bun) Nomf. |3 Name’s Xerka, got a problem?

Tao: ( Looks at Xerka) Nnnnnnnnope!~ <83 ( Steps away)

Tony: ( Watching Xerka from the living room) She ate all the food in the pantry. 8C

Matt: More taming? O_o

Napalm, Joe, Tony, Matt: ( All thinking for a moment, then out loud) More taming! ^w^

Xerka: ( Notices the four approaching her) Look, I know I ate all the food, but you people need to carry more if I’m gonna live here….and what the heck is with those faces? F3

Tony, Joe, Matt, Napalm: Time for more taming. :3c

Xerka: Ooooooh brother….XD Gonna be walking funny come morning.

( The scene closes with red stage curtains with a Warner Brothers-esq sign popping in with Ikrukukwu’s head poking out)

Irukukwu: Abbity- Abbity- Abbity Thats all folks! ^w^