Here is Funeral Hymn and her rather spooky outfit! I had originally made her a more normal dress, but got a rather great suggestion about making her some sort of hospital gown (her being a ghost and all). So I did- and I think it suits her :)

It was fun to make, I actually tea-stained the fabric to give it an old, antique-y vibe, and left the bottom edges raw. It also got a little bit of haunted splatters. I also ended up making her some ghastly accessories; she has a little hospital band around her wrist, as well as ID/“toe tags”. I actually burned the edges on those and painted them too, to make them look authentically old.

I will be including the original dress I made her with her, in addition to this one, in case this was too macabre. Or just for variety! But I rather like how she turned out like this