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I know you already answered this, but how does object head inheritance work for monsters?

“I actually answered that question a really long time ago! You can see that post right here. Heh, I really have changed a lot since then… ”

“But, uh, to give a little more insight into why Object Head inheritance is so weird… it’s because they were originally a ‘created species’… or to put it more bluntly, a type of ‘artificial’ monster. In monster society they were often priests or shamans, but human wizards, uh… sometimes used them as slaves… ”

“But those days are ancient history now, even by monster standards. And the means of ‘making’ an Object Head, at least outside the usual way monsters have children, have long since been lost… ”

“But, uh, I think I heard the monster tradition of taking an object someone was very attached to in life, and scattering some of their dust on it, might have some relation to it?”

“I’d probably have to ask one of my cousins to be sure… ”


“ Kwenga” 

A new editorial I shot in the current issue of Monster Children Magazine.

Photography/ Cole Barash

Styling/  M O S E S™

Make Up/  Satsuki Soma

Hair/  Brittany Whetnall-White

Casting/  Von Ford

Assistants/ Mitchel Brumsted & Valentine Malone III

Locations/Miss Lily’s 7A/ NYC Roofeeo’s Backyard/ Brooklyn, NY

Produced/ Craig Wetherby / TheGoodLife!