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Webcomics to read! (Every synopsis is taken directly from the webcomic site or from

Ava’s Demon- Science fiction and fantasy, multimedia webcomic about a girl named Ava and the demon haunting her. The demon happens to be the ghost of an alien queen, Wrathia, seeking revenge on the one that destroyed her empire, a god-like figure named Titan. The story follows Ava as she makes her way across the universe, teaming up with the demon haunting her on a quest for revenge, while fighting her own inner demons along the way.

Blindsprings- An all ages comic, featuring magic, secret societies and hidden gateways to fantastic places. The comic should appeal to anyone who loves Ghibli or Disney animated movies!

Cucumber Quest- Cucumber Quest is a comic about bunny kids going on adventures and having fun.

Knights Errant- TBA
I recommend you read the original and the reboot (link in title.)

Lackadaisy- Set in the year of 1920 in Prohibition-era St. Louis, the comic follows the antics and adventures of a group of anthropomorphic cats as well as a notorious underground speakeasy set up by a character by the name of Atlas May in order to sell alchoholic beverages to people in secret.

Lucky Penny- The book is about an unlucky girl trying to figure stuff out. The humor is pretty similar to Johnny Wander.

Monster Pop!- Acomic about two best friends and the slice of life adventures they share! Monster Pop! is set in an alternate Earth where monsters coexist with humans; sometimes they integrate well, sometimes they clash. This comic is heavily influenced by shoujo manga. Monster Pop! includes musical and interactive elements: Every now and then there will be a page with animation and/or music and most of the main characters have their own blogs.

Nimona- Lord Ballister Blackheart has a point to make, and his point is that the good guys aren’t as good as they seem. He makes a comfortable living as a supervillain, but never really seems to accomplish much - until he takes on a new sidekick, Nimona, a shapeshifter with her own ideas of how things should be done. Unfortunately, most of those ideas involve blowing things up. Now Ballister must teach his young protégé some restraint and try to keep her from destroying everything, while simultaneously attempting to expose the dark dealings of those who claim to be the protectors of the kingdom - including his former best friend turned nemesis, Ambrosius Goldenloin.

Saint for Rent- Saint runs an inn for Time Travelers, which leaves him little time to write his trashy romance novels. Always a pit stop in the crisscrossing lives of his out-of-date friends and family, Saint wonders where his place is in a world that’s quickly passing him by. Unfortunately, he also attracts the more… supernatural “guests,” too.

Sonnet- An ongoing comic project, introducing a collection of fairytales and short stories told through poetry and illustration.

The Property of Hate- A young girl is suddenly awoken by a strange man who refers to himself simply as RGB. He is formal in speech and odd in the head, or in the television set where his head should be. He asks her if she would like to become a hero, and though she answers with gusto, she doesn’t have any knowledge of what will be expected of her as she leaves her home for a world in the skies.


Commissions and drawings from the last leg of Anime Expo! That first character is mayakern’s OC, Franny from Monster Pop. Kris Anka very kindly stopped by to visit, and he picked up Emma Frost. Everyone was incredibly sweet, and I got to meet SO MANY awesome followers, friends, and personal faves. A warm thank you to everyone who stopped by!


okay listen up nerds because you’re about to hear about one of the best goddamn webcomics known to motherfuckin man: (gomen to homestuck)


see that cute cyclops up there? that’s the main character, george. and she’s motherfuckin adorable ok? ok. 

other kick-ass characters include:

-franny, the intelligent genius witch

-marina, the adorkable snake-haired girl (who george totally has a crush on :^))

-percy, the cute boy who’s dating franny :D 

-sasha, the nerdy lil shit that i’m probably going to marry okay along w/ franny it would be one big polyamory 

oh, and 

-tiny fuckin minaj. 

okay anyways monster pop is about a group of friends who are going through uni together and it’s really fuckin cute and im surprised it’s not super popular on tumblr bc like:

-shit load of poc characters and theyre all super well written 

-there’s a non-cis character who im not gonna reveal bc it hasnt been revealed in canon yet but i emailed the author and she confirmed it so yay

-all the characters are relatable and awesome and almost all of them have actual tumblr blogs 

-the art style is bitchin’ i mean cmon look at that beautiful art 

so yeah 






so go read this hecka cute comic right now uwu 

i wrote another song! O)

it’s been a while, huh! anyway, hope you guys like it!

i try hard to stay sane
i can’t help it if you’re in my brain
i’m holding on in any way that i can
i try my best to be myself
but next to you i am someone else
i’m holding on in any way that i can
but life has its twists and turns
we screw up until we learn
i’m doing the best i can
can’t you see?