So what is a drawing tablet?

It’s a device that lets you draw digitally, but it simulates the feel of traditional media, and most digital artists use them!

They usually look similar to this:

There’s the body of the tablet, which is the “tablet” part (duh), and there’s a special pen/stylus that goes with it. More often than not, the tablet and the pen will come together, as a pair. You’d also might need a USB cord. Not all tablets are the same so make sure you check out what cable you might need before you buy the tablet. One last thing: tablets have this thing called a Driver, which is basically a kind of software that lets your tablet work on your computer. You need to download a specific driver for your specific tablet make and model. Without the driver, you can’t use your tablet on your computer at all.

Some of the fanciest ones like the Cintiq can be up to $3000, but there are plenty of tablets that are sturdy, reliable and under $70! Here’s a little list I made of some cheaper tablets I’ve heard about. This is in no way an exhaustive list, but it’ll get you started on finding the tablet that’s right for you!

This Small Wacom Bamboo is pretty much the one that I have. You can get it used for like $50. I usually wouldn’t recommend buying a used tablet, but I’ve had mine for 8 years and it’s the sturdiest piece of technology I own. It’s not anywhere near fancy but it gets the job done and bonus points for being from a reliable brand.

I’ve heard a lot about The Monoprice tablet. Apparently the driver is very difficult to install, but once you’ve got it going, it works like a dream. I’ve personally never used one but for the size and the price, it seems like a great deal.

Then there’s Turcom, another brand with a few cheaper options, around $40. The cheapest one I can find is the ts-6580, which is the same size, if not a little bigger than the small Bamboo tablet. There’s also another option with a TON of hot keys. I’ve heard from a lot of people that Turcom is a good alternative to Wacom.

Well that’s all I’ve got for ya! I’m by no means an encyclopedic source on the matter, but I hope it gave you some tips for buying a tablet!

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What kind of art software ur using? Based on the brushes that you used, Imma guess you use medibang paint pro or Firealpaca? If I am wrong, then oh well. btw nice art!!!

I actually use the program Clip Studio Paint Pro to draw, but most of my brushes come from a big brush pack by another cool artist called @frenden. I also have some brushes I like from CSP’s asset library.

I really super-duper recommend shelling out a bit of cash for CSP and the brush pack if you can. CSP goes on sale very frequently, and you can often find it for $30 or less. I tell ya, I wouldn’t be able to handle all-digital drawing without these tools. But with CSP being so artist-friendly and feature-rich and Frenden’s beautiful brushes—plus a good display tablet—making art this way is an absolute dream!

P.S. Glad you like my stuff. I do try.

Monoprice Tablet

Ok, I got mine in the mail finally!!!  For those of you seriously confused, I ordered a monoprice tablet a couple of days ago due to some surprisingly excellent reviews and people raving about how it’s much better than a wacom intuos, bla bla.

And yes, monoprice tablets are those random cheaper ‘knock-off’ brand sort of tablets.

BUT, I love it (so far).  The reason for this post is the ONE con I can think of - installing the driver software.  If you don’t do it right, and don’t take the necessary steps to prepare your PC before even plugging the thing in, it won’t work like it should.

Before I continue, I’m working on a homebuilt pc (amd athlon II quad-core processor (3 Ghz), 4 gigs of RAM, and nvidia geforce 550, running Windows 7 as 32bit, OK OK TMI, BUT I LOVE MY PC).

So here’s what I did (for those who have also heard of monoprice and are interested, or having trouble):

1. Don’t plug in anything tablet-related, don’t even put in the Monoprice Installation CD, JUST DON’T.

2. Hit your Start Menu and type in the search bar “change device installation settings.”  It should pop up as an option, so then you click it.

3. Select the “No, let me” option, and then select “Never install driver software from Windows Update.”

Windows Update actually does have a tendency to select drivers that aren’t the best match or most compatible.  Also, most things you plug into your PC have drivers available and easy to find online.

4. Next, go to Control Panel > Programs & Features

5. Uninstall ANYTHING TABLET RELATED.  This means your Wacom tablet program and drivers and all that.  Windows may prompt you to restart after each driver/feature you uninstall, but I usually select “restart later” until I’ve gotten to the last one.  Then I restart.

I’m pretty sure the Monoprice Tablet driver fights with other drivers, or just is ignored if Wacom drivers are installed as well.  ALSO, now that you’ve insured Windows Update won’t automatically find 'newer’ drivers for your Monoprice, you can be sure that the driver you install from the CD will be the one it’s using, and the most compatible one.

6. Once your PC has restarted and is awake again, insert the Monoprice Installation CD.  DO NOT PLUG IN YOUR TABLET.

7. Follow the instructions to install the Driver(s).  You’re also going to have to restart your system again once it’s finished installing.

8. NOW you can plug in your tablet, and it should work with both Photoshop CS6 and Paint Tool SAI.

Hope that helps anyone having trouble.  c:

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Hi, I've got the 10x6.5 w/hotkeys (6814), and the pressure sensitivity's fine, but the curser jumps around the screen randomly fairly frequently, making it unusable. Yes, I uninstalled the wacom drivers(And a bunch of logitech mouse drivers, etc), I've installed the drivers first(I've tried the latest drivers, the ones from the CD, and two Huion drivers - no luck), but Windows keeps putting their bloody HID drivers on anyway no matter how many times I tell them not to or uninstall them.

Hello, anonymous! If you can come off anon, we can correspond privately!

It sounds to me like you need to turn off Tablet PC services. Having it on can make your cursor jump all over the place.

Under Windows 7, the process looks like this: Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Services > Look for “Tablet PC Input Service”. Double click it. Choose startup type and pick “Disabled” from the drop-down menu. That makes it so Tablet PC services will stop loading at startup. If it’s currently running, click “Stop” to make it… well, stop.

I’m not sure what version of Windows you’re on, so if the 7 assumption is wrong, my apologies!

Then you go into the tablet driver settings and make sure “Support Tablet PC Feature” (sic) is unchecked.

As for Windows being a jerk with HIDs, here is the following from draw2much’s deviantART FAQ (which I suspect you may have already found):

“Unplug all non-essential items from your computer, you want ONLY your Monitor, Speakers, Mouse and Keyboard plugged in. Go to Start Menu, search "Device Manager”, click “Device Manger” to open a new Window with a list. Look for “Human Interface Devices”. Click on the triangle to expand. The only HIDs you should be seeing in this sub-list are your mouse/keyboard HIDs.

“Plug in your Monoprice tablet, keeping a close eye on the HID list. Windows will refresh and new HIDs will appear on the list. These will either be Window Generic HIDs and/or Wacom HIDs. Double click on them, go to Drivers tab, uninstall. Follow directions. Unplug Tablet. Restart computer. Plug in tablet.    

"If you find the tablet still doesn’t work, and Windows is stubbornly installing those generic devil drivers, redo the steps in point 3. After you restart, do not plug the tablet in, UNINSTALL THE MONOPRICE DRIVERS (or USE RESTORE POINT MENTIONED IN POINT 4) and then REINSTALL them again. Restart. As you’re booting, FOLLOW POINT 2 AND DISABLE DRIVER VERIFICATION. Plug tablet in.”

Hope this helps, anon!

im so sorry i spoke poorly of monoprice, look at this shit, thats the size brush i am using and that itty bitty line is from the same size brush.

look at that shit

my wacom never did this, this is so hot omg


Huion 10x6 Tablet Unboxing

Using the same internal tech as the Monoprice and Yiynova tablets I’ve reviewed previously, the Huion is a 10"x6" tablet with 2048 levels of sensitivity selling for less than $60 at the time of posting.

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friend i am looking for that ONE tablet that was going around forever ago, i'm pretty sure i remember you saying you have one?? it's the cheaper one that's supposedly superior to wacom tablets??? it's like 50 bucks or something. am i Dory or do you happen to remember what it's called and/or have a link? ;o; ty either way have a good day

You my friend are thinking of Monoprice tablets. They are indeed super cheap and super great. I bought one of their bigger more expensive ones. It is almost twice the size and half the price of my old Wacom and has served me more reliably than my Wacom ever did. I am literally never buying from another tablet manufacturer again im in love so yeah, enjoy. :)

what with me opening a patreon soon and taking a lot of commissions when summer rolls around and all that jazz, my 3-4 year old monoprice tablet’s getting old and worn down from daily use (and not exactly dependable due to the cord being a bit loose) so shortly down the road I’m gonna be buying a new one. The new intuos line look really nice, but does anyone have reviews for how it works with SAI and on Windows 7? Also, do those dot grids have any texture to them or is it general papery/smoothish? That’s kind of a make or break for me. I might end up coughing up the bucks for an intuos pro if those are a lot more worth it, though

edit: they also need to be left-handed friendly (ie hotkeys can be on the right side by flipping it and my tablet wont register strokes upside down)

Tess the Loyal

My first tablet, a 6.5 x 11 inch Monoprice, survived five years before ultimately having to be replaced (there was a lot of tape in the end). My good friend @leafmantess sent me her old Wacom as a replacement. This drawing is in part a thank you, but I needed to draw Tess anyway and was happy to have a new tool to use.

The flowers are alstroemeria, which in Victorian Flower Language stand for loyalty. 

Note: I will be offering circular portraits like these as commissions! Color or black and white, flowers not necessary (you could have anything that relates to the subject in some way, or just a design in the background). Base price of $40. Contact me if interest via ask or messenger. 5 slots.


So I’ve been complaining about the little monoprice that couldn’t for the better part of a year or so
maybe more
definitely more

turns out its not so bad I just needed to complain a lot
heres some dumb shit i made recently
well now that i’m not totally out of service I should get to stuff I owe people

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Hi Bob, perhaps an odd question but could you please share what drawing pad you use? or recommend? thank you, Ghada

so i should mention first of all that i haven’t been using drawing pads for a couple of years now. these days i do most stuff by hand and scan it in later. but that said, i’ve used two different tablets, both of which served me well. 

my first was a monoprice, which i highly recommend as a starter if you’re not sure what to get, or worried about making a big investment. that was how i approached it at least. they’re around like 50-60 dollars, and work spectacularly well for that low of a price. i used it when i first started making webcomics, and eventually upgraded to a 13″ cintiq after a year or so. i would say upgrading to the cintiq was worth it. drawing directly on the screen gives you more control, feels more intuitive, and since this was a few years ago i’m sure the current models are even better. hope this helps!

I just realized that I haven't used my monoprice graphic drawing tablet for a long Time neither have I colored my drawings 😥 man why do I have to be so busy all the time *Tears* I miss coloring my art

I chose Team Valor because I saw Candela and immediately wanted to draw her. I want to see other people’s interpretation of the team leaders!

edit- now that the official art is out it’s time to redraw her as the way she actually looks and not guess from silhouette.


i feel like people seem to be under the impression that i am spending hundreds of dollars on the tablets in the giveaway

THAT IS NOT THE CASE, MONOPRICE TABLETS ARE CHEAP!! If you are short on money and want a decent drawing tablet, I greatly recommend buying a Monoprice tablet instead of a Wacom one!

So far, from my personal experience, Monoprice tablets are far better for drawing than the Bamboo tablet, which is around the same price (if not even more expensive).

I would only suggest investing in an Intuos or a Cintiq if you either 1) have the extra money lying around or 2) plan on doing art as a career since I DO think they are more refined than Monoprice tablets as far as registering pressure sensitivity and pen strokes.

STILL Monoprice does a great job, especially given its incredibly low price. Great for beginners or people who just draw as a hobby! I bought it because I wanted a nice small tablet good for travel purposes and bringing to class, which this fulfills wonderfully!

I might even check out their Cintiq-ese Interactive Pen Display since seriously, under $400 as opposed to the $2000+ for a Cintiq? And 19 inches at that!