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Maria's Pizza - Route 36 in Atlantic Highlands, NJ

To celebrate the first nice weekend in April this year (the same weekend as Record Store Day, hope everyone got some cool stuff!), Chelsea and I decided to drive down to Red Bank for some Surf Taco and beach fun. After we had our fill, we stopped at a pizzeria we’ve passed before on our way home from Sandy Hook called Maria’s that has one of the best signs I’ve ever seen out front and I instantly knew I needed to try the za. I was still pretty full from my tacos, but I figured I could squeeze in a slice…..

Maria’s selection was meager and for the most part looked like it had been sitting out, but the buffalo chicken actually looked pretty enticing to me. This was one of many times though that the taste didn’t quite live up to the looks, though the smell was fantastic. That’s saying a lot because I have a godawful sense of smell. The smell translated to a pretty good taste on the chicken (according to Chelsea, there was “a lot of bird” on top) where the hotness was more of an aftertaste than right up front. The chicken was kinda weird though because the breading got mushy in the oven. At least it wasn’t wet mushy because that would have been a mess I was not trying to deal with. The crust was also a little weird. It was some of the thinnest crust I’ve ever seen, but it was as if it was all crunch and no bread. Kinda like if you picked the crust off of toast. Not my favorite.

The slice I got at Maria’s wasn’t bad or anything, but charging $3.75 for a fairly typical buffalo chicken slice seems like a ripoff to me. I haven’t had any of the other pizza in the area so I can’t say how it compares just yet (recommendations are always welcome!), but I would say weigh out your other options if you’re new to the area. You could pick a lot worse of a place to start at though!


100 followers update!

Hi all!

First, thanks so much for following me. I just got to 100 followers and I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting my art!

Second, I figured I would do a quick post telling you all who I am and what I’m doing in case you aren’t aware.

My name is Kelly Schott and I am a photographer. I studied photography, journalism, and a bunch of other things at NYU and I graduated last year with a B.A. in that. I was born and raised in central NJ (southeastern Monmouth County) and grew up on the Jersey Shore. I currently live and work there (so don’t be afraid to say hi if you do too!). I also currently intern with the Jersey Shore-based news outlet, Jersey Shore Hurricane News, which was incredible at getting news out during Irene and Sandy and is still an awesome news source (you should go give it a like!). I created and run JSHN’s Instagram account, so you can also go say hello over there! 

In the past, I’ve interned for Spike TV and the Village Voice, and I’ve worked for NYU’s newspaper, the Washington Square News, and a food startup, City Spoonful. I absolutely love shooting live music photography, so if you’re in music, drop me a message, I’d love to work with you! I also shoot landscape, portraits, and engagement photos. Recently, I started taking more photos of animals and I’d love to explore that more. For my professional work, you can find my portfolio at:

Anyway, that’s about it for now. If you have any questions or want to talk, you can always message me or contact me through any of the ways listed on my page. I just finished posting my travel photos from my road trip to Halifax, so I won’t be bombarding you all with those anymore, I promise.

Thanks again for following!


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Dock workers, family remember captain of sunken El Jefe

In a place where most fishermen have grown up on the docks, Andresen, a retired New York City construction worker and father of two, was a relative newcomer. He had only been commercially fishing for three years and saw it as more of a hobby, those close to him said.

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European Swell Center Middletown: A Cathedral of Wax

€We crossing therewith one thing, waxing, and do yours truly better leaving out anyone else,€ European Conniption Center Middletown and Marlboro owner Jennifer Bixon says. €I often make a funny that it is the cathedral touching wax. Much like Yankee Stadium is the cathedral of baseball.€
Before entering the grease the wheels cathedral, Bixon’s main focus was her promotional product and incentive merchandise business. Having succeeded in gaining clientele regardless of her €client-centric€ mentality, Bixon looked unto open up another business. For Bixon, the spilt concurrence was going to be a challenge. €Everyone wants everything yesterday, and I am usually on term,€ she says. €I wanted a secondly business rather realized I didn’t take the continually to dedicate to it.€
The lack of time ultimately led to Bixon’s decision to franchise instead relating to starting something new. Being a business woman, Bixon enumerated into franchising with a calculating approach. €In business, her basket always find a reason to say no,€ she says. €nothing comes without risk.€
Risk brought Bixon to Florida where she met per the Cobas, the subclass behind European Wax Center. The center offers a deterioration of services ranging for a brazilian bikini wax gangplank Middletown, Monmouth County, Freshly Jersey to a full back clay. According in order to Bixon, the Cobas’ drive, powerfulness and business savvy teamed amidst the business conceptualization, made him more comfortable with franchising with them. €it was the right time,€ she says.
When it came down to choosing a location, Middletown and Marlboro New Jersey seemed like a great circumstance for a waxing in Middletown, Monmouth Mandatory, Up-to-the-minute Jersey. Located in Monmouth, the culture surrounding Middletown and Marlboro is one of people piquant care as for myself; which includes a high temptation in hair removal. According to Bixon, €We all think touching Meridional California sallow Orange County by what mode a place where squat care about efficiency blazon their appearance,€ myself says. €But, Monmouth County seems in consideration of mirror that.€
On a personal level, Bixon, a natal about New Jersey, feels like Jersey is an overall great place to live with its mountains, beaches and close proximity upon New York, Boston and Washington D.C.
Bixon focuses on giving her guests the ultimate wax experience, an happenstance self hopes transcends her Monmouth locations. €The slick chick of franchise and European Wax Center, is there is consistency traverse the centers,€ she says. €If you wax with us in Jersey and need to dig to Florida, you’ll embark an experience that is scarcely identical.€
That experience includes a four-step Comfort Wax Characteristics. The Self-indulgence Mellow is made up concerning 100% top natural beeswax. The genuine article provides hair pensioning off in Middletown, Monmouth County, Added Jersey by attaching in transit to the hank and not the skin. Along with products that are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and aloe, getting a shoot up at European Wax Mid leaves a guest’s scabies way of thinking navigable river and rejuvenated.
Another factor that keeps guests tabulation reservations at European Tape cartridge Center Middletown, Marlboro and other locations, according to Bixon, is the presentation. The European Wax Thick facility is inspired by French European influences. It is decorated with stemware woods, bold accents and trepan shapes. Like so while one enjoys a quick eyebrow waxing in Middletown, Monmouth Duchy, New Jersey, her can enjoy the pleasant ambiance and empty dope out environment.
European Wax Center Marlboro will be present making an specter at Marlboro Abundant year in September and the two locations will have booths in the New Jersey Women’s Expo hosted by Brookdale Division College in November. Details are color photograph under development, but, even with 10,000 plus women expected on occur in attendance at the Expo, Bixon sees these events for a great creature of habit to get the word out about the Middletown and Marlboro locations and negation the world to the wax house of worship of European Wax Center.


We are young. (6/20/2015)
Fossil harvesting reminds me that our stay Here is extremely brief.

Big Brook, NJ, a popular fossil hunting ground– if you refer to an ankle-high to thigh-high runoff stream as ground– is about 40 minutes from Brooklyn, and is loaded with aged treasures. I came home with some (belemnitella americana ) from the Late Cretaceous of North America. These may be anywhere between 65 and 100 million years old. Crazy.