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If we taught Daniel to swing from Ramiel's arms like monkey bars, how would he react and would he catch on to the fact Gabriel taught the little guy to do it?

Ramiel: “What–oh, okay. One more time.” *Trying to hide a smile, Ramiel extends one arm, bent at the elbow. He tries, unsuccessfully, not to smile as Daniel clings onto the proffered appendage. Once certain the child has a firm grip, he raises the arm so when Daniel folds his legs up the child is swinging gently from the arm.

You are a terrible influence,” Ramiel states, not looking at Gabriel. He can’t hide the grin that spreads over his face, his gaze gentle as he watches the small child swing.

I dare say the kid’s better than you were, though. You just clung like a limpet. He’s swinging.” Ramiel flicks his eyes to you, mischief twinkling in them.

Ah, but he learned from the best,” you retort, watching them with a smile.

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He fell off the really high up monkey bars and landed on concrete when he was, like, 3? Thats what his dad tells him anyway

Karma from a past life probably.

((Darn my buddhist studies))


  • You know the kiddos would adore him
  • Like even though you would be the one to normally babysit
  • They would immediately get so attached to this 15-year-old child 
  • And you’d lowkey be super jealous
  • “Why do they like you so much, Parker? I just called you over to help for this one time.”
  • “I, uh, I dunno”
  • A big goofy grin on his face
  • The kiddos would be running circles around his feet and tugging on his jeans
  • “ParkerParkerParkerParker”
  • They had picked up your nickname for him like immediately
  • And of course he found it crazy endearing
  • “Hey - hey, bud, whatcha doing?”
  • “I’m fast, I’m fast, watch!”
  • The boy would run faster circles around him
  • “Whoaaaahhhh, no way dude! I can’t even - I can’t even see you! Where’d you go? You’re going too fast!”
  • A giggle fit from the both of them
  • The little girl would be really shy to talk to him at first
  • She’d tug on your shirt sleeve and pull your head down
  • A little, hushed kid whisper
  • “Why are - why are his arms so.. big?”
  • You’d snort a little bit and raise your voice to make sure Peter could hear your answer
  • “It’s cause he’s so strong
  • Peter would have the biggest grin and shake his head side to side and chuckle
  • blushypeterawww
  • After a while of messing around -
  • which would include Peter doing push-ups with both the kiddos on his back cause he’s a dorky arrogant butt
  • and now the little girl would like him too
  • probably like-like him
  • she would give him little cheek kisses
  • he’d be a smiling mess
  • - the kids would start to get hungry
  • So you’d wander into their kitchen
  • Grab the box of mac and cheese sitting in the pantry
  • Peter would be grabbing plates and stuff
  • The kiddos would both insist on having their “special cups”
  • Peter would be a little confused but since you babysat often you would know
  • The girl would run to the cabinet and pull out their plastic spidey cups
  • Peter’s face would L I G H T U P
  • “WhAt?? You guys like Spider-Man? No way!”
  • They’d give eager grins and nod
  • They’d give him their cups to fill with lemonade
  • He would be in awe for a moment just staring down at the cups in his hand
  • Mouth slightly open and lips tugging into a smile
  • “Peter, they’re waiting”
  • You’d be smiling and laughing though cause aWW
  • “Right, sorry - sorry, guys, one sec”
  • He’d hold the cups up to you and mouth
  • You’d chuckle and nod
  • “I know, Parker, very cool”
  • But you’d be so so excited and happy for him
  • cause oh my
  • w h a t a l i t t l e h e r o
  • You’d finish the mac and cheese and you guys would all eat together
  • Then the kiddos would decide they wanted to go to the park
  • And since it was a little chilly, Peter would help them get their coats on while you looked for the keys
  • You’d all shuffle out the door
  • Peter would carry the little girl on his hip and you’d hold the little boy’s hand and walk with him
  • The park would be super close so you’d get there in no time
  • The girl would squirm to get out of Peter’s grip and beeline for the swings
  • The little boy would tug you along to the monkey bars
  • “C’mon, c’mon!”
  • Since you were at the monkey bars, Peter would head to the swings
  • The little girl would be giggling and squealing when he pulled her up to swing
  • “Higher, higher!”
  • “Are you suuuureee, kiddo?”
  • omg “kiddo” just end me right now
  • “Yes! Yes! Higher!”
  • He’d exaggeratedly grunt like it was hard to pull this tiny girl up higher and then let her go
  • So many cute giggles from the both of them
  • The little boy would be trying to do the monkey bars, with your help
  • His little feet would be resting on your hands and you’d steer him around
  • “Parker, Parker, look!”
  • Peter would look up from the smiling little girl
  • “I’m Spider-Man!”
  • The kiddo would reach for the next bar and grin at the guy
  • “You are! Oh my gosh, dude, you are Spider-Man! Look at you!”
  • He’d be smiling so big and look over to you
  • You’d flash him a wink
  • And he’d smile and turn back to the swings
  • The little girl would be admiring him and then hugging him, smiling into his hair
  • “I loveee yoouu, Parkerr”
  • He’d giggle so much and squeeze her
  • “I love you, too, kiddo”
  • After a long game of tag and tickling the kids as they came down the slide, you guys headed home
  • Peter’s cheeks would be a lil pink from the running around
  • He’d be breathing through a happy, flustered smile
  • Messy hair and scattered freckles
  • y i k e s i m o k a y
  • When you guys all got back you would go and help the kiddos into their pjs while Peter tried to set up the TV with a movie
  • You insisted that the kids wear their spidey pjs
  • “Uhh.. Y/N we were gonna anyway”
  • “Yeah, Parker looves Spider-Man”
  • You’d just giggle at them and tell them to run to the living room in their outfits
  • You’d hear Peter’s voice echo through the walls
  • “Wha - you guys! No way! You guys are real superheroes now! I love the costumes, oh my - Y/N! Come see this!
  • You’d saunter in with a goofy grin on your face and he’d just give you the most hopeless smile
  • It would mean so much to that dork.
  • s o .
  • m u c h .
  • “What’re we gonna watch, Peter?”
  • He’d be a stammering, smiling mess trying to answer
  • “I, uh, I thought we could watch some cartoons, or - whatever the kids want to watch, I mean -”
  • His eyes would start to wander, watching the kids jump across the couch, shooting imaginary webs at each other
  • He’d be breathing so shallowly
  • Eyes so wide and happy
  • “They’re - they’re our little Spider-kiddos, Y/N”
  • Your heart would be singing
  • So you’d walk over and hold onto his arm and rest your head on his shoulder
  • And you’d mumble the truth against his hoodie
  • “You’re their hero, Peter.”

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So the other day I took the baby to a little park in the neighborhood and there wasn’t anyone else there except for two boys. The boys were messing around on the monkey bars and the taller one pulled on the other boy’s waist, making him lose his grip and fall. And all I heard was “Goddamn it, Dustin. This is why I’m fucking your sister!” And honestly? Reddie.

headcanon: reddie piggyback rides

this was requested by @trxshmouth-t0zier (ily steph <3)

-richie and eddie loved piggyback rides, they did it all the time and the losers think it’s completely adorable
-most of the time it’s richie giving eddie piggyback rides but there are times when richie just wants to not walk and be lazy and get on his boyfriend’s back
-eddie hates it because richie is long (long legs and long arms and he’s just so much taller than eddie)
-but he secretly likes it because when richie is on eddie’s back, he’s always cracking jokes to try and get him to laugh and smile and he likes to run his fingers through eddie’s hair and kiss his cheek
-he’d never admit that he likes it though
-richie doesn’t care if eddie is tired of walking or not
-they could be walking with the rest of the losers and suddenly richie will stop and bend over and eddie kind of rolls his eyes because he know that richie wants to give him a piggyback ride and so he gets on his boyfriend’s back
-eddie likes to run his fingers through richie’s hair while he’s on his back too , he also likes to rest his cheek against the top of richie’s head and he sometimes burries his face in the crook of richie’s neck and kisses him there
-richie literally melts
-richie likes to rub eddie’s leg with his thumb, like you woul rub someone’s knuckles with your thumb, kind of a soothing thing
-richie also likes to piss eddie off and take off running with the smaller boy on his back
-richie wouldn’t stop and he’d be smiling the entire time while the rest of the losers are laughing their asses off
-literally they could be doing nothing and eddie would be lying on the couch and richie would come in, swooping eddie up and putting him on his back and just take off running around the house (more than likely singing “africa” by toto)
-one night the losers all decide to go to the park and it’s really dark and cold but they don’t care, they sit around on the playground and tell scary stories and jokes and they burst out into random songs and bill and ben push each other on the swings while beverly get on the monkey bars and mike and stan take turns going down the slide while in fits of laughter
-richie and eddie kind of slip away from the group and they end up sitting against this really tall tree and really they just talk and makeout and look at the stars for a little while
-on their way back to the group, though, richie literally trips over absolutely nothing
-“how the fuck do you trip over nothing, richie?” eddie asks, trying not to panic because he doesn’t want richie getting hurt
-“it’s dark out, i can’t see that well!”
-“can you walk?”
-“my ankle really fucking hurts…” he looks up to eddie with puppy dog eyes and it takes a second for eddie to understand
-“i’m hurt! i give you piggyback rides all the time! it’s only fair”
-“you better be lucky i love you”
-richie gets on eddie’s back and the taller boy is a smiles, the pain from his ankle not bothering him anymore
-he leans down as they’re walking back to the group and kisses the corner of his boyfriend’s mouth as he runs his fingers through his hair
-eddie tries to hide his smile but he fails

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Idle hands are the devil’s monkey bars.

Through the Years (For Ellie’s W.C.)

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This is for @ellie-bee242‘s writing competition.

Word Count: 6,894

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Warnings: swearing, public fingering, dirty talk, masturbation (female), oral (male on female), protected sex, daddy kink, kinky Dylan, overstimulation, 

A/N: I was meaning to get around to writing longer fics and I immediately had an idea! Thanks @ellie-bee242 for the unintentional motivation! I have song links for each part of the story, so listen to it when you read (some parts have 2 songs). I have bolded parts of the story that go along with my prompts. I hope you guys like this and stay tuned for the entries for my writing competition.

Prompts: 1) Because you can’t go to sleep, 9) Because you’re in a hotel, & 10) Curiosity

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Reasons to love Mike & Ike (the Newsies)


  • is Mike Faist
  • jumps a lot, very jumpy
  • swings on the set like monkey bars
  • plays rough, hits heckin’ hard
  • is almost definitely Les’s second-favorite newsie (after Jack)
  • “tappity-tappity-tappity-tappity-tap”
  • is very excitable, actually just a puppy
  • “son-of-a-gun *greaser leg wiggle*”
  • *grabs whoever is within reach for no reason* 


  • is Brendon Stimson
  • actual sunshine, always smiling
  • dem broom skills d’o
  • so much confidence, dang
  • best friends with literally everybody
  • is also very excitable, also probably a puppy
  • loves to show-off (might have a tiny crush on Katherine)
  • *links arms with Mike, nods in acknowledgment*
  • is a goofball, makes everybody laugh
  • “I’m the king of New York!” *head wiggle*
Devil Side-Chapter 18

Summary: A day at the park with Reyna and Bucky brings revelations and apologies. 

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Uhm. so this is fluff. but there are some mentions of emotional affairs and other sensitive themes. there’s not much angst. Dad!Bucky

Word Count: 1151

You decided to take Reyna to the park early. The walls of the tower were closing in you, suffocating you under its weight.

Reyna was edgy as it was. The departure of her father had resulted in tears and you’d spent a good twenty minutes calming her down. After a quick diaper change, which was a harrowing experience, and an outfit change you trudged toward the kitchen, her diaper bag slung over your shoulder, pushing her pram ahead of you.

You plop Reyna on the kitchen floor, handing her, her favorite unicorn toy. You rummaged through the kitchen cabinets a frenzied attempt to locate child-friendly snacks. You assumed she needed to eat more than three times a day. She was the daughter of a super soldier after all. Who knew what the effects the serum had on her body. She didn’t look any different from other children you had met, but that didn’t necessarily mean anything.

An intense few seconds followed. The animal crackers were inexplicably missing.

You finally found them stuffed in the back of the cupboard, and sighed in relief. Returning to Reyna, you head down to the park, ignoring the prickle at the back of your neck.

You couldn’t shake the feeling someone was watching you. It was unnerving, to say the least, causing you to fight the urge to keep checking behind you, relying instead on your other senses. Your eyes stayed focused on the road ahead and Reyna.

The five minutes it took to get to the park felt like an eternity. You knew you were being followed, the eyes boring into the back of your neck hard to miss.

They were assessing you. Tracking your every move.

You hoped the park would afford you cover and safety. No one was going to kidnap or harm someone with so many witnesses. It would be ridiculous and stupid to do so.

You breathe out a sigh of relief as you enter the playground. Nannies and mothers were everywhere. Children of various ages were playing on the equipment. A bright red swing set, a large sandpit, blue monkey bars and a ginormous jungle gym were among the picks to play on.

You could see why the enjoyed it so much, it was a veritable paradise.

Removing Reyna from her pram, you sit her beside you to apply sunscreen to her delicate skin. She giggles through the entire thing. Her excitement near infectious. “Alright, pretty girl. Let’s get this party started.” You boop her on the nose and haul her into your arms, heading straight for the swing set.

You would vehemently deny it if anyone asked you, but you were enjoying yourself immensely. Despite your slight resentment toward her Reyna was a joyful and happy child, and you found yourself wishing she was yours.

She kicked and laugh with every push. She would stretch out her little arms as if to touch the sky with a beautiful smile and light in her eyes. Her blonde curls shone like a halo in the warm afternoon sun.

Soon you had forgotten all about the men watching you and the danger you were in. You couldn’t find it in yourself to care. Not today.


Bucky showed up an hour later. You hadn’t noticed him at first. He sat silently on a bench watching you interact with his daughter. On the monkey bars, on the slide, his face set in a permanent smile. You blushed crimson when you finally did catch his eye, acutely aware you were covered head to toe in dirt.

Reyna was an enthusiastic sand castle builder and, you’d lost yourself completely in her. It was the happiest you’d felt in a while.

“Having fun?” Bucky asks, trying to suppress the laughter in his voice and failing miserably. He softly removes a twig from your hair, grinning widely the entire time.

“You did good, Barnes. She’s lovely,” you reply sincerely.

His smile dies for a second. His eyes dimming with your words, before he plasters it back on. “I can’t take all the credit.”

You snort in reply. Taking a seat beside the sandbox, Bucky follows suit. “You’re raising her by yourself, Bucky. You can take all the credit.” You pass a spade to Reyna who’s destroying the sand castle you built mere moments before. “You made a beautiful human being. You should be proud.”

Bucky drops his eyes to Reyna, sorrow flashing across his features.

You’re suddenly aware you’re treading in dangerous territory. You had no idea what you stumbled into, but it was obviously a sore topic. “Bucky?” you ask.

He sighs before he returns his attention to you. “She’s not mine,” he says softly.

You swear your eyes bug right out of your head. Your mouth snaps open, then closed with a click, completely lost for words.

“Henry Monrouex,” he says. “Violent drug addict in prison for attempted robbery. He killed two people outside of a bar in Brooklyn. He’s serving two consecutive life sentences in Great Haven Correctional Facility.” Your blank look draws a laugh from him. “He is… was,” he corrects himself, “Ivanna’s lover. After she died, we did paternity. I’m not Reyna’s father.

Courts granted me custody after a couple of months. Steve convinced Henry to sign away his parental rights. He’s not getting out of prison anytime soon, and he never wanted to be a father. But man, did he fight it. The courts weren’t happy either. They went looking for her grandparents. Turns out Ivanna was an orphan. She never told me.”

“Bucky,” you reply sympathetically, placing your hand over his own.

He smiles warmly. “She’s mine in every way that counts.”

“I’m sorry, Bucky. It must have been awful.”

Bucky shakes his head, his brow furrowed. “No. doll, I’m sorry.”

It’s your turn to look at him in confusion. He smiles sadly and squeezes your hand.

“I’m sorry for being selfish. I’m sorry for the pain I caused you. I’m sorry for breaking your heart. I’m sorry for making you feel like you needed to leave. I’m just… sorry.”

You swallow the lump forming in your throat, nodding mutely at his words.

“But most of all, I’m sorry I couldn’t see what was in front of me. How good I had it. I want you to know, it was never you.”

You bark out a laugh. “It’s not you, it’s me, huh?” you reply sourly.

“I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. It was never you. This was my fault. My doing. My screw up. You are everything I ever wanted. It was never you.”

“Thank you,” you reply, suddenly very tearful.

It was not what you expected to hear from him. Deep down you’d held onto the thought that the entire thing was your fault.

For the first time, in two years you felt relieved. You had a sense of closure. And maybe, finally, you could move on.


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