The first time we meet, I was 6, you were 7.
I had fallen off the monkey bars and you helped me up, brushing my tears away.
We got into our first fight in 6th grade, because you wanted mozzarella sticks but you know damn well wings are my favorite.
Ultimately, we had wings.
You came to my choir concert in 8th grade.
After every solo I did, you screamed, “That’s my best friend!”.
I told you it embarrassed me, but to be honest, it made me question if my feelings towards you were just innocent.
9th grade we both got our first relationships.
You hated Sam, no, you loathed Sam.
Quite honestly, till this day I don’t really understand why you did.
He was the nicest boy in school, also he admitted later on he was gay and used me as a cover up.
You’re girlfriend was nice.
But that’s when I realised I was not feeling innocently towards you any more.
The summer of 10th grade you kissed me.
I was pretty drunk, but you were looking after me, like a great friend you are.
You didn’t think I remembered the next day.
But I did, you had said that night, “I can’t understand how you can be so beautiful so effortlessly.” You hit your head on the wall behind you and looked at me, “it’s so frustrating.” You looked at my lips and kissed me as if this would be your only chance.
“Jesus, I’m sorry. Lets get you home.” You took me back to your place and tucked me in to bed.
We didn’t talk about it.
We went on with our lives.
I think we were both scared to ruin what we already had.
We ended up going to the same college.
Half way through our first year, we slept together.
All of our built up emotions were finally released.
You apologized the next day and we stopped talking for awhile.
One day I was crying in the library because my stupid boyfriend cheated on me.
There you were.
You helped me up and wiped my tears.
We talked all night.
Then right before I was about to fall asleep you said, “I fucked up. I shouldn’t have apologized when we slept together. That was not a mistake. I..What I’m trying to say is..” You seemed flustered, “Oh for fucks sake, I’m trying to say I’m in love with you. I’ve loved you since 8th grade when I watched you sing your heart out on stage. Actually maybe in 6th grade when you laughed so hard at a joke I made, soda came out of your nose.”
I was speechless, so I just kissed you, and I didn’t stop.
Now, at 25, I am about to walk down the aisle and be with you for the rest of my life.
But to be honest, my life didn’t start until I meet you.
why the types are in time out
  • entp: took apart the DVR and attempted to rebuild the pieces into a robot
  • entj: confiscated everyone's snacks and attempted to sell them back in exchange bubblegum cigarettes
  • intp: kept running away to read applied physics books in the closet
  • intj: corrected the teacher sassily one too many times
  • estj: took the game of tag just a little too seriously
  • istj: got upset with someone else for messing up the cubby system they worked hard to maintain
  • estp: it was the only way to keep them from jumping off the monkey bars
  • istp: kept trying to make things explode with a juice box, dirt, and some miscellaneous items
  • enfp: kept trying to eat the glitter glue, then squirted it in their hair
  • infp: kept whispering to their imaginary friends while the teacher was trying to teach
  • enfj: nearly choked 3 other playmates in aggressive hugging attempts and nearly got mauled by the class pet
  • infj: got too flustered trying to understand a game and had a meltdown
  • esfp: ran around the room throwing glitter at everyone
  • isfp: doodled on all of their assignments, effectively making their work illegible
  • esfj: tried to force doll clothes onto the class hamster...nearly choked it instead
  • isfj: time out? please. everyone knows ISFJs are never in time out.