thankyouforyourcooperation replied to your post:Put the dumbest injury you’ve ever gotten in the…

Oh man I just remembered the time I got a bone bruise from a game of pool

And the one I got from being collided with on a swing

Oh man that reminds me of the first time I broke my arm. I was using the monkey bars during recess in Kindergarten, and another girl decided it was her turn before I was done and collided with me. Me being the tiniest five-year-old ever literally went flying and broke my arm and no one believed me because I wasn’t crying and I just got back up and wanted to keep playing even though I couldn’t use my arm.

Literally, my mom went to pick me up and was like… are you SURE she’s hurt? And I was just humming along in the backseat doing my thing left-handed.


Small centers of gravity dotted into our shared universe, the sandbox a black hole. Hours zooming by, moms in tight orbits, monkey bars, and He-Man. And then, light-years later, roaming them at night as teenagers. Rusty swing sets, flimsy vodka pop bottles, first cigarettes and fast kisses. It felt like we were the Masters of the Universe. And we tried not to cough. Shooting through outer space a million miles an hour, while longing for sandcastles.