a capitalist, a communist, and a monkey walk into a bar. the capitalist orders a whiskey and pays with his own cash. the communist orders a vodka and demands that the people around him pitch in.  the monkey doesn’t have any cash nor does it have the linguistic capabilities to ask for everyone around him to pitch in, and thus it goes home thirsty and a bit sad

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Jeremy and michael were totally those kids that were like "can i practice kiss on you"

The monkey bars in the corner of the playground were secluded, but it’s current occupants didn’t care. They sat at the top, legs swinging beneath them.

“Hey, Michael.”

“Yeah, Jer?”

“Have you ever been kissed?” Michael lazily looked over at his best friend.

“Like how Mom and Dad do?” Jeremy nodded, glazing up at the falling leaves.

“I wonder what it’s like.” He leaned against Michael. “I bet it’s weird.” Michael hummed in response as he picked rust from the metal supporting them. Suddenly Jeremy bolted up.

“What if when I kiss someone I don’t know what to do?! What if I get cooties?!” Jeremy gestured wildly with his hands, and Michael gently grabbed his shoulder.

“Jer, it’s fine! I’m sure you’ll do great.” Jeremy settled down.

“You think so?” Michael nodded, then stared off in thought.

“Well, I guess we could…practice?” He nervously asked. Jeremy’s face lit up like a bonfire.

“We can’t do that! Only girls and boys can kiss!”

“Who says?” Michael shifted so he was facing his tomato-faced friend. “And this way, we can’t get cooties!” Jeremy calmed down a bit, since it was common playground knowledge that cooties spread from girl to boy and boy to girl.

“That…makes sense. Do you know how?” Jeremy tugged at the hem of his shirt.

“We can just.. try?”

“Ummmmm, ok”.

Michael and Jeremy faced each other, and froze. They anxiously stared at each other, before Jeremy quickly darted forward to press his lips against Michael’s. Their noses bumped and Michael’s glasses poked Jeremy in the eye. They both darted back in a rush of apologies. The boys looked away, faces red.

“I-um-” Jeremy stuttered, then breathed deeply. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” Michael sent him a shy smile, still blushing, and Jeremy sent one in return.

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I need a fluffy fic of bughead meeting as kids

A/n: So basically what I learned from writing this is that I’m super out of practice with fluff fics and I’m terrible at writing little kids. But here you go nonnie - I tried.


“Elizabeth, it’s time for school! Come downstairs!”

Betty looked in the mirror one last time, clumsy fingers trying and failing to tie the bow wrapped around her waist. It was the first day of elementary school, and she was wearing a brand new dress. Pink, her favorite color. She let out an frustrated sigh and scrunched up her nose, giving up and pulling the ribbon into a knot.

She bounded down the stairs, gold sequined flats squeaking against the hardwood.

“Ready mommy!” She yelled, entering the kitchen and presenting herself with a wide, toothy smile.

Her mother turned, her lips upturning in a small smile as she assessed her daughter. “Elizabeth dear, you haven’t tied your bow properly. Come here, let me help.”

Betty dutifully approached her mother, trying not to wince as she pulled the ribbon just a little too tight.

“Why your father let you buy this ridiculous dress is beyond me.” Alice mumbled under her breath as she pulled the bow together, “It cost an arm and a leg and it’s completely impractical.”

“I promise I’ll wear it all the time mommy!” Betty turned, trying her best to cheer up her scowling mother. She scowled a lot, usually at the things Betty liked. When Betty had asked her dad about it, her dad had told her that her mommy just couldn’t see the color in life. Betty wasn’t quite sure what that meant, but she figured a pretty pink dress was a nice place to start.

“Let’s hope so.” Alice gave Betty a soft smile, giving the bow one last tug and pushing a stray hair out of Betty’s face. “There, now you look perfect.”

Betty grinned, happy to have received such high praise. The pink dress is working already, she thought.

The school day flew by, and before Betty knew it recess had begun. Her teacher led the class out to the most magnificent playground she had ever seen. Bright red slides, shiny blue monkey bars, and gleaming green swings were sprawled out before her, and Betty was positively buzzing with excitement. Her mother never let her play in parks - too many germ-filled children, she’d say.

Betty spotted a couple girls playing jump rope and instantly sprinted forward, excited to join in on the fun. Her joy was short lived, however, when she suddenly found herself crashing head over heels into the mulch.

She landed on her bottom, sitting in stunned silence as her little mind registered the incident. She looked down at her palms, scraped and stinging, her small, round lips forming a perfect “o” as tears slowly began to form in her eyes.

“Are you okay?”

Betty looked up toward the voice with reddened eyes and wiped away a stray tear. “I’m okay, thank you.” She did her very best to be convincing, just the way her mother had taught. She smiled faintly at the boy in front of her, his bright blue eyes shining with concern.

“You don’t look okay.” He said, crossing his arms over his chest as he stared at her.

“Well I am.” Betty scrambled to her feet, uncomfortable with the strange boy’s attention. She was preparing to walk away when she glanced down at her dress, her bottom lip suddenly beginning to tremble. She definitely wasn’t going to be able to stay smiling now.

“My - my dress.” She sputtered, her bloody palms reaching down to grab the tear that had appeared in the skirt. “It was perfect and now -” Betty felt panic rise in her chest, “I ruined it.”

“That’s okay!” The boy quickly reacted, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a safety pin, “I can fix it. Here.”

He crouched down and grabbed the hem of Betty’s skirt, causing her to jump back in surprise.

“It’s okay! I fix broken clothes all the time. Almost all my clothes are broken!” He smiled up at her and she relaxed, letting him pull her skirt toward him. He clumsily fastened the pin to the dress, pulling the tear closed. “There! All fixed.”

Betty looked down at the skirt, the measly pin doing almost nothing to hide the obvious tear. She sniffled, teary eyes looking up at the boy in confusion. “But it’s still ripped. Now there’s just a pin in it.”

He scrunched his eyebrows and looked at the dress, placing his hands on his hips in determination. “It just has character.”

“What does ‘character’ mean?” Betty asked, the word unfamiliar as it crossed her lips.

“It means special. Unique. Or at least that’s what my mom says. My clothes are full of character.” He smiled at her proudly.

Betty wasn’t quite sure what “unique” meant, but she knew what special meant, and she knew it was a good thing. She looked down at the dress again, gently swaying from side to side. The pin glinted in the sunlight, and Betty couldn’t help but smile. Character. She liked the sound of that.

“Thank you.” She said, reaching forward and giving the boy a hug. He stiffened at her touch before slowly wrapping his arms around her. He was a good hugger, Betty decided.

“My name is Betty.”

The little boy grinned at her, “I’m Jughead.”

She giggled, sniffling as she reached up to wipe her nose. “You have a funny name, Jughead.”

He blushed, ducking his head for a moment and causing the over-sized beanie on his head to shift, “You have a pretty laugh.”

Betty was going to tell him that he had pretty eyes - he did, they reminded her of the sky - when the recess bell rang. She jumped, turning to watch as her classmates fell into line behind her teacher. She started to run away before remembering her new friend Jughead, but when she turned to say goodbye he was gone.

She frowned, glancing down at her skirt and rubbing the silver pin between her fingers. Her dress wasn’t perfect anymore, but for the first time Betty wasn’t so sure that was a bad thing. It may have been ripped and dirty but, thanks to a silver pin and a blue-eyed boy, her dress wasn’t ruined. It simply had character.

One Shot Prompts

Since all my asks have been deleted by my…lovely…siblings, I’ll do this. Send me a fandom, number, and who is which person.

- - - - -


1. Person A works in a coffee shop and Person B is lactose intolerant but comes in every day and orders coffee to talk to Person A.

2. Person A sketches when bored and on the subway home Person B falls asleep on their shoulder and they end up sketching them, Person B wakes up but doesn’t move as they watch Person A sketch them.

3. Person C’s POV watching Person A and B flirt everyday for a few years.

4. Person A is apart of a gang and runs into Person B in a club and buys them a drink, the opposite gang comes in and Person A blindly rescues Person B realizing now they were stuck with them.

5. Person B and C have to fake date because of Person B’s parents, cue Person A getting jealous and forcing Person D to fake date them, though Person D has no idea what’s going on.

6. Harry Potter AU. Person A is Slytherin, Person C is Hufflepuff, and Person B is Gryfindor. Person C has to help Person A ask B to the Yule Ball.

7. Person B is the professors art helper and Person A accidentally went to the wrong class (art class) but by God is this helper cute I’ll take the F in Physics to stay here.

8. Person A sleep talks and Person B can never get enough of what they have to say, having small conversations to black mail them with.

9. Person B makes flower crowns and Person A always wakes up from their Math class nap with one on their head and is the only one who doesn’t know who’s putting them there.

10. Person A is having a cookout with their younger cousins and Person B’s dog eats their food so now you have to take me and my family out for dinner to make it up.


11. Person A and B work together to get Person C dressed for a date, though they’re secretly jealous, but jokes on them because Person C is dressing up to take A and B out.

12. Person B falls asleep during movie night and wakes up cuddled between A and C and has no idea what to do.

13. Person C is in love with the cute couple that has a date in the cafè every Friday evening and is always their server, until one day they invite C to join them.

14. 1920’s AU, Person A and C run a speakeasy and Person B is the famous flapper that infatuated everyone - especially A and C.

15. Person A wants to surprise their date mates and adopts a dog, Person B wants to surprise their date mates and adopts a cat, Person C wants to surprise their date mates and adopts a bird. Chaos ensues.

16. Person A is sick and B is over the top mother hen while C will kick their leg and go “You dead yet?”

17. Person C is a famous makeup artist on YouTube, Person B is a famous YouTube gamer and A is their adorably awkward date mate who they do makeup and play games with on camera.

18. Halloween party - Person A goes as Wonder Woman because they love the movie and support strong female main characters - Person B and C dress up as Batman and Superman and can’t stop gawking.

19. Person A and B are on the soccer team and C has no idea about sports but goes all the way out to support their date mates.

20. Person C shaves their legs and keeps making people feel how soft, wearing shorts and skipping around while A and B are dying because of how beautiful C is.


21. Person A and B meet C and D at laser tag and B kisses D in the dark thinking they’re their s/os. Cue chaos and after resolving the tension all four go out for milkshakes after.

22. Person A writes, B paints, C designs and D bakes. They have enough money for a one bedroom apartment and have to work through a lot of hardships together.

23. Soul Mate AU. The last thing you hear your soul mate say is tattooed on you. Person A has three quotes. Person B’s quote, “I’m just running to the store.” Person C’s quote, “We’ll be alright.” Person D’s quote, “If someone kicked and their foot flew off that would be beyond alarming.”

24. Vampire AU. Person A, C and D are vampires and tell B after years of dating. Cue non-stop Twilight jokes.

25. Pride Parade, A wears gay pride, B wears bi pride, C wears trans and pan pride, D wears ace pride while hitting drunk haters with their sign that reads “Viva La Love, Fuck You”.

26. Person D is sad and slightly drunk so A, B and C watch Harry Potter with them and listen as Person D rambles about the differences between the books and the movies.

27. Person C goes shopping for clothes to wear to the annual ball and accidentally spend all their spending money on cute couples merch, cue A, B and D having to figure out how to get C to look like they didn’t just roll out of Hot Topic.

28. Child AU. Person A tries to eat the sand from the sandbox, Person B gets stuck on top of monkey bars, Person C somehow finds a liter of stray cats, Person D keeps stealing candy from the other parents, Person E wishes they got paid more to babysit these little demon children.

29. Person B is sad they can’t all legally get married, so A, C and D throw an in-prompt-to wedding with their friends and family.

30. Prom AU. Person C buys a really, really nice outfit they want to wear to prom but hasn’t been asked. A, B and D buy color coded outfits and surprise C with a limo, dinner and tickets to prom.

kindergarten!au with Seventeen

part 1 | part 2

Choi Seungcheol/ S.coups
-befriends and plays with everyone
-encourages everyone, even the shy kids, to play and spend time together
-happily gives piggyback rides to his classmates
-tosun caretaker #1 (class pet rabbit)
-challenges people to wrestle with him bc he knows he’ll win

 Yoon Jeonghan
-pranks classmates and blames other classmates for them so he’s never caught
-sleepy for the whole day but when it’s naptime he’s Wide Awake
-actually a nice kid
-encourages his classmates to make up when they fight
-also a really active kid when no one notices
-never found during hide and seek
-hogs the slide
-hates vegetables and gives them all to joshua

 Hong Jisoo / Joshua
-the most respectful kid
-falls for jeonghan’s pranks for a while then gets used to it
-the first in his class to learn to read but only in english
-his lunchbox often includes fruits and vegetables
-shares his food with everyone but no one eats his vegetables
-eats his vegetables and likes them
-bikes to school with his lil trike w/ training wheels

Wen Junhui / Jun
-a pro in all playground equipment especially the monkey bars
-can hang upside down from the monkeybars
-quirky personality but then after a while gets shy and flustered
-brings in adult coloring books to look cool but colors outside the lines like everyone else

 Kwon Soonyoung / Hoshi
-fingerpainting enthusiast
-chases his classmates with paint on his hands
-trips and falls easily while playing
-always has a few bandaids on him of different designs
-plays with his food
-competes with jeonghan for the slide

 Jeon Wonwoo
-attempts to read books on a whole other level for a kindergartener but he can’t read yet
-is offered picture books by the teacher instead
-goes behind people and scares them
-befriends stray cats

Lee Jihoon / Woozi
-very shy
-brings a baseball bat and mitt to school but is too shy to ask anyone to play with him
-loves the swingset on the playground
-stuck on the high end of the seesaw often and gets frustrated

Fathers Day

Happy fathers day to all my followers even if you don’t have a father! Happy fathers day for moms who don’t need a boyfriend/husband to sustain yourself or your children! You deserve the title of being both parents! <3

Reader: 8

Idea @nickiwinchester97 Had kindly given me. I switched it up a bit and it came out alright. <3

You didn’t like fathers day. A day rewarding fathers for all they’ve done and sacrificed for their children. For you it was another day reminding you that your father had long left this world before you even got to know him. Your brothers had pictures of the three of them together and you couldn’t help but feel jealous—Always telling yourself that your father didn’t love you and never wanted to do anything with you.

Those feelings came bursting out. You felt abandoned, vulnerable, lonely, and empty. You couldn’t help but feel unwanted.

“(Y/n)?” Sam walked into your shared bedroom with furrowed eyebrows and a deep frown.

“Did dad ever love me?” Croaking between your sobs you look at Sam with hopeful eyes.

“Of course he did.” He rushed to your side and scooped you into his arms in an effort to console you.

“Why aren’t there any pictures of us then? All I see is you, De, and dad. Never of me” Your voice was muffled as you spoke into his shirt, Tears staining the soft fabric.

“Dean? Can you come over here?” Sam called his older brother in hope that you would feel better.

“What? (Y/n) is everything okay?-” Dean began to speak after looking at your broken form.

“Bring that photo album.” Sam instructed, Knowing that his brother knew what he was talking about.

“Photo album?” Repeating his words curiously you fixed yourself in his lap to a more comfortable position, Sniffling quietly.

“Yeah. There’s something Sam and I want to show you” Dean’s voice gained your full attention.

Dean sat next to you, And now you were sandwiched between your brothers. He wiped dust off the album, Revealing in messy writing a title. 

Family Album

You looked at your brother for an answer, But they both motioned you to look at the album. Dean skipped the first pages and went into the last couple ones.

“Look” He pointed at a photo of a woman carrying a baby in her arms while your father had his gaze set on it.

“Who is that?” Questioning the weird photo you look at your brothers for an explanation.

“That’s you. You were just 6 months old.” Sam smiled, Looking down at the perfectly preserved photo.

“Me?! Is that dad?!” You exclaimed, Excited. Pointing at the photo you smile.

“Yeah. He didn’t even notice we took the photo” Sam smiles at the happy memory.

Dean points at another photo, This time it was your father carrying you on his shoulders while wearing a party hat.

“That was your first birthday. And this was the time you got your ears pierced. And that was the very first time you went to a zoo. The giraffe licked your hand and you started crying. That’s you at the park—You fell down the monkey bars and scraped your knees. You cried until dad kissed it better.” Dean pointed at different photos while explaining the story behind them.

“Wow.. But I don’t remember any of this..” You whisper, Taking in every detail of the photos.

“Well now you know about them.” Sam ruffled your hair with a bright smile.

“And this is a family portrait” Dean smiled softly.

The very last photo was you cradled in your fathers arms, Dean and Sam at his side smiling proudly.

“Dad loved you like you were his whole world (Y/n) There’s nothing that can change that” Dean closed the album and put it aside, Hoping that eased your feelings.

“Thank you so much guys” You jump up and hug them tightly, Kissing both of their cheeks in the process.

“No problem. No more crying alright?” Dean raised an eyebrow and waited for your response.

“No more crying. Happy fathers day guys. Even though dad is dead I’ve been blessed with two other wonderful brothers in my life. I love you guys so much”

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God’s Confession

gif is not mine

Title: God’s Confession

Pairing: God!Chuck x Reader

Word Count: 1,103

Warnings: angst/fluff

A/N: This was requested by an non! I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much! <3 <3

You stood in the hallway as Dean and Sam talked to God, or Chuck as he called himself.  How could Chuck turn out to be God?  You couldn’t grasp onto it.  You met Chuck such a long time ago and never once did you think he could be God.  

As Dean and Sam left the library, you exchanged glances with them, walking in after them.  His expression seemed to brighten at the mere sight of you, but that was about to change.  Chuck’s smile quickly faded as he averted his eyes from you.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t be upset with me, but I can see that’s not the case,” Chuck mumbled, exhaling heavily.  “I don’t understand why you’re upset with me [Y/N].  What did I do wrong?”

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a little emotion goes a long, long way

A little vignette inspired by the Hasslehoff story, because that was the sweetest thing ever and I love the idea of Peter telling Gamora dumb stories.

Gamora’s no stranger to Peter’s stories – none of the Guardians are. It’s a cold day in hell if Peter doesn’t have some wild story to pass the time with, be it his own adventures or the adventures of his idols from Terra. She’s never met someone who can talk that much, who has a tale for every occasion. It’s rather remarkable, if she’s being honest.

Terran lungs are so much more fragile, after all.

“Hey,” Peter says, frowning at her. “Half-Terran lungs. And have you even heard Sam Cooke? His lungs are anything but weak, and he’s Terran.”

One of these days, she’ll find something that makes her roll her eyes more than Peter. But it’s doubtful.

At any rate, Peter’s stories are something she’s long familiar with – or, at least, she thought she was. It occurs to her, as they’re sitting up in the cockpit one night, Peter to keep awake so his latest concussion doesn’t turn worse and her to make sure he stays awake, that the story he’s telling her is markedly different than the ones she’s familiar with.

Because she’s used to Peter’s stories having some sort of underlying purpose: Star-Lord stole this and Star-Lord escaped that, the point of those stories is to impress, to make him appear better in the eyes of others. The story he’s just finished telling her, about the time he broke three fingers trying to flip off of – whatever Terran contraption monkey bars are – in the second grade, does none of that. It serves no purpose but to give her an amusing image of a tiny, determined Peter trying acrobatics and falling on his face.

So she rules it out as the concussion talking, and lets Peter’s story of embarrassment go unmentioned.

However, she can’t help but notice the change after that. Peter still goes on about his heroic exploits, yes, but late at night, when it’s just the two of them, he tells her stories that are quicker to get a sudden snort of laughter from her than to impress her. She learns of little Terran creatures called frogs he used to love, of disastrous first attempts at flying the Milano and even more disastrous attempts at attaching rockets to his boots. And, one memorable night, she learns of a man named Zardu Hasslefrau (she’s only eighty percent sure she has that name right), and a good deal more about Peter, who’s left himself utterly vulnerable to her.

She loves the stories. She treasures them, because they’re very personal pieces of Peter she’d never see otherwise. They just don’t make sense.

“Why did you tell me that story?” she finally asks him, one night, as they’re both hunched over on his bedroom floor, trying to piece together the remnants of the artifact they were supposed to deliver.

“Huh?” he says, glancing up at her from where he’s been trying to unstick the glue bottle from his hand.

“That story,” she repeats. “It was…personal. Embarrassing. Why did you tell me it?”

Peter shrugs. “I thought you might think it was funny,” he says. “I mean, it’s humiliating me, so isn’t it?”

“Well, yes, but-“ she frowns. “You would trust me with that?”

“You’re my best friend,” he says, as if it’s the simplest thing in the world. “Why wouldn’t I trust you?”

Gamora stares at him, stilling. “I’ve never had a best friend,” she says, slowly. And it’s true. She’s barely even had a friend before she met their ragtag group. But…

She’s never really had anyone she’s as close to as Peter, either. She’s never had anyone who would go out of their way to make sure her favorite foods are on board, to make sure the ship is clean even though they hate cleaning. She’s never had anyone so eager to share things with her, someone who she’s comfortable around. Someone she trusts.

She glances up to find him staring at her with an expression of rejection and slight hurt he’s obviously trying to hide.

“I mean, until you, I suppose,” she adds, quickly. “I…suppose you’re my best friend, too.”

Peter’s face splits into a blinding smile that does absolutely nothing to her chest.

She’ll blame the swooping feeling on Rocket’s awful flying. That’s all.

Baby, please don’t go.

Originally posted by martziplier98

You and Ethan were basically the same person. You guys both loved memes so much that considered yourselves “Meme King and Queen”, passionately love sushi and pineapple on pizza, love acting like a bunch of doofus in public, and love hanging out with each other every minute. You love being with him and you thought it would always be like that until he broke the news.

You were at his dad’s house, in his room, laying on his chest. You were home from college and you try to see him every chance you get when you come home. You like moments like these, laying on his chest, listening to his heartbeat while he’s playing in your hair, whispering little things to you. You can stay like this forever but moments like these do have to end.

“We need to talk.” Your heart dropped. Talk? What the hell did you need to talk about? “What’s wrong?” He bit his lips. You sat up to look at him. “[Y/N]…” He grabbed your hand. “What’s going on, Ethan? You’re scaring me.”  You told him. “[Y/N], I’m leaving for California.” “What? When are you leaving.” You didn’t want to believe what you were hearing. “I’m leaving in two days.” Now, you really didn’t want to believe him. “When we’re you going to tell me!?” You pulled your hand away and stood up. “[Y/N], calm down.” He tried to grab you hand again but you backed away. “How can you drop this bomb on me and expected me to calm down. I can’t believe you!” you hissed. You didn’t even give him a chance to explain himself before you bolted out of there. You heard him calling your name but you ran off before he could even catch up with you.  

You sat in your room all night listening to music while looking at old photos of Ethan and you. You’ve been together since the freshman year of high school and been friends while you guys were toddlers. You couldn’t imagine being away from him, hell leaving for college was a pain for you two even though you were 2 hours away from home so with him living across the country is going to be a huge adjustment for you.

“I didn’t know you were coming home, dad.” I heard a door open behind me. “He’s not.“ Ethan. I turn around and saw him with a picnic basket in his hand, I gave him a small smile. "How about we go for a little picnic.” “It’s almost 10 o'clock at night, Ethan.” He gave you his famous puppy dog face which always causes you to melt. “Fine…”

“I wanted to tell you earlier, I just didn’t want to lay it on you since you had exams coming up and moving into your apartment and I just didn’t know when to tell you.” He told you as he was laying beside you, looking at the stars. You have been busy for these past weeks and he’s been supportive of you, so can’t you be like that for him. “I’m sorry that I didn’t let you talk. I’m glad that get to follow your dreams and I want to be there every step of the way.” You grabbed his hands. “But… I realized that with you moving and going to be busy all the time and with me focusing on my double majors….“ Ethan’s eyes started to look glossy, "Please don’t tell what I think you’re about to say. We can work this out. We could take turns visiting each other, I’ll call, text and Skype as much as I can, just please don’t end this.” He wiped the tears off my face. “Are you sure? I don’t want to weight you down.” His face looked at you with disbelief. “What… You’re not weighing me down. You’ve actually been one of the most supportive person I know besides my parents. You’re the reason why I stay motivated!” He gave your hand a quick squeeze and kiss it, “I love you too much to just let you walk away [Y/F/N]. I want you there by my side and I want to be by your side when you graduate and follow your dreams! I want us to be happy.” Before he continues his rambling, you stopped him with a sweet, tender kiss. His hand went to your cheek as yours wrapped around his neck. You pulled away and laid your forehead on his, “I love you so much, Ethan.” He gave you a big goofy smile before pulling you back into a passionate kiss. “How about we continue this at my place.” I pulled away, making circles on his chest with a lip bite. His eyes widen and try to grab everything as fast you can before be dragging you to his car.

Today’s the day. Ethan was leaving. You made sure he had everything and double checked for him. “Ethan, you need to get ready to leave.” You laughed as he pulled you in his bed while kissing all over your face. “Five more minutes! Besides, would it be bad if I miss my flight, I can spend one more day looking into your [Y/E/C] eyes, telling you how beautiful you are and say how great that ring looks on you.” He said playing with the ring he gave you. He gave a promise ring, promising that you’ll both be there side by side no matter what. “Well as much as that sounds great, I’m not trying to get yelled at by Mark so let’s go.” You hopped up, grabbing a suitcase. 

You watched his flight take off, trying not to cry. You were hoping for a cheesy movie ending with him running towards you saying, ‘I couldn’t leave you.’ but it’s for the best.


“BABE! HAVE YOU SEEN MY PHONE!?” "It’s right there, Ethan.” You pointed to the kitchen counter. “This is why I love you.”  He kissed your forehead and grabbed his phone. Since you decided to take summer classes, you ended up graduating early and getting a job in California so you can live with Ethan. You also started a youtube channel of your own as well as a couple vlogging channel with Ethan and you love every minute of it. “I know. I don’t know what you’re going to do without me while I’m at work?” you told him, grabbing your bag for work. “Have a big day ahead of you?” “I have two important meeting plus video conference from London all in one day. I’ll try to stop by for lunch if my boss isn’t on my ass today.” You grabbed your car keys and gave Ethan a kiss on the cheek. “So, I’ll see you tonight then?” he laughed as you give him a nod. “Love you!” “Love you too!”

After hours of boring conversation, you finally were able to come home to your loving boyfriend seeing the blue boy with a picnic basket. “Picnic? The last time we went on a picnic, you were leaving for L.A… Are we moving back to Maine? I love it here!” you babbled before he cuts you off “No we’re not moving! I just wanted to go on a nice picnic with my girl.” He smiled.

You guys talked about your day to a random topic to childhood memories you loved to the point that the sun started setting. "Remember when we used to play married when we were in pre-k?” you giggled and nod, “Yeah. We were the stereotypic husband and wife. You came home from the jungle gym while I was cooking ‘pasta’ for my tired husband even though the pasta was fake and all you did was hang upside-down from the monkey bar.” You laid your head on his shoulder. “That was some damn good pasta though.” He laughed. You gave him a quick eye roll and looked at the sunset with him. “I love those memories.” He mumbled in your hair. “I want to create more of those.” He added. You looked at him confused. “I love waking up to the girl of my dreams every day, I love it when you come by the office and bring lunch for the whole team after we just edited so many videos,I love it when you cheer me on when I’m doing the dumbest thing, I love it when your eyes light up for little things like a dog walking across the street or when you see food, I love it when you’re always active in all of our youtube community after a long day at work, I love it when you smile, when you talk about the latest memes, when you giggle about the silliest things, when you see a fan out in public and show them so much, love. I love everything about you. After almost losing you before the move, I couldn’t see my life with you. I love you [Y/F/N] and I want to be with you forever.” He got on his one knee. Your hands cover your mouth as your crying your eyes out. He pulled a velvet box out,“[Y/F/N], will marry me?“ You quickly tackled him and peppered him with kisses. "OF COURSE, OF COURSE, OF COURSE!!!!” you beamed. He slid the ring on your ring finger and shouted, “YOU CAN COME OUT NOW!” You saw the whole crew cheering for us with cameras. You ran to them and gave them a huge hug, “I’M GETTING MARRIED! I’M GETTING MARRIED! I’M GOING TO BE MRS. NESTOR!!” You hopped with Amy and Kathryn. “Congrats, you guys!” Mark cheered. “I can’t believe I’m marrying my best friend.” You looked at Ethan. “Well, believe it, baby.” Ethan pulled you into a kiss.

Hello! I hoped you enjoyed my imagine! I’m started to get the hang of typing again and I realize how much I love writing (even though it could be trash)! Anyways, my inbox is OPEN so you can always request an idea for me to write and I’ll see you later!

Ala Mode

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A/N: i was trying to find a gif of him as the ice cream boy but WHATEVER i tried. just a short and sweet little thing since i havent posted in a few days (sorry) ((im trying eek))

“Would you rather fight one hundred duck sized horses or a horse sized duck?” You’re hanging upside down on the monkey bars, knees hooked around the metal and arms swinging below you.

Ethan laughs, tilting his head back to look up at you from his spot in the mulch. “Uh… I think a horse sized duck because like… a hundred tiny horses is a lot to fight and they have hooves.”

“What about a giant duck trying to eat you with its giant duck teeth?” You question. “That seems scarier and way more dangerous.”

“Do ducks have teeth?”

You snort and your shirt slips down over your stomach. Yelping, you shove it back into place, tucking the ends into your pants just in case.

“I think so?” You’re a bit breathless from laughing and the hanging upside down part isn’t helping.

Ethan stands, brushing off his pants. “Okay you’ve officially bypassed being red and have started to turn purple. I think it’s time to get down.”

You laugh, flipping over the bar and jumping off. You stumble when you land as the blood rushes back into the rest of your body, but Ethan steadies you.

“Easy there.” He smiles and you aim a light punch to his shoulder.

“You know what sounds fucking awesome right now? Ice cream.” Ethan looks hopeful and you laugh.

“Oh fuck yeah! Come on,” You grab his hand and start to tug him away from the playground. “We’re getting some fucking ice cream.”

The two of you make your way down the street to the tiny ice cream parlor which, conveniently, isn’t too far from the playground you had invaded. The bell above the door tinkles when you enter and the pastel walls give the place a cutesy feel.

It only takes a few minutes to order and pay and the both of you decide to sit outside and enjoy your treat. Finding a bench under a tree, Ethan flops down onto it, leaving a space for you that you accept gratefully.

Popping the first spoonful of ice cream into your mouth, you turn and drape your legs over Ethan’s, settling against the side of the bench and getting comfortable.

The silence is peaceful. With the warm air and the chirping birds, you feel like you could just float away. You’ve got that warm feeling in your chest you get when you’re with Ethan.

Looking back up at him, you study his profile as he watches a group of people play soccer in the field across the street. His eyes are bright and the smile on his face is small and relaxed.

Everything seems in its place, which is why you snort when you notice.

“You’ve got ice cream on your face, Eth. Right here.” You gesture to his cheek.

You expect him to just wipe it off and laugh, but you’re surprised when he swipes a finger through his treat and plops it on your face. “So do you.”

You screech at the sudden cold, laughing at Ethan’s goofy smile. Once you recover, you pick off a bit of your own ice cream and fling it at him. He jumps away to try and avoid it, but your legs keep him in place and he ends up with another glob of dessert on his face. He jerks away and your legs fall, but he doesn’t give you a second to adjust before he retaliates.

In less than a minute, the two of you have launched half of your ice cream at each other, laughter loud and bright. Ethan tries to make a run for it, but you jump up and grab him, pulling you both back onto the bench.

You hide your face in Ethan’s shirt, laughing loudly with your arms still wrapped around him. Then suddenly, he gets quiet. You pull back to look at him and realize you’re much closer than expected. You have your arms tight around his shoulders, his resting on your lower back. Ethan’s face is smeared with ice cream and the look in his eye is shy but excited. Your lungs seem to stop working as he leans forward to gently press his lips against yours.

It’s weird. There’s no fireworks or anything, nothing cliche like that. But that warm feeling… intensifies. His lips are soft and a tiny bit chapped and when he swipes his tongue against your lips he tastes sugary sweet. The kiss short and soft but feels… right.

Pulling away gently, Ethan licks his lips. He looks a bit embarrassed but you smile at him, which seems to help. When he speaks, his voice is soft.

“You had ice cream on your face.”

You laugh loudly and shove him away, hiding your smile behind your hand. He beams at you and your chest flutters. When the two of you calm down, he leans against your shoulder and takes your hand in his.

“That was nice.” He says gently, voice carrying on the slight wind that’s beginning to pick up as dusk sets in.

You nod instead of responding, squeezing his hand. Leaning more heavily against him, you sigh and let the world wash over you.

It is peaceful.