Sun Wukong 

These are some of the stages I see him as according to the books but I wouldn’t say they all are 100% spot-on. In the first book it’s mentioned that he looks like a rhesus macaque so tried to make his fur light brown, red face and short tail. When making these I developed a head canon that his red face changes according to his level of confidence. His red butt tho, is canon. The Great Sage, 3heads&6arms-form and Buddha outfit was inspired from the 2011 TV series by Zhang Jizhong. The paper talisman bears the mantra ǎn ma ne bā mī hōng (Om Mani Padme Hum) that Buddha uses to seal him under the mountain.

If you get the chance to read Journey to the West pls do so, it’s very enjoyable and you get to learn much about the Handsome Monkey King and a bit of chinese mythology in general. Also it’s fun how Wukong gives no shit and kicks everyones asses (or in most cases just kills them)



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