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Sun's semblance could be related to both the Monkey King, who could make clones of himself with his hair, and the Monkey Flock, who are controlled by a crown. And the maiden powers could be the shoes, just in a more abstract form.

The maiden powers and how they match up with the silver shoes thing is a little weird. If it was just one or the other it’d be less odd, but since word of god says that the maiden powers stuff between Volume 2 and Volume 3, it’s hard to say. 

Sun’s stuff DOES definitely fall in line for being a monkey flock, but I just don’t want to think about the horrifying implications that would make him a flying monkey. Because at the very least, there’s mind control involved and that’s…. yeah. ick. Protect him.

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“The God Hunter”

Chinese animated film, based on the classic Monkey King legend. Definitely a very different tone. Futuristic. Pretty dark.

Slated for a 2015 release in China. Studio Vasoon Animation. Not enough details to know if it will get a wider release, either in theater or DVD.

(trailer starts at around 0:25)

Thank you animationscoop for the link. 


I finally got to see a final version of Lovely yesterday! I’m pretty excited about how it came out. Here are some paintings I did just for the book. 

I love the story of the Monkey King, I grew up with it, so these paintings are my interpretations. 

You can buy LOVELY online at Amazon, or you can pick up a copy form me at SDCC!


Fiery Monkey King Art by Fenghua Zhong

To celebrate this year of the fire monkey, I’m sharing the intensely detailed digital paintings of Fenghua Zhong (钟风华). He is a young digital artist in Xiamen, China who manages to capture the scope & scale of the incredible feats SunWukong accomplishes in the Chinese folk classic Journey to the West. Despite his young age, Fenghua is a concept art instructor at E-art School of Design in China. Gong Xi Fa Cai (恭禧发财)!

More Fenghua: ArtStation | Facebook | DeviantArt

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