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Hello! Resending the previous ask! Can I please ask for the strawhats (individually) being followed by a stray dog, essentially chosen by a stray dog as their owner, not taking no for an answer and the townspeople tell them that the dog ate a really powerful devil fruit, although they don't fully understand how to control it? Thank you!

Here for you, dear, and thank you for being patient <3

- He finds it so cool!
- It’s incredible that an animal ate a devil fruit and he immediately gets stars in his eyes
- He pats the dog and when the animal starts running around him, happy and barking, he smiles
- He will try to see if he can help the dog using his powers because he really wants to see them

- She blinks when she discovers that the dog ate a devil fruit
- “Now even the animals eat them ? The world is really weird nowadays…”
- But she can’t help it and she pats the dog because he is very cute and he seems to like her
- She tries to keep him with her but if she can’t she promises him to come and see him often

- When he sees that the dog is following him everywhere he is like “Wtf leave me alone”
- But after he heard the explanation, he is curious because it’s not every day that a devil fruit dog follows you
- He smirks when he sees that the dog doesn’t want to leave him and he 100% takes him to the ship
- He loves this animal and he even gives him a silly name, or name him Katana lmao

- When he discovers that he is a stray dog, he immediately gives him food so he can eat properly
- This man is so pure because he can’t help but take care of the dog, he even asks Luffy if he can keep it
- Of course, he has a strong relationship with animals and so, they develop a wonderful friendship
- Sanji tries to help his dog controlling his power so that the animal can use them if he is in danger

- He is very happy when he sees that the dog is following him everywhere because he loves animals
- When he hears about his devil fruit powers, he is so excited like he really wants to see this
- He becomes friend with this dog and he even tries to keep him but if he can’t he is very sad
- He comes very very often to see his new friend, but in fact, he hides him in the ship to keep the dog with him

- This is SUUUUUUPER cool!
- There is no debate possible, he keeps the dog no matter what the others think about it
- He is very happy to help the animal control his powers because he is his new friend
- They have the strongest friendship of the whole world in the history of friendship lmao

- she finds it very cute and she is already in love with this little and adorable dog which is following her
- She is so sweet with him like she gives him pats on the head and caresses all the time
- She gives him a cute name and everyone finds them very adorable when they are together
- “I should teach him how to read poneglyph.” “Robin!! This is a dog, he doesn’t know how to read!”

- He finds it funny that the dog isn’t afraid of him and follows him everywhere as if he was his owner
- He dedicates a song to this animal which is very kind and cute and the dog seems to like it
- He gives him a silly name and he promises that he won’t ever leave him and that they will be together forever
- Everyone is wondering how Brook can be friend with every animal he meets 

- As an animal, he can understand him and they are getting along pretty well and they have a great friendship
- Chopper helps his new friend controlling his power but it’s quite complicated
- He is a stray dog and so, the cute reindeer makes sure that his health is good by checking on him
- They spend a lot of time together and sometimes, they nap with each other and it’s so cute

monkey d luffy as an in-universe concept is so fucking funny to me because like…

you just live peacefully on your island and you keep hearing tales of this like crazy monstrous pirate crew who will come and destroy half your island and overthrow your government and then one day they show up and it’s just some scrawny little Noodly Boy in a farm hat and jorts with his weird teenaged friends and you’re like oh damn he’s not threatening at all??? he just wants to be friends and eat all our food??? and then before you know it half your island is destroyed and your government is overthrown