I think it was in second or third grade we did this computer project and it was like a web of yourself. So, like, all your favorite things, favorite food, favorite places. And my dream in the assignment was I wanted to play in the Olypmics with my sister Monique. (i)

It’s always been we, it’s never been I.(ii) & (iii)


US Women’s National Ice Hockey Team: Road to Gold (part 3- Gettin’ Pumped)

*photos taken from players’ Twitter and Instagram accounts*


Jocelyne is the more approchable, talkative twin, quicker with a smile. “They used to share a cell phone in high school,” says Pierre-Paul. “When I called, I’d talk to Monique for two minutes, but then I’d talk to Jocelyne for 10 minutes.”

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Team pic from ice level. #teamusa #weareusa #otot#road2sochi