Monica Ray

A little bit of Monica Bellucci and Marilyn Monroe for Lana Del Rey’s 3rd Complex cover.

@lanadelrey surrounded with sailors attempting to light her cigarette on her 3rd cover with Complex.

“Lions and tigers and sailers oh my!
I told complex I’d only do an on camera interview If it was in a dark bar filled w sailers shot on a hand held camera. They obliged, so here it is.
I’m awkward as fuck in it. “

Monica Bellucci as Malèna in the drama/romance Malèna (2000).

Marilyn Monroe enjoying the company of some sailors on the USS Benham in 1951.

Designers, inventors, filmmakers, partners - Charles and Ray Eames enjoy a rare occasion: Sunday morning together in their home near Santa Monica. The couple built the house, “a pleasant place for living and working,” in 1949. Charles died in 1978 after living more than half his 71 years in California. He once said, “Just being by an ocean is comforting.”

America’s Sunset Coast | National Geographic Society ©1978


The final episode of THG’s Monica Week is upon us!

Come check out some sweet art by Monica Ray of Phuzzy Comics!


Check out what our Talent Development & Outreach team did at this year’s CTN Animation Expo!

Featuring studio recruiter Ariel Goldberg, head of artist development for Nick Jr. Linda Beck, Pig Goat Banana Cricket artist Mallory Carlson, Harvey Beaks artists Nick Sumida and Monica Ray, and more!