Monica Ray


Magic Children Doing Things | Main Title Theme

I had the pleasure of working with Harvey Beaks story-boarder and web comic artist Monica Ray last year on her peculiar short, Magic Children Doing Things. @montiray is an exceptionally talented artist with a cheerfully irreverent and optimistically cynical sense of humor that very much appeals to my sensibilities. I hope to collaborate again with Monica in the future and I really hope Nickelodeon plans to do more with her as well. Here is the playful, minimalistic, moog-ridden title theme I created for her film.

Also, if you haven’t seen her short, watch it here:


Some of you have seen Strip Search, some of you haven’t. Either way, I drew this comic on the show and then I redrew it at home because people wanted to buy it and I can’t let them put my art on their wall if I didn’t at least TRY TO MAKE IT LOOK NICE.

What a difference references and peer critiques make! This is what the original looked like.

Here’s the link to preorder this 9"x14"comic as a print!

“Princess is Better Than You” is probably my favorite episode I’ve worked on for Harvey Beaks.  I was really inspired by Shane Houghton’s outline, and Monica and I packed it full of jokes and love.  It’s got some of my favorite gags I’ve written for the season, and we got to go deeper into two of my favorite characters on the show, Princess and Claire.  

There will be 4 new episodes of Harvey Beaks premiering this week, alongside Spongebob!  Saturday at 9AM and then again at the usual Sunday night time.