Money on my mind

Concerts I’ve been to in the past year Jojo, Fifth Harmony, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez. 

Tickets I have for this year: Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan.

I’ve seen Taylor 5 times and a few of the above multiple times. I save my money to be able to escape for one night with one of my favorite people with music I love surrounded by people that share my love for them…

I can’t even wrap my mind around what happened tonight. People spent money to have a fun night. Many going to their first concert. Going to see a person that I also bought tickets to see because we all love her. They should’ve been safe. 

This could’ve been me. It could’ve been you. This world is SO so sick. All I can do is cry and send all of my love and prayers.  One day love will win.

im not going to play myself and believe anything regarding nct comeback just happens that i accidentally set aside money for the album, unconsciously preordered, not knowingly prepared my mind and body for the impending storm and conserved my heart to take in all the goods that’s coming yeah but nth much :-/ don’t trust too much guys

i think one of the only real surprises about being a legal adult is that no one tells you about that particular kind of grossness you feel if you go for long enough without eating a plant of some kind


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Alright! Opening up commissions again, nice. Just had surgery and I’m trying to move out so I need some $$$Cash Money$$$

I’ll pretty much draw anything, furries, anthro, nsfw and gore included. As long as it stays within my morals I’ll probably draw it, message me if you have any questions regarding this.

Prices may go up a bit for the colored sketch and full drawing if your character is a little more complex! (etc. mech, armor, excess accessories)

I’ll only be accepting payment through paypal! Not kidding, paypal only.

So, if you have any interest in commissioning me or and questions for me, contact me through my tumblr! (Preferably via. messenger)

Also!! Signal boosting is highly appreciated! Thanks so much!


I was trying to make a romance spread about finding love.  But the Universe pulled me into making a Self-love spread instead.  As always, I tested the spread. It was a lovely change and the first time I used the Romantic Tarot. Happy belated Valentine’s Day.

First positive trait about you: Reverse 7 of Swords- Most people think I’m lying or not being true to them.  Which isn’t the case at all. I’m a very honest person. Everything I say is just as I am. My good trait is my honesty.

Second positive trait about you: 5 of cups- I regret some of my life choices because of their outcome. Not how I felt at the moment.  But this just means I’m living my life. And I’m reflecting on my actions so I’m always learning about myself and how to live my ideal life.

Third positive trait about you: Page of Pentacle- I’m always looking an opportunity for better myself. Quoting from Hamilton “I’m not throwing away my shot”

Forgive yourself on this issue: 6 of cups- Nostalgia is my issues.  Sometimes, I romanticized the past at times.  However, you can’t repeat the past and it’s nice to look back. I just have to remember to keep moving forward

First step on practicing self-care: Reverse of Lovers- There is no going back to my past lovers.  I’ve changed and they’ve changed.  It’s time to take the lessons I learned from them. And just remember it when I start dating again.

Second step on practicing self-care: 4 of Pentacle- Shopping therapy is not going to help solve my problem. So I just have to be mindful not to spend my money thinking it would fill a void

Third step on practicing self-care: 7 of wands- I have to trust myself. I know when the right one will walk into my life.  I just have to trust the risk is worth the possible fall.