The 5 Richest People On Earth, And You Bet Your Fucking Ass We Got That Sultan On Here

Yeah baby, let’s do this! We’ve got the richest people on the whole of the planet, and you’ve got to bet your goddamn entire ass that we’ve got that disgustingly rich sultan everyone loves somewhere on this list! Go ahead and slog through the rest of these dudes if you really want, but you better get ready for that sultan. He’s coming right fucking up.

Still in debt from the holidays? Here’s how to dig out

1. Stop kicking yourself. You’re not the first person to get irrationally exuberant during the holidays, and lots of people before you have managed to pick themselves up and set things straight. Know that you’re not alone and that others have endured similar challenges can help pull you out of it.

2. Prioritize and pay it down. If you find yourself staring down a heavy balance on one or more credit cards, the monthly finance charges might be painful enough. But if you’re only paying those each billing cycle, you’re just treading water. Try to pay down more than just the minimum every month or transfer and consolidate the debt to a single, low-interest credit card that will let you minimize paying interest and maximize paying down the principal debt. Once you’ve settled on a monthly payment you can manage, map out a schedule that leads steadily to a zero balance.

3. Set a different goal.

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