ok so in case anyone us wondering what the hell is going on w viva la vida: I was going to update Wednesday but i started getting anxiety attacks Monday and ended up not writing during the week bc fandom stuff can make my anxiety worse sometimes so I’m sorry if anyone was waiting for it on Wednesday bc obviously it didn’t go up then. then I started outlining last night and was just gonna write it all and update tonight buT life hates me so my laptop is dead and I just found out my adaptor doesn’t work with my computer charger!!!!!! and the earliest I’ll be able to get a new one is Monday; therefore the new update is coming Monday night for sure pinky promise cross my heart.

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What's your workout/eating routine like?! You're in amazing shape!

Thank you that means so much! Well first off it’s obviously hard to describe which exercises I do specifically, especially since I switch them up but I do get a TON of fitspo and exercise ideas from instagram accounts (in particular: katyhearnfit, leanmachine21, sarah_bowmar, heidisomersfit, jenhewardfit).

I try to eat 2500 (healthy) calories a day since I’m trying to gain muscle and I workout five days a week! I only do cardio twice a week so I don’t burn too much fat, on Fridays (before the weekend) and on Mondays (after the weekend). I do back/chest and a little bit of abs on Mondays, legs on Tuesday/Thursday, and arms/abs on Wednesdays/Friday’s! As far as machines, cables, and free weights go, it varies by which exercises I decide to do in a circuit and which muscle groups I’m working out that day. I specifically like using machines for back/chest, free weights for arms, and all three for legs with an emphasis on cables. I tend to do 3 circuits and then 1-2 supersets per workout depending on the day. In each circuit I’ll have 3-5 exercises that I do 8-12 reps of and repeat them 3-4 times. The only time I do supersets are back/chest and triceps/biceps. And I’ve gotten a lot of questions about abs- I used to use the Sweat by Kayla app but it was too expensive to keep up with for what I got out of it so I still use her 28 minute HIIT ab workouts that I’ve memorized and switch them up (they’re a blessing) :)

I workout with my dad almost every day I workout, which has really helped me learn how to properly use machines, cables, and free weights and learn proper forms and techniques of exercises without injury so I’m very fortunate there. He’s also a personal trainer for law enforcement and is a sheriff so he’s pumping iron all the time. I’ve learned to do everything he does in the gym, just using lower weights (but very effective exercises).

Hope that helps!! :)

Catch 'Em All! AU

Characters A and B are avid pokemon fans, so when Character A asks Character B if they want to go to their local park and look for pokemon on the new Pokémon Go app, it’s a date.

Cue Character A bringing a nice lunch and lots of water – they’ll need to stay hydrated while walking so much – while Character B brings two portable phone chargers, so they don’t risk running out of battery.

tweek: Craig’s just my best friend - I mean, after spending most of every day with each other for four whole years to keep up the “dating” thing, you learn more about each other, you know?
tweek: So he’s really good at keeping me calm and I’m pretty good at keeping him from… I don’t know. Getting into detention?
craig: Unless we both end up there.
craig: So we’re both straight. Okay? Okay.

tweek: S-so straight and such good friends that we can ignore weird family requests from–each other’s–parents–!
craig: Are you still on that? It’s not a big deal, it just collects dust in my notifications.
tweek: Well, ignore it and tell my dad to cut it out, we’re not ready to get pretend married!

craig: Dude. Do not! Touch! My phone!
tweek: I’m just–gonna hit ignore and that’s it!
craig: If it’s that serious, I’ll just do it!
tweek: I can’t be sure that you will unless I do it myself!

clyde: I’M SINGLE. Single and ready to mingle.
clyde: Girls, send me your numbers.
clyde: Guys. Send me your girlfriends.
tweek: (Give it!)
craig: (Get the fuck off, asshole!)

token: Clyde, you’re just going to be dating Bebe again in like, three and a half weeks.


All Week:

Me: Okay, we REALLY need to discuss this change. It affects several vital processes and fundamentally change my job description. I need to know what’s going on.

Management: Okay okay, we’ll talk on Friday.


Me: So what time today?

Management: HAHA NOPE SUFFER! trolololol

Me: ….

I know it’s not the typical Tuesday or Thursday for transformations/throwbacks, but I figured some early Monday morning motivation could do the world some good. Come on everyone, let’s start the week off on a great foot! Make some great choices to better yourself today (either physically or mentally). Go for a walk! Take a yoga class! Go to a coffee shop and catch up on some reading! Sit alone and meditate for a bit! Hit the gym and start sweating! Do SOMETHING for you! Love your body. Love your mind. Be bold, and don’t give up on yourself. Have an AMAZING Monday everyone! Treat yo self #treatyoself #Monday #mondaymotivation #motivationalmonday #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #transformation #healthy #healthylife #healthyliving #fitness #cardio #mentalhealth #motivation #encouragement #confidence #sweat #gymlife #gymrat #yoga #running #runhappy #wellness #wellbeing #weightwatchers #ww

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OHHHHH~! MAN!! (^  O ^) this just keeps getting more and more fun each week! <3 <3 <3 heheheh!! i’m so glad people are still enjoying this project!!! it’s totally just meant to be a fun way to share ideas and challenge yourselves to be creative in a non-time consuming way! so i’m super happy that so many awesome ideas come out of it!!! <3 <3 <3 it’s always an emotional tidal wave for me as these things come in!!! one moment i’m laughing, the next i’m in tears, then i’m clutching my heart and swooning! HAHAHA!!! i hope everybody enjoys reading through these as much as i did!!!

like last week i’ve posted separately the micro fics which are about major character death, not because i don’t like them, but because i knew it makes some readers very upset. but that said, both these submissions by an Anon and @letsrevitup are super heart rending and deserve to be read if you can! so they are linked RIGHT HERE!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

if you go through the submissions and find yours missing, please feel free to re-submit it so i can attach it to this master post! <3 hopefully there were less inbox-eaten submissions this week! (T AT) but, i do hope you guys took my advice and saved them for the moment just in case!! (O wO) STILL!! thank you once again to everybody who took part! (^ O^) i’ll have the drawing for my favourite submission up on Sunday before the next MFM! <3

EDIT: our first confirmed devoured submission! (O AO) my apologize to @more-trash-by-trash !!! i’ve linked their submission HERE!! <3 <3 <3 thank you so much TBT! i’m sorry for the trouble!! (T 3T)


sat2day (something about time saturdays) #1 | confessuns (confession sundays) #5 | gamon (game on mondays) #32 ~ two months to live . .

. . we never really know that anything (or everything) is too late, until it is too late. we know (even if we deny it) that we don’t have all the time in the world, that it’s possible that we could be gone any day anytime. but we also assume (and deny anything otherwise) that it applies to us. we assume that we do have time, we expect we have time. and when life show us the time we really have, we cannot understand it, we refuse to accept it, we can’t have it. but the simple truth is life goes on and time runs out whether you choose to believe it or not. whatever time you have is all that you will ever have and nothing you say or do, believe or fight for can ever change that. we either accept it right now or learn it the hard way later. or maybe, we don’t even have later, all we have is right now and that’s (for me) right now.

so in light of this dark realization and with very little time remaining, i’ve made a shortlist of my originally long and unbelievably impossible to do bucket list. some are very specific (applicable for me) but some are general and vague (and possible applicable for you) so here i (we?) go ~

  • just clean my room ~ and not the clean the mess by making another mess somewhere else. i mean really really clean the room you can leave behind without looking back even if you knew it would be the last time you leave it. clean the shit out of my room with my pseudo-self-diagnosed oc-neat-freak tendencies;
  • give away my stuff ~ and not just what i don’t want to have or can spare to lose. i mean give anything and everything i won’t need and can’t use anymore, or even if i could but i know someone else could use much better and would need much more;
  • organize all my files ~ and not just store it in random temporary folders with names or arrangements that make no logical sense when viewed sometime later. i mean have a system for sorting, saving and naming all my files that makes sense to anyone who might happen to come across or have my external hard drive;
  • close all loose ends ~ and not just the happy conversations and goodbye messages to people that i once held near and dear. i mean take the first step to talk, resolve and have closure for everyone that i was either terrified of or indifferent to and let everything be said and done once and for all;
  • don’t put off, do ~ and not just what you are simply too tired or lazy to do, i mean do the things you are afraid of doing because you think you can’t or just won’t, or because you don’t know or want to face whatever the consequence of what you would have done would be;
  • go on an adventure ~ alone, but not just by myself alone or with me and my quandaries. i mean me and the universe, a trip where i go somewhere and i actually pay attention to where i am, and be where i am. to go somewhere where i can just be me and just be, and maybe find out and find who i really am;
  • go on another adventure ~ but not just alone this time. i mean go somewhere with people i really want to spend time with. i can name a few, the only few i really would love to. somewhere near here and where we could just hang out and talk, or somewhere out there, where we could see the world or wherever we could take each other;
  • just go, let go ~ and not just walking away but looking back and leaving your mind and heart. i mean go because you know it’s time to go and there is no going or looking back, and let go because you know it’s no longer something for you to have, not even the life you had;
  • don’t forget, say goodbye ~ and not just saying it. i mean meaning it. so don’t forget me, and goodbye.

disclaimer: while there is still time, i might be adding on or taking off some stuff on the list. i guess we’ll see, we got time right?

~ a.k.a.cross with two months but not counting

p.s. oh btw, i meant ‘leave’ not live, as in i have two months before i leave from Philippines for New Zealand, maybe for good. XD i’m not sorry for the misunderstanding though, coz you could still do what i’ll be doing and more. to leave or to live, it makes no difference for what and why we do the things that we do, when you will still have only the time you have, whether you are leaving for another place or to that ‘other’ place. so good luck to us if you will too, and if not, still God bless you. o;

My mother: “I don’t know why you don’t like traveling, you traveled all the time when you were younger.”
Me: “Have you considered these two things are related?”
My mother: “That doesn’t make any sense.”

*ten seconds later*

My mother: “It’s not like you traveled all that much!”
Me: “Japan, Japan, Hawaii, Japan again, California, Europe FOR A MONTH, Japan, Thailand, Washington DC, New York and Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Stanford/San Francisco, Providence, Japan, New Orleans four times a year for four years, Cambridge, back and forth from Leicester four times in a year, Leicester again, New Orleans, New Orleans again, Seattle, New Orleans, and then I just stayed here because I was SICK OF TRAVELING. Not to mention camping all over the Pacific Northwest and roadtripping back and forth from Montana, and yearly jaunts up into British Columbia, and back and forth from Seattle over a literal mountain range multiple times a year for a quarter of a century.  And probably another trip to Japan I’ve forgotten about.”
My mother: “You know, most people who travel that much when they’re young enjoy traveling.”
Me: “Have you considered that not all people are the same?”

*ten seconds later*

My mother: “I don’t know why you’re so angry about moving.”
Me: “It’s because I have massive permanency issues because this is the first place I’ve lived for more than ten months in eight years and I’ve packed my entire life into boxes six times during that span.”
My mother: “I don’t see what that has to do with it.”

Secret Artist


Summary: Yay it’s Monday! Could you do an imagine where the reader is an artist/art student and doesn’t tell any of the guys about a really important show, but they find out and show up late and all gross after a hunt which is super awkward but she’s still glad they came?

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If you watch the show Kim clearly says that everything Kanye does in the studio is recorded/filmed so he can make a docu someday and that convo had tro have been recorded too. Then Kanye's publicist calls her to confirm that it was. Idk if that's just convience but that's how it was said, she didn't just happen to have that on her phone, she had it sent to her..

yeah and i think that was a convenient way to explain why they were filming it?? lmao

idc this much about it dude. also, you have to know how staged kuwtk is in general right? i love the show and have been watching it for years but my dude…

Monday Moan 

Last night we had some family unpleasantness with one of my kids practically having a mental breakdown over something I asked him to do. I have apparently bent over backward to meet my kids’ needs so thoroughly that I’ve created a bunch of people who will not help themselves because they can’t see a need and take care of it. And Super Mom that I seem to be, yet I have a lot to work on in myself because weakness on the part of myself and others frustrates and infuriates me. So there’s that. 

I only slept 4 hours last night because when I did finally get to bed, I was in so much pain in my back and hips that I couldn’t sleep. 

This morning a $20 bill blew out of the top of my purse from my WD50 air conditioning. I hope whoever finds it really needs it for something. 

I’m cooling my heels in Dalton to pick up Wolf and suddenly it looks like they might make him take the load he has all the way to Savannah, which will take a day and a half, instead of to the depot here. He’ll know in an hour. So it’s either wait to find out and then wait 3.5 more hours for him to get here, or take 4 of that 4.5 hours to drive home and then back if he ends up here instead, to get him. Which is a LOT of wear and tear on our one and only, 345,000-mile precarious car. Still trying to decide what to do. 

The two teenagers went to be day-camp counselors this week at a nature preserve. My youngest and Artemas are the only ones home. She can go with my ex this evening & spend the night, since he’s off tomorrow. But I hate having to make Artemas watch his little sister all day, and I hate to lose a day of one-on-one with my youngest (which is really rare) while I wait around. 

Meantime, I’m at the Dalton State college library. It’s cool and quiet. I’m the only one on this floor & I have a platform rocker to sit in, and knitting. There are floor to ceiling windows looking out at trees. Personally, I could stay here for days, but that seems a little selfish.