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Monday Part II

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She did as she was told, stripping bare and anticipating for Ashton’s arrival patiently while on her knees. The first time he had asked her to wait for him bent over, she was a bit uncomfortable; it made her uneasy at the notion of being in such an amatory position with no one in the room, but she has grown used to it. The wait was the best part of the entire experience. It was suspenseful, and it made her heart race with anticipation. He was bound to come in at any moment, but not knowing exactly when made things… erotic; it was inexpressible, really.

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1D Hiatus: Day 244

* Scott Harris talks about working with Niall on his solo record in an interview

* More pictures of Niall with fans yesterday come out

* Digital Farm Animals and Marlon Roudette tweet pictures with Liam in the studio yesterday

* Niall posts two pictures on Snapchat

* Helene Horlyck posts a picture with Louis and Lottie on Instagram

It’s Aug 13th, 2016.

I got through the week without killing myself, or anyone else, and I only cried in the bathroom at work once. VALIDATE ME.

Chapter 22: Plants

“What have you been up to this morning?” Marianne asked Dawn. She dipped a bit of bread into her soup bowl.

“I took Chipper out for a run. Lizzie got jealous. I tried explaining how he’s used to being out for hours with just one fairy for company but she still wasn’t happy. She cheered up when we came back and she and Chipper had a race. Then she had a nap in the sunshine while Chipper and I played tag. I thought about taking them rock climbing on the castle walls but I figured I should warn people about that first. Oh! That reminds me, Bog, can Chipper go to the Forest for tree climbing sometimes? He’s spent his whole life here, but he’s still a squirrel, so he’s probably got a ton of unfulfilled climbing instincts.”

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anonymous asked:

hey sorry for this I know u're all busy preparing for school and all but do u happen to know any breakfast club au's I've checked the au tags and high school ones and I haven't seen any but maybe I didn't look properly?? idk thankyou for helping :)

here’s a few I found!

As You Walk On By by starclipped

Come Monday, and every day after, they’ll find out that one fateful Saturday spent locked up in the confines of SHIELD High School has altered their lives forever. It’ll be the best thing they’ll ever know.

The Avengers Club by AutumnFae

Saturday…March 22, 2014. Shield High School, home of the New York Hydras.
Dear Mr. Pierce… we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was that we did wrong. What we did was wrong. But we think you’re crazy to make us write this essay telling you who we think we are. What do you care? You see us as you want to see us…in the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions. You see us as a brain, a prince, a loser, a basket case, a foreigner, an athlete, and a punk. Correct? That’s the way we saw each other at seven o'clock this morning. We were brainwashed…

The Breakfast Club by sstartrashtm

We’re exactly who you think we are Vice Principal Ross. A brain, a princess, an athlete, a basket case and a criminal. But despite all of the differences, there’s one thing all five of us share.

We’re humans who’ve seen some tough things, but we’re survivors.

We were brainwashed by slytherinshields

A breakfast club au thats probably been written a thousand times, now a thousand and one.

Seconds that felt like weeks, minutes felt like months and hours felt like years.
And just like they were before they entered the building the paper was wordless.


As done as it’s going to get before day one. (Monday)

I need more decorations– we have to hang up college banners and things, but those are on their way from Amazon. I want to hang up more art & posters, but HOW DO YOU GET THINGS TO STAY ON CINDERBLOCKS?? Duct tape, packing tape, and painters tape have all failed so far.

I’m happy with how everything is set up. Still going to continue to make changes/additions throughout the year. I want to add some lights– my windows are so large it is still very bright with the lights turned off. So if I added some Christmas lights in different places it would add a nice effect. I also want a rug in the middle of my tables.

one of those days -
as a couple
separate activities
though we meet every few hours in the middle
tripping over knots of carpet
kiss hold hands -
don’t leave the house
eat and get drunk read
see what old classmates are doing through Facebook (actually regret doing that)
decide this is the good life

let this bonfire burn out

K.L © 2016

July Favorites

July was a busy month, my schedule was pretty much packed from Monday to Saturday, I only have Sunday as my free day, One month has passed since our Internship started so I’m getting the hang of it, ya know with all these Waking up early in the morning (which is not my thing), going home late and getting stuck in a traffic. 

You know what’s annoying is that when people decided to fix ( even if there’s nothing to fix in the first place) or rather destroy  the road. What the freaking freak what a waste of money. (okay that was just random but why tho) 

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Day 13. Today (Monday), one more day and it’s a 12pm-finish shift. Hopefully this one will make up for the terrible one I’ll do for tomorrow? Inspired to do this by my Day 9 sketch. It’s a Gajevy version of this. I tried to fix it a little for Gajeel, who’s a little bigger than Usui (and I think Levy is smaller than Misaki?) I’ve never drawn Levy’s head at that angle before, so I hope it’s ok?

(I am working tonight, 5pm-finish. Half-day, yay!!)
Past Tomorrow CHAPTER ONE, a lunar chronicles fanfic | FanFiction

HEY EVERYONE!!!! PAST TOMORROW HAS BEEN UPDATED with the official chapter one! @chxnnary and I have decided to update on Sundays instead of mondays (which means you only had to wait six days for this one, but a full week for the rest…sorry)

Also, I know she tagged people on her post, and if you’d like to be tagged message her or me and we can tag you on future update posts!

Thank you all so so so much on the reviews and comments on the prologue, and I hope you continue reading and enjoy it!

it’s on ao3 right here!!

Strange Magic Week Timeframe, and a question

The Prompt Days will officially be from Monday August 15th to Sunday August 21st.

One theme per day is a very tight timeframe, and I expect there will be late post.

There also will be lists for bragging rights (like, people who posted something for each topic), but both to allow for slightly late entries and since I want to work on fills for the prompts, too, wrapup posts will be finished only on Sunday, August 28th.

I hope that’ll be a help for @celepom, @magically-strange, and anybody else who’s busy next week.

Also: Would anybody else like ideas to be thrown around right now? Cause I have more than one idea for fairy tales, but not so much for Scifi, for example.

Yes? No? Only behind “Keep more” tags?